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Guide to the Sealed Tunnel in "Elden Ring"

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Learn how to get to the Sealed Tunnel in "Elden Ring."

Learn how to get to the Sealed Tunnel in "Elden Ring."

Elden Ring Sealed Tunnel Walkthrough

A hidden mine at the base of Leyndell, Royal Capital, Sealed Tunnel is a valuable place for upgrading your weapons. Full of Smithing Stones [5], it's an obvious stop if you're headed into the Capital ... though it's also pretty dangerous for a location that's so small.

This guide will take you through the Sealed Tunnel in Elden Ring. The tunnel leads you to one of the Divine Towers, so if you're going for a full complement of runic powers, this place is a mandatory stop.

Finding the Sealed Tunnel

Sealed Tunnel is located on the Altus Plateau, on the Capital Outskirts. To reach the Capital Outskirts, you'll need to breach the outer walls, which is easy enough – just ride your horse straight up the massive set of stairs in the east of the Altus Plateau. There are two Tree Sentinels waiting for you at the top of the stairs, but you can get past them easily enough by galloping as hard as you can.

Once you've activated the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace, head directly east, off the beaten path. It doesn't look like you're approaching anything of use at first, but soon you'll come to a rocky hill that leads down to a shallow pond. Go south through this pond, and you'll find the entrance to the Sealed Tunnel.

The entrace of the Sealed Tunnel

The entrace of the Sealed Tunnel

Sealed Tunnel

Activate the summoning pool near the Site of Grace, then have a look around. You're in a room with seemingly no paths besides the exit, yet you'll hear the slamming of tools in the distance. This hints at a hidden tunnel, and you'll find it just to the right of the summoning pool.

The area opens up ahead, and there's a miner nearby. Take him out and have a look around. If you follow the wooden platform a bit, you'll find a corpse holding a Golden Rune [5] overlooking a treasure chest. Ignore the chest for now and backtrack to the entrance. There are two miners on the ground below the platform you're on, one directly under the platform. Kill them next before they can start hurtling poisonous crystals or launching fire at you. You'll find a Smithing Stone [5] under the first platform.

Take a right on the ground. There's a Vulgar Militiaman hunched and waiting between some support beams. Take it out before it notices you. You can now open the treasure chest unmolested to find the Smithing-Stone Miner's Bell Bearing [2]. This item on its own makes the trip worth it.

All done? Not even close. Behind the treasure chest is another illusory wall. Smack it open to reveal a tunnel to an elevator. Step on board and activate the elevator, but be ready to jump off the rear of it almost immediately, as there's a Smithing Stone [5] on a small ledge. Grab it, then look down. There are several precarious-looking ledges below that will take you to the bottom of the elevator. Hop down, then smack the wall dead south of the elevator to reveal a third hidden path. There's another one behind it, on the other side of a Golden Rune [5].

The Most Difficult Part of the Tunnel

The next section of the tunnel, arguably the most difficult section, is a three-story wooden structure intertwined with huge roots. Before you do anything else, assuming ranged combat is a possibility, you should find a way to deal with the four Vulgar Militia on the second level. There's one on the lower root, one on the platform down and to your right, and two on the far platform. Shooting them from a distance will make your life much easier. If you can't, make sure you have a shield ready when you fight...

... because if they knock you onto the lowest floor, you'll immediately come under attack by an Abductor Virgin. Once it knows you're there, it will prowl around the area, trying to grab you or run you over. Not ideal, though you'll have to deal with it eventually if you want all the items in this area.

Start by dispatching the four Vulgar Militia on the upper level. If you need to fight them with melee, drop onto the right platform from the upper branch and kill them as they come to you. You can grab a Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot off of the root in the process. The doorway at the end of the root will take you out of here if you're not interested in items.

Otherwise, turn around and check the side passage from the right platform. It contains a Stonesword Key, guarded by a Vulgar Militiaman. Backtrack once you have it and return to the root. Looking down on the ground now, you can see the Abductor Virgin, and if you want, you can shoot at it and potentially kill it if you have strong magic. Unfortunately, you need the thing alive to get all the items on the lowest floor.

Also unfortunate is the fact that the Abductor Virgin isn't alone down there; two Vulgar Militiamen are in hiding, and they won't come out unless you drop down. You can target one of them directly under the root and drop it onto its head, then either kill the other one yourself or flee for the nearby ladder and hope the Abductor Virgin runs it over (which it probably will).

How to Defeat the Abductor Virgin

Once the Vulgar Militiamen are gone, you'll have to deal with the Abductor Virgin itself. Aside from avoiding it, you'll need to lure the thing towards the west wall. There's a statue here, and if the Abductor Virgin smashes into it, you'll be able to salvage three Smithing Stones [6] from the wreckage. Other than that, you'll find a Golden Rune [1], a Rune Arc, three Furlcalling Finger Remedies, and a Somber Smithing Stone [5] in the Abductor Virgin's original hiding space. If you're in a hurry to leave, ignore the items in the middle of the area.

(One final note of caution if you're playing with multiplayer active. Far too many players like to prank their peers by placing messages in front of the ladder, preventing you from easily climbing. Be ready to quickly scroll through input options if you need to climb out of the Abductor Virgin's way.)

Enough with that place. Get back on the root and head east. The path ahead is blocked by more roots, but you can drop through the floorboards on your right. There are exploding rubble piles right beside you when you land, so immediately start to move once you descend. Near the rubble piles is a Smithing Stone [5] attached to the wall, and a corpse under the stairs to the southeast has five Grace Mimics on it. Watch out for another exploding heap of rocks.

Go up the stairs, detonate some more rock piles, and collect the two Old Fangs on the other side of the obstructive roots. To the right of the platform is a dead end with three Large Glintstone Scraps and yet another exploding rock heap. Once you've collected everything, go down the stairs, look on your left for a Smithing Stone [5], and check out the southern wall. Hidden behind a heap of wood is one more exploding rock pile, and behind it is the final hidden path.

You're now looking down a hole. The rocks turn slate grey in the next area, and you'll need to descend roots and ledges to reach your destination. Start by falling down and grabbing the easily-spotted Smithing Stone [5] just below the root. Look across the hole to the other side, and you'll see a body with four Lightning Greases on it. Use the lowest, thickest root to leap over and grab them. Keep dropping.

When you fall to the lowest level, you'll be surrounded by exploding rock piles, so immediately run or roll out of the way before they explode. They're sitting around a Golden Rune [9]. This will leave the path to the Sealed Tunnel's master wide open for you.

Onyx Lord

Onyx Lord

Onyx Lord

Your final challenge in the Sealed Tunnel is easier than most of his dungeon. A melee opponent who uses meteor magic, the Onyx Lord, is a bit on the slow side, kinda weak, easily parried, and just not that intimidating once you get past his looks. As far as boss challenges in Elden Ring go, this one is a piece of cake.


  • Wait for the Onyx Lord to attack before you launch your own attack. It's a bread-and-butter strategy for these games, and it works great here. Circling around the Onyx Lord while he swings his sword will allow you to avoid most of his attacks.
  • Get back when the Onyx Lord plunges his sword into the ground. This is the precursor to him summoning meteors, the one attack that poses a bit of a threat. Unless you have a ranged weapon hold off on hitting the Onyx Lord until the attack ends.
  • Summon. Any summons will befuddle the Onyx Lord, and if you've levelled them enough, you may not even need to personally participate in the battle.

You'll earn 16,000 Runes and the Onyx Lord's Greatsword for defeating the Onyx Lord. Well done?

Beyond the Onyx Lord is open air, and you'll find yourself at the base of the Divine Tower of West Altus. The tower will not open to you unless you have defeated Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy and collected his Great Rune at Volcano Manor. Bookmark the Site of Grace for future use and teleport out of the area. Done!