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"Diablo 3" World Lore Book Guide: Historian of Caldeum (Act II)


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This guide will cover where players can find all of the World Lore Books that need to be found in Act II of the video game Diablo 3 for the Historian of Caldeum achievement. There are 13 books to find in the group altogether, spread through various locals, which provide lore and background information on the events taking place.

**Spoiler Warning**
Some of these journal entries may give away certain plot points or secrets of the game. Proceed with caution.

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"Historian of Caldeum" Contents:

  1. An Abridged History of Caldeum, Part 1
  2. An Abridged History of Caldeum, Part 2
  3. An Abridged History of Caldeum, Part 3
  4. An Abridged History of Caldeum, Part 4
  5. An Abridged History of Caldeum, Part 5
  6. The Dahlgur Oasis
  7. The Chamber of Faces
  8. The Desert Aqueducts, Part 1
  9. The Desert Aqueducts, Part 2
  10. On the Desolate Sands, Part 1
  11. On the Desolate Sands, Part 2
  12. On the Desolate Sands, Part 3
  13. An Abridged History of Caldeum, Part 6

As soon as you enter Act II and start up the quest Shadows in the Desert, take the path to the Caldeum Bazaar and from there head into the Searing Sands Inn. Look in the northwest corner of the inn for an object you can interact with named Al-Hazir's Heavy Tomes. You will be able to come back to this object later for more journal parts, however, using it now gives you An Abridged History of Caldeum, Part 1.

Check the same spot you did for part 1 during the quest Road to Alcarnus, after crossing the Black Canyon Bridge and making it to the checkpoint for "Find Khasim Outpost". This journal talks more about the city and it's history, concerning a large cathedral known as Saldencal built within the center of the city built by Zakarum fanatics.

The third part of the series can be found in the same spot as always, once starting the quest A Royal Audience in Diablo 3, on your way to talk to Ashera at the Gates of Caldeum. This journal talks more about the Trade Council's aspirations, this time in the department of knowledge through the uniting of mage academies in the Yshari Sanctum.

Part four in And Al-Hazir's series of journals covering the history of Caldeum can be located back in the typical spawning point during the quest Unexpected Allies, after entering the sewers with Leah during the checkpoint "Find the Wretched Pit."

Once you have started the quest Betrayer of the Horadrim, you can check back at the Searing Sands inn and activate the heavy tomes all over again for the fifth part in the series which tells of the untimely death and successor of the previous emperor.

Once you've entered the Dahlgur Oasis during the quest Betrayer of the Horadrim, you will need to search around rather extensively for a Keepsake Box. In my case, this was found against the east side of the edge of the map, right across from the Path to the Oasis. It is likely the location of the box can shift drastically. Open the box when found to receive this journal.

There is an event and location known as the Lost Treasure of Khan Dakab which has a chance of spawning as a large tile in the Dahlgur Oasis. In the courtyard area you fight enemies in, before opening the door to the tomb itself, you will find a pack labeled "Iron Wolf's Satchel" lying right next to the west lever which opes the door. Loot the pack for The Chamber of Faces journal. If you would like more info on locating the Tomb of Khan Dakab, you can check out the guide linked.

In both the Western and Eastern Channels you pass through in the Caldeum Aqueducts during the quest Blood and Sand, you will find some Satchels in off the beaten path dead ends and such. This will be the first of a two part series which drops from these sacks. You can get either journal from either channel, but if progressing naturally, the first journal should be in your possession after searching for a sack in the Western Channel.

Like mentioned before, both journals can be technically found in either side channel. However, there is usually one sack in each, thus you will most likely find this naturally as I have in the Eastern Channel during the quest Blood and Sand.

Once you make it out of the aqueducts and into the Desolate Sands, it's time to do some heavy exploring, sort of. Throughout the exterior region of the Desolate Sands are the Traveler's Pouch satchel, which can be located to attain three different journals, potentially needing remakes to find all three depending on how many satchels spawn for you. This will be the first journal which comes out of the Traveler's Pouch.

Keep looking in the Desolate Sands region to find this next part of the series which tells of people who have been exiled to this land, and how none of them can be recounted having survived their punishment. I managed to find this one mere steps away from the first, however, there is potential for a random placement.

The final part of the series, easily found in a single run of the Desolate Sands, with three Traveler's Pouches being located before even fully exploring half of the region, making the whole series a relative ease. It helps that there isn't much in the way of foliage which can shroud or otherwise camouflage these packs.

The final part in this journal series is also the last needed for this achievement in terms of natural act progression. You will find this journal back at the Searing Sands Inn, checking the heavy tomes pile one last time during the quest The Black Soulstone.

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Nirrassil on June 09, 2012:

I checked Al-Hazir's Heavy Tomes during the Lord of Lies quest on my second character and it dropped all of the books at once. Figured it'd be nice to know.