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"HonorBound": 8 Tips and Tricks to Win Battles

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HonorBound is a free role-playing game that lets you fight enemies in turn-based battles, explore dungeons for treasure chests, and engage in player vs. player arena battles for rewards and honor. While battling, you will get the opportunity to capture enemies and add them to your squad.

Questing through the first few stages is easy, but as you progress through missions, it will be harder for you to defeat enemies. These basic tips and tricks will help you level-up your heroes faster and win battles.

8 Tips for Winning Battles in the RPG HonorBound

  1. Research Key Subjects First
  2. Train Your Commander and Squad Heroes at Regular Intervals
  3. Heal Your Heroes Using Potions
  4. Use Rings to Boost Hero Attributes
  5. Play Old Battles to Level-Up Faster
  6. Try to Capture Main Bosses
  7. Use Auto-Battle Mode When Replaying Completed Battles
  8. Get Free Diamonds

1. Research Key Subjects First

Research is important in this game. You should research all subjects, especially Leadership, Ritual, and Coin Scavenger. You can spend diamonds to speed up researching these three key subjects.

Researching Leadership at regular intervals lets you train your commander and gain an extra squad slot. It also unlocks new Ritual research subjects.

Researching new Ritual subjects unlocks rituals like Banish, Evolve, and Fortify. Banish lets you remove heroes from your squad in exchange for coins. Evolve lets you combine two squad heroes to create an evolved hero. Fortify lets you sacrifice common heroes to give an XP boost to another hero.

Make sure you research Coin Scavenger regularly to get additional coins while exploring dungeons.

You should also research Ember Vault to increase ember holding capacity, Ember Baron to increase production, and Energy Cap to increase energy capacity. Also, don’t forget to research Coin Vault to increase the coin capacity.


2. Train Your Commander and Squad Heroes at Regular Intervals

Before you train your commander, you should, of course, research Leadership. Tap on your commander, and then tap on the plus signs beside Rank/Attributes/Ability to enhance his performance in single-player and PvP battles and increase the level cap. All three elements play a key role in improving your commander’s overall performance on the battlefield. You will need to spend Embers to distribute a point to Rank/Attributes/Ability.

Don’t forget to increase your commander’s attributes (Physical Attack, Defense, Critical Hit, Chance) levels to gain the upper hand over enemies.

You should also train your squad heroes regularly. But before training, make sure you research the rank, attributes, and ability of each hero class. For example, if you want to train a hero belonging to the rogue character class, then you should first research Rogue Rank, Rogue Attribute, and Rogue Ability before training him.


3. Heal Your Heroes Using Potions

Fighting enemies drains HP. To get your heroes' HP restored, you can wait for them to level up, but a better idea is to heal them quickly using potions, especially at times when you know it will take a longer time to level-up heroes.

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You will notice the lesser healing potion icon at the top of your hero’s profile pic. Just tap on it to heal. Alternatively, you can tap on the Items menu at the bottom-left corner of the screen and access the Potions tab. Tap on any free potions you have collected while exploring, or purchase them with 250 gold. You can also recruit a Cleric to your team if you want to heal heroes in mid-battle.


4. Use Rings to Boost Hero Attributes

Treasure chests give rewards like healing potions, treasure maps, runes (for summoning heroes), and rings, which boost your hero’s attributes. Rings are very useful if used wisely, and can improve your hero’s attack, critical hit, and defense. For example, wearing the Worn Tin Ring of Resistance will give increase your magic defense by 25 points.

To equip your hero with a magical ring, tap on the hero in the Home screen and press the empty ring slot at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Choose a ring you feel will enhance his attributes and close the window.

Warning: Replacing an equipped ring with any other ring will destroy the equipped ring.


5. Play Old Battles to Level-Up Faster

Fighting weaker enemies in old battles will help you grind for more XP. This trick can be extremely useful for leveling-up new recruits, including uncommon heroes in your squad. Playing old battles also lets you snag treasure chests. The treasure chest items will prove quite useful in battle. I got two minor resurrection scrolls, a treasure map, and a Polished Tin Ring of Luck while replaying old battles.

6. Try to Capture Main Bosses

Use your main hero's capture spell to capture bosses, who normally belong to the uncommon/rare variety of characters. Use the spell over and over again until you succeed, unless your hero's HP is low; in that case, it would be wiser to kill the enemy. You can come back later and replay the boss battle stage to make another attempt to capture the boss. To replay boss battles, you just need to tap on the last mission.

If you have a strong squad and a powerful hero that can take minimum damage from the boss, you can then take the risk of using the capture spell multiple times.

You can use the captured uncommon or rare boss in new battles. He will level up more quickly than the others. Unlock a squad slot by researching Leadership and add him to the empty squad slot. If you don't want to take any risk, then replay old battles to level him up and then use him in new battles.

Try This: Once you have already captured a boss, you can try replaying the boss battle mode to recapture him. You can then use the Evolve feature, which merges two identical heroes, to create a more powerful version of the hero.


7. Use Auto-Battle Mode When Replaying Completed Battles

Are you revisiting old battles to gain more XP, coins, and treasure chests, but bored of tapping on enemies? Use the auto-battle mode located at the top right corner of the game screen, sit back, and watch your heroes turn enemies to pulp. With the auto-battle mode on, combat takes place at a much faster pace, saving time and effort.


8. Get Free Diamonds

Diamonds are premium currency in HonorBound. Generally, you will need to buy diamonds by spending money. However, there are a few ways to get free diamonds:

  • Complete Achievements. Each Achievement grants 2–10 diamonds, based on the complexity of the task. For example, unlocking the fourth squad slot will earn you 10 diamonds.
  • Rate the game. You will see a pop-up asking you to rate it.

Additional Tips

  • Research treasure maps to unlock and explore new mines.
  • For a quick Energy refill, XP bonus, and other rewards, engage in PvP battles. Try to fight players of about the same or lower rank.
  • Archers deal more damage to clerics and wizards. Use them against heroes with low physical defense.
  • Research and train Warrior Ability to inflict maximum group damage to enemies.


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