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6 Tips for Winning Battles in "Heroes of Dragon Age"

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Heroes of Dragon Age is a turn-based tactical role-playing game, featuring characters, history, and lore from Bioware’s epic RPG Dragon Age. The game doesn't have much of a storyline. But its turn-based battles have surprising depth. Every time you lose, you can reposition your squad members, sacrifice common heroes to make uncommon and rare heroes more powerful, and recruit additional characters to make your team stronger.

Graphically, the game is amazing. The character design and combat animation are top-notch. After setting up your squad, hit the Quest button and sit back to watch small animated figurines slashing enemies to pulp. The game can be extremely addicting at its later levels, forcing you to think of new ways to come up with a more powerful squad to vanquish opponents. You will be defeated in many quests if you don’t have the right squad or strategy. Follow these tips and hints to get the right squad setup, make units more powerful, and earn additional gems and coins in Heroes of Dragon Age.

6 Strategies for Winning Battles in Heroes of Dragon Age

  1. Use Consume to Mae Uncommon Heroes Powerful
  2. Use Runes to Boost Your Squad Power
  3. Strategize and Set Up Your Squad
  4. Summon the Best Heroes to Your Squad
  5. Earn Free Gems and Bonus Gold
  6. Use Faction Colors to Get Power Bonuses and Damage Bonuses

1. Use Consume to Make Uncommon Heroes Powerful

The Consume option combines several heroes into one, sacrificing one or more heroes to pass on their XP to the target hero. It increases the target character’s XP and increases the chance of dealing a double-damage hit to opponents.

Before using Consume, make sure you have extra heroes recruited from the Common, Warrior, or Uncommon packs.

To use Consume, tap on the Barracks icon located at the top left corner of the Quest screen. Next, click on Heroes at the bottom of the screen, and click on "Consume" to your right. Drag and drop one of your rare, uncommon, or common characters onto the center slot to upgrade him, and then drag up to five heroes onto the remaining slots to consume. To increase the chances of getting a maximum damage boost, put heroes in all five consume slots. You cannot consume heroes already in your squad, though you can upgrade them.

You can experiment, combining common heroes with each other, or combining uncommon heroes with each other. However, the best option is to consume common heroes to make your uncommon, rare, or epic heroes stronger.


2. Use Runes to Boost Your Squad Power

Runes increase the attack rate, target, health, speed, XP, and power of each member of your squad. Some runes have the power to increase the gold earned after each battle. Each rune has its own special power, time limit, and expiry date.

For example, using “Rune of Slow Targeting”, your heroes have a high chance of attacking an opponent with the slowest speed. However, it will be effective for only five minutes and will expire in six days. So use it before it vanishes from your rune list. Once a rune is activated, head to battle immediately, before its timer runs out, and it becomes useless.

You can get access to runes in the Heroes section, on the right-hand side of the screen. To activate a rune, drag and drop it onto the empty slot and hit the Activate button. Before using a rune, tap on its portrait to know more about its abilities.


3. Strategize and Set Up Your Squad

Every quest in Heroes of Dragon Age revolves around intense turn-based battles, which is why setting up a powerful squad is very important to defeat opponents. Each quest map contains five battles. As you complete one battle after another, your squad will grow strong enough to defeat the boss in the fifth battle.

Your squad heroes' positions, abilities, and powers determine the outcome of the battle. Remember, you may have to experiment with hero positions, add or remove characters from your squad, and make the most of Consume and runes to create powerful units.

Here are some tips to assist you in strategizing your squad before going to battle.

How to Set Up Your Squad

The first thing you should do in setting up your squad is to tap on each hero's portrait to learn more about his or her variables. Hit the Heroes icon at the bottom of the game screen (the screen that shows up after starting the game). Tapping on the portrait of each hero shows information on health, power and speed – three crucial variables in battle.

For example, a “Quick to Hit” line in the hero’s info box indicates that the hero will be quick to attack his or her enemy. However, he or she will have lower health and power.

Always note the 2X damage chance; the higher this percentage, the higher the probability of dealing double damage.

Always place low-health, high-power characters in the back row. You can also place high-damage, slow-paced characters in the back row. For example, Tevinater Slaver I hits more slowly and may require some time to focus and deal double damage. Better place him in the back row to avoid direct attack from enemies. When the time comes, he will inflict max damage to all enemies.

Front-row characters are more likely to get exposed to enemy attacks first; they protect back-row heroes from direct attacks. Characters in the front row get a health bonus. One should always place characters with higher health and speed in the front row. In the initial levels, I always placed Ashaad I (Health 139, Quick to Hit) and Fereldan Ash Warrior I (Health 120, Normal Hit) on the front row.

As a rule, place rare or uncommon heroes in the back row, and high-health heroes in the front row.

Tips for Setting Up Your Squad

  • Characters with the highest power (but lowest health) may attack an entire row of enemies.
  • Characters with lower health but quick attack rate will attack earlier.
  • Characters with the highest health will attack one enemy on their turn.
  • Characters attack in this order: Quick > Normal > Slow.

Set up your squad based on the above rules.


4. Summon the Best Heroes to Your Squad

You can summon heroes and beasts via the “Store” option at the bottom left corner of the screen. All you need to do is trade gold and gems for a hero pack. There are four types of packs – Warrior, Recruit, Champion and Ultimate. The better the pack, the more the chances of getting a rare, uncommon, or epic hero.

I usually choose the Warrior pack, as I can buy it with gold alone, and gold is easy to earn by winning battles. The Warrior pack guarantees one uncommon character and a chance to get a rare or epic hero or monster. The Ultimate pack, on the other hand, requires players to spend real cash to get a guaranteed epic hero.


More Hints on Acquiring Heroes

  • Common heroes are best for consuming, so don’t ignore the Recruit pack. Uncommon heroes have a silver base.
  • There’s a chance of getting a legendary hero if you buy the Warrior pack.
  • Gems, which you can get by replaying previous quests, are required to buy the Champion pack. This pack guarantees one rare hero, and rare heroes are strong and powerful.
  • During special events, you can recruit rare heroes without paying a fee. The game will inform you about these special events. Make sure you visit the store often to get early access to such events.
  • Always take part in hidden challenges; one may be offered to you after the completion of a quest. Hidden challenges give you a chance to earn a rare or uncommon hero or beast.

5. Earn Free Gems and Bonus Gold

One way to earn extra gold and gems is by battling other squads online. To fight players online, hit the “battle” button at the bottom-right corner of the screen. If you find the player’s squad stronger than your squad, then there’s always the retreat button, but make sure to tap on it when the timer is still on. Battle will start once the 30-second timer runs out. Each online battle costs stamina, which refills over time.

Another way to earn gold, gems, and coins is by mastery, that is, by revisiting previously played map-based quests. Replaying a completed quest and winning all the battles will earn you a gem bonus. However, mastery battles will be tougher than previous ones. Every time you revisit a battle, it will be more challenging than the previous one. Mastery battles require energy, which refills over time.


6. Use Faction Colors to Get Power Bonuses and Damage Bonuses

Noticed the colored seals on your hero’s base? Well, it’s a “faction color”. In Heroes of Dragon Age, your team gets a power bonus when all four heroes share the same faction color. You also get a damage bonus if your squad’s faction colors clash with the opponent’s faction colors. There are four faction colors: Blue, Red, Grey and Black. For example, if all your characters have red bases, they will deal extra damage to opponent characters having blue bases. The sequence of dominance is:

Red > Blue > Black > Grey > Red

Keep an eye on each character’s base, and take advantage of faction colors to deal additional damage to enemies.


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Aki on December 28, 2013:

Good read!

I realized that combining actually limits to 4 per character. Thus rare(gold base) doesn't level up to epic.

Any tips on getting epic/legendary characters? Or is it only possible thru luck and special events?

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