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Guide to the Siofra River in "Elden Ring"

Part region and part dungeon, the Siofra River is a definite 'oh wow' moment for new Elden Ring players. Found deep below the Lands Between, the river provides an early-game challenge that both belies and accentuates its otherworldly beauty. Enjoy your time here, but be prepared for pain.

This guide will take you through the Siofra River in Elden Ring. Despite being a place that you can more or less complete in a single outing, the Siofra River is much more open-ended than a normal dungeon. We'll explore it by following a specific route, though feel free to take off on your own and explore once you have the feel of the place.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

Finding the Siofra River

If you're exploring on your own you'll likely come across the Siofra River when you enter the Mistwood. If you approach the Minor Erdtree on the east side of the Mistwood, which is itself in the east of Limgrave, you'll find a squat, circular structure beside it. This is the Siofra River Well, and entering it will take you deep below, to the Siofra River.

(If you've come here under instruction by Blaidd, well, it's still in the same place. You'll just get some hints as to where to look.)

There's a Site of Grace to your right just as you leave the elevator. We'll start there.


Siofra River Well Depths

Ahead of you you'll see some ruins. Run straight ahead to grab the Golden Rune [3] from the base of the broken pillar, then take a right. You'll find a small pool with a Furlcalling Finger Remedy in the middle of it, and just out of the water is a Ghost Glovewort [1]. This guide won't point out most crafting items, but Gloveworts are too important to ignore. Go up the grass from here to the east to find a Silver Firefly behind a tree.

Approach the ruins and grab the Golden Rune [2] from the left side of the hill. If you continue up the left side of the water beside the ruins you'll run into a crowd of slow, spear-wielding humanoids that don't take much damage when attacked. They're called Claymen, and they're a minor pain. It's easier to just run right past them. You'll see more Claymen inside the ruins.

Ignore the side path and enter the ruins. Take a right at the top of the hill and you'll run into large groups of Claymen. You can run around them if you'd prefer not to fight. Up the stairs to your right is a Smithing Stone [4], and straight ahead is a statue with no head. There's clearly something on top of it, but you can't get at it yet.

Continue down the main path of the ruins. There are two Golden Runes [2], a Smithing Stone [2], an Immunizing Cured Meat, and five Rainbow Stones in plain sight along the stairs, as well as plenty of Claymen. Included are two without weapons that can use magic to send slow, large bubbles at you. These will split into many smaller bubbles if they get close. Still easy to avoid.

Ignore the set of stairs to your left at the top of the hill and continue through the ruins on your right. At the end of the grounded path is a corpse carrying a Budding Horn. This looks like the end of the road, but if you hop onto the bricks of the structure you can cross to the upper half of the ruins. There are two more spellcasting Claymen up here - kill them quickly, as those bubbles are annoying - then grab the eight Throwing Daggers on your right.

The next big doorway takes you to a huge hole that's over the statue from before. If you're careful you can double jump onto a lower floor with your horse, then down to the statue... or just jump straight down and take some damage. There's a Scarab up here with the Oracle Bubbles Sorcery, as well as a Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot.

Hop off the statue and head for the stairs you ignored earlier. The river runs on your left, and you can find a Ghost Glovewort [1] against a pillar. There's a waterfall up here, and if you look near it you can find a Golden Rune [4], a Smithing Stone [4], and four Silver Fireflies. You'll also disturb a bunch of Claymen, and they will slowly stalk after you. Return to the staircase, grab the Golden Rune [4] from the corpse on your left as you go up, and hop onto the elevator at the top.

You're now in a new area of the Siofra River. Take an immediate left and run down the stone pathway to the room at the end to find Preserving Boluses. Drop off of the walkway and check beneath it, in the water, for a Beast Liver.

Head east up the river. There's a corpse on your left carrying three Crab Eggs, a hint that there's a Giant Crab hidden around the pillar beside them. Kill or avoid it. Continue down the river until the light of the area hits you, then hop onto the massive stone supports on your right to find a Golden Rune [3]. There's a Ghost Glovewort [1] at the base of this support, down by the water.

Ahead and on your left is a Site of Grace. Activate it, then go up onto the rocks and backtrack a bit. You'll see ghostly Ancestral Followers up here, busy with their own things. You'll see a lot of these guys coming up, and they can do some serious damage with their axes and bows. They stagger when hit, but only if they're not winding up to punch you, so attack and dodge accordingly. These two are guarding the Armorer's Cookbook [6].

Head back to the Site of Grace. Things are going to open up quite a bit from this point on, and we'll need to choose a careful route through Siofra River.


Siofra River Bank

The Siofra River now splits more or less in half, with several things right down the middle. To see everything there is to see here you'll need to travel north along the river, facing many dangers. Before we do that, however, let's look to the finale of the Siofra River.

Straight ahead from the Site of Grace is a large temple with eight unlit torches out front. This temple leads to the boss of this area, though in order to activate the warp to the boss you'll need to light fires at eight monoliths spread throughout the Siofra River. The first just happens to be on the way to the temple. Light it and you'll see one of the torches burst into flames. One down, seven to go.

Check the little island ahead and off to the left for a Somber Smithing Stone [2], then head to the temple and check the base of the nearest torch. Map: Siofra River is sitting here. This will help you navigate the area a little better. From here we split the Siofra River into two approaches: East and West. We'll start with the east, along the edge of the cliffs.


Siofra River Bank - East

Before we head north, look west. There's a small hill near the torches, with three Ancestral followers at the top, minding their business. The one on the left near the big rock can cast magic, so ambush him first, then take out the other two. Continue following the path once they're gone to find an Arteria Leaf and an Inverted Hawk Heater Shield behind the massive support you were checking earlier.

Return to the river, grab the Ghost Glovewort [2] from in front of the temple, and begin your long trip north. As you approach the temple you may notice items gleaming under the staircase. You can drop down here to find a Golden Rune [6] and a Horn Bow. There's a path beyond that will take you back up to ground level, and you'll come under attack by more Ancestral Followers. An ambush is in order. Check behind the pillar they're loitering around for a Golden Rune [4].

Carry on along the cliff's edge. If you're here on orders from an NPC you'll find Blaidd waiting near the Spirit Spring ahead. Otherwise there's just a Spirit Spring. Either way, you can use the Spirit Spring to launch yourself high into the air, up onto the tall structure nearby. Make your way carefully along it to find a Ghost Glovewort [3] and a Stonesword Key. There's a giant gap in the thing that bars further passage, though if you turn back you'll see you can hop down the hole you needed to cross to reach the Stonesword Key. Carefully make your way from ledge to ledge until you find grass. There are ten Dwelling Arrows at the end of a small corridor, as well as a spot to leap back to the Spirit Spring.

Look inland to the west and you'll see a path flanked by burning braziers and more stone supports. Ancestral Followers are walking this path to the next monolith you need to light. Check the supports along the path for a Golden Rune [2], a Golden Rune [3] and some Shield Grease, then follow the Followers. Some of these guys patrol back and forth, but four of them remain by the monolith, and one has a bow that can deal a ton of damage from a significant range. You'll grow to hate these snipers. Unless you feel confident in your combat skills, rush up, light the brazier, and run for it.

In the midst of the forest area near the path is a fallen pillar with several Ancestral Followers around it. The one at the top of the pillar has a long-range bow, so rush up and kill him first. You can engage the rest on the pillar, hopefully one-at-a-time. Beside the pillar on the ground you'll find ten Dwelling Arrows, a short walk to the right of the pillar you'll find a Smithing Stone [2] (and an Ancestral Follower ready to ambush anyone who takes it), and on the pillar you'll find a Dappled Cured Meat.

At the top of the pillar is a Somber Smithing Stone [2], as well as a teleporter. The teleporter will send you to a large, upper area with a boss battle. We'll come back to this later. Carry on north of here a little further and you'll find the third torch to light. Near it are balls of lightning that will try to zap you, though they will expend themselves and disappear after a few blasts. Light the fire and run back to the cliff. There are two more Ancestral Followers to kill on the way.

Through archways ahead you'll find the Worshippers' Woods Site of Grace. Activate it, as the going gets rougher up ahead, especially if you don't like sneaking. The nearby summoning pool might help you get through here.


Worshippers' Woods - East

Carry on north along the cliffs. Pretty soon you'll see more Ancestral Followers, and they will be stomping and facing away from you. You can use this worship behaviour to sneak up behind them and kill them without being detected by the others. The one nearer the cliffs and standing on a rock has three Smithing Stones [2] sitting behind him.

Beyond this pair is an open area with a transporter. It will shoot you back near the temple, so don't bother with it for now. Ahead and through an arch you'll see the next monolith to light, and near it are more Ancestral Followers, as well as some rats. They're all distracted, though melee attacking any one of them will bring the whole group down on you. Ranged attacks are a good idea as you can pick them off one-by-one. Staying up on the rocks will also allow you to avoid the Followers' charging attacks, which become a major nuisance past this point. Light the fire once they're all out of the way.

The path ahead begins to split, and if you're noticed you'll come under attack by long-range snipers. Stick to the cliffs and you can avoid these guys for now. Watch out for patrols as you head north. Once you come within sight of some stairs, check the cliffside for three Slivers of Meat.

By this point you'll probably have been spotted by a sniper. You can try to creep into the woods to take him out, though it's easier to just run for the stairs. You will usually take a hit or two along the way, so be prepared to heal and keep running. Once you're halfway up the stairs you're safe. Grab the Clarifying Horn Charm on your way up.

At the top of the stairs you'll find a platform with an elevator. You'll need two Stonesword Keys to activate the elevator. When active this will take you up to the Deep Siofra Well, which opens up some new locations in Caelid. Use it if you want access to more of Caelid, though if you're looking for a Site of Grace, you've almost reached a free one anyway.

Drop off the left side of the elevator platform to find a small campsite. There's a Ghost Glovewort [3] to grab here. Look back south and you'll see a Site of Grace down the next ledge, as well as a summoning pool. Hop down before the sniper hits you again, then activate it to get his attention off you.

That does it for the east side of the Siofra River. Time to make the return trip down the western half.


Below the Well - West

First thing's first: Get rid of the snipers. If you look south from the Site of Grace you'll see two Ancestral Followers on the rocks below, keeping an eye on the area. You can quietly move to each and kill them to stop them from sniping you with arrows. This is highly recommended for moving through the next area. Beware the patrol of two more Ancestral Followers that move between them.

Make your way south through the woods. In the midst of them is a corpse by a tree carrying a Golden Rune [4]. This area is lousy with rats, many of them hidden, and they will scurry out at you constantly. Be ready to chop them to bits, and don't be afraid to retreat. Rats in Elden Ring are no joke in large numbers.

To the south you'll find a path leading to the massive castle structures on the right, though first you should look to the monolith in the south. It's surrounded by Ancestral Followers and rats, one of them giant. If you're confident and / or foolhardy you can try to fight them all, though it's wiser to rush in, light the monolith, and run back out again before you get slaughtered. Retreating across the stony bridge to the right will cause them to give up the chase pretty quickly. If you do fight, draw the crowd out and try to engage your enemies one-at-a-time.

On the other side of the bridge you'll be at the base of the towering structures. Check to the right first to find a narrow path leading to a waterfall, beside which is a cave. In here you'll find a Rune Arc.

Double back to the stone bridge and go left instead. Up this hill you'll find a tree with a Golden Seed. Nearby you'll find a large stone support with a buttress that connects to another support. Run along the buttress, use your horse to jump onto the support, and check the side facing east for a Stonesword Key. Don't bother to check the third support a bit further up the hill, as it's devoid of items.

Go back across the stone bridge to the last torch monolith, then drop off the cliff and head south. There's a wide, open area, and if you look near the waterfall on your right you'll see a Scarab bearing the Square Off Ash of War. South of here you'll run into stomping Ancestral Spirits again, and on your left is the Worshippers' Woods Site of Grace if you need a pick-me-up.

Follow the stone walls on your right and you'll be guided to the next monolith torch. There are two Ancestral Followers guarding it that aren't immediately visible, and one more further south that's attending to animals. Kill all three and light the torch.

Go past the stone supports ahead. You'll see several wooden structures built against the supports, and the last one on your left has a ladder to climb. There are two Ancestral Followers on the platforms above, one on each platform, and they can catch you unawares if you're not careful. There's a Sliver of Meat on the top platform.

Look around the corner of the stone and you'll notice you can drop onto another wooden platform below. Circle around the support to find a Golden Rune [3], then cross to the next support over and go through it. You'll find a path behind a waterfall that ultimately leads to a room with a Nomadic Merchant. Nearby is a drop out of this room with a Hefty Beast Bone on the ledge. This next room contains a number of roaming flowers, and the big one will bombard you with magic if you linger. Check near the back of the chamber for a Smithing Stone [4] before you flee.

Go west from the wooden structures and you'll see a waterfall. There are two Giant Land Octopi patrolling in front of it, as well as several smaller ones. Run past the waterfall and grab the two Gold Picked Fowl Feet, the Ghost Glovework [2], the Furlcalling Finger Remedy, and the two Golden Runes [4] before they can grab you. You'll need to weave through and around this area's various small islands and pillars to get all these items.

Head south from the waterfall. In the midst of the area you'll see another monolith torch. It looks unattended from a distance, but there are three Ancestral Followers lurking on the south side of the island, and they won't appear until you get closer. Come in from the north to catch them unawares and light the monolith. Check the stone support just south of this island for a Ghost Glovewort [2], and the item in the water ahead and to the left for a Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot.

Get under the massive supports ahead and cling to the western wall, heading south. There's a Golden Rune [4] against the support. Follow the wall and you'll see an Ancestral Follower ahead, potentially attacking an animal. Kill him and keep following the wall up the hill ahead. You'll see two more Ancestral Followers, one beside a rock with three Lumps of Flesh on it, and a third one will appear at the far end of the hill. Up here you'll also find the last of the monolith torches, if you've been following the guide.

If you keep following this path you'll wind up back at the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace. Lighting all three torches will activate the massive corpse in the temple, granting you access to the boss beyond. First, though, we'll go back to that teleporter we passed over before.


Siofra River Upper Level

Return to the woods in the south of the Siofra River and fight your way up to the teleporter. Make sure to kill the sniper near the base of the pillar at minimum or he will shoot you in the back the whole way up to the teleporter.

When you reappear you'll be far above the rest of the Siofra River. There's a boss nearby, but we'll look around a bit first. Head south to start and check beneath the arches overlooking the south of the river. There are two Slumbering Eggs beneath the western arch. Next, go over the large, fallen support next to the arches to find a large room full of Claymen. At the rear of the building is a Scarab carrying the Great Oracular Bubble Sorcery and a Somber Smithing Stone [5] in the back-left corner of the room. Rush in on Torrent, jump off, kill the Scarab, grab the Smithing Stone, get back on Torrent, and rush back out before the Claymen gather.

Take an immediate left turn when you leave the building with the Claymen. Go behind the building to find more Claymen and a bunch of crabs. In the midst of them is a small island with a rock on it, upon which sits a Golden Rune [7]. Grab it, jump off the rock, and go south. You'll find a narrow passageway leading to three Dragonwound Grease.

Ride back north. There's a waterfall on the left with a large, obvious boss creature near it. Avoid that whole area for now and go down a level via the ramp near the fallen structure from earlier. Beneath a small waterfall here you'll find another Golden Rune [7]. Further north, just before you can drop down to the golden tree from much earlier, you'll see a Ghost Glovewort [4] sitting beside a normal tree.

That only leaves the boss. Ride up into its arena. Before antagonizing it, though, check along the wall just south of the boss. In a small alleyway of sorts you'll find a Ghost Glovewort [5]. That grabbed, it's time to scrap.

Dragonkin Soldier

This isn't the first Dragonkin Soldier you can fight in Elden Ring, though unlike its cousin elsewhere this Dragonkin Soldier has a massive weakness: You can use your horse for the battle. It still has some harsh moves and can do a lot of damage, but this Dragonkin Soldier seems quite sluggish compared to the Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella. Your strategy should be as such:

  • Ride straight at the Dragonkin Soldier and go under its arms. This will allow you to avoid its first attack.
  • Swing around and attack its feet. You can probably get in two or three shots before it starts to turn around.
  • Wheel away from the Dragonkin Soldier and get some distance.
  • Ride straight at the Dragonkin Soldier and repeat until it's dead.

Piece of cake, really. Things get a bit riskier if you lose your horse, so you can either run through its arms on foot or retreat from the boss arena, revive the horse, and try again. The Dragonkin Soldier can barely follow you on land before it disappears and respawns back by the waterfall.

You'll gain 16,000 Runes and the Dragon Halberd for defeating the Dragonkin Soldier. Make sure you check inside the nearby waterfall for Marika's Scarseal before you leave.


Ancestor Spirit

With the Dragonkin Soldier gone you only have one thing left to do in Siofra River: Check the temple. Jump back to the Siofra River Bank, spend any leftover Runes you might have, and run past the torches. Inside the temple you'll see some sizable horned remains at the far end, and now that you've activated all eight torches it will be glowing. Inspect the remains to jump into a cave with boss fog. Go through to begin the fight.

Unlike the Dragonkin Soldier the Ancestor Spirit is no pushover, though it's not a ridiculously difficult boss to defeat either. A huge reindeer, the Ancestor Spirit rushes around its massive arena, trying to gore you with its horns or burn you with its spectral flames. Here are some tips for bringing the undead ungulate down:

  • If you have a choice, fight with a long melee weapon. Projectiles miss too often and short weapons have a tough time hitting the Ancestor Spirit. If you're fighting with something short you'll need to perform jumping attacks.
  • Be ready to roll whenever the Ancestor Spirit's head goes down, which is often. This means it's going to try and smack you with its antlers. If you're still in front it will try this twice, and may also try to stomp you with its feet. You're not safe until you're under or behind the Ancestor Spirit.
  • Attack the Ancestor Spirit's legs or belly. Jumping attacks work well for any melee weapon, though if you can get under it with a decently-long weapon you can hack it from the ground three or four times before it gets out of the way.
  • Stay well away from its flames. They're not that damaging in and of themselves, but the flames will knock you over and leave you vulnerable to direct attacks from the Ancestor Spirit. Switch to ranged weapons or just wait if the Ancestor Spirit begins to spread flames.

You'll gain 13,000 Runes and the Ancestor Follower Ashes for defeating the Ancestor Spirit. Taking it down brings your time on the Siofra River to a close.