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How to Beat Rigor Mortex in "Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker (DQMJ) 2"

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If you have arrived at this article, you are probably wondering how to beat Rigor Mortex, the final post-game boss of Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2. I discovered yesterday a relatively easy (if somewhat time consuming) way to do it, and I'm going to share it with you now.

So, if you're ready to clock this beast back into the Stone Age, read on!

Preparing for the Battle Ahead

In order to beat Rigor Mortex in the way I recommend, you are going to need a team that can scout Metal Slimes (Meddle Slimes to be exact, but the net effect is the same as I'll explain later).

There are many monsters that can pull it off, but some work better than others, from personal experience. The scouting monster should:

  • Have over 400 Attack. This can be easily attained by synthesizing monsters that favor Attack such as Tryantosaurus (Rank B) and Demon-At-Arms (Rank A) and breeding Attack Boost III (or Uber Attack Boost if you're feeling feisty) into their skillset. If you need help figuring out how to synthesize those monsters, feel free to check out the awesome Synthesis Search function over at the Dragon's Den.
  • Have Hit Squad. This is a trait that was added in Joker 2. A monster with Hit Squad attacks multiple times (from two to six depending on the monster) each time it uses a physical attack or a physical skill (such as Mercurial Thrust or Metal Slash). Both Tryantosaurus and Demon-At-Arms have Hit Squad.
  • This is normally not such a good skill due to the fact that the multiple hits each do reduced damage and calculate hit/miss/critical chances individually. However, when you're dealing with metal monsters, this can be a godsend. A quirk of the damage calculation algorithm is that damage dealt is rounded up. So, if you have a monster that hits four times with Hit Squad, your minimum damage is 4 instead of 1. When it comes to scouting (or defeating, as a matter of fact) metal monsters, you're essentially multiplying your damage!

Doing this may take you quite a bit of time, depending on the composition of your current team, but it'll be well worth it.

Of Conklave XYs and Metal Hunting

A little research around the internet netted me what may be the best monster scouting team in the game: Three Conklave XYs. As logic dictates, if it's good at scouting everything, it's good at scouting metal monsters too!

This is only recommended if you have a lot of time on your hands or a good grinding spot (preferably both).

See, Square Enix added the capacity for seven monsters to evolve. Mind you, this isn't in the Pokémon sense as it involves monster synthesis, but it does allow you to take a lowly slime from Rank F to Rank S. As you may suspect by now, one of the other monsters that has this capacity is the Conklave. You may or may not remember that small four team monster squad all the way back in Treepidation. That is a Conklave.

To get one Conklave XY, you need to do the following:

  • Get two Conklaves of opposing magnetism (or one Neutral and one non-Neutral; that works too).
  • Level them up to at least 20.
  • Synthesize them together. You now have a Conklave X, which is Rank C instead of the usual Rank F.
  • Get two more Conklaves of opposing magnetism and breed them together at level 20 for another Conklave X (you'll need to use a Plus/Minus Scepter to guarantee that it gets an opposite magnetism to your first Conklave X).
  • Level those two Conklave Xs to 50! Then breed them together, and you have a Rank S Conklave, also known as a Conklave XY.

Just repeat the above twice more and you have the perfect scouting team.

What? I never said it was going to be easy! (To be fair, it's easy, but incredibly time-consuming, as I warned at the start of the section.)

Scouting Meddle Slimes

Whether you got some good Attack monsters such as the ones I recommended before, or decided to go all-out and go for the Conklave XY trio, you should now have a team that can scout Meddle Slimes at 100% success.

A critical difference between this game and its prequel is that there are two varieties of Metal Slime. There is the Metal Slime we've all known to come and love, which gives 1024 experience to each party member (assuming you have the full three) upon being defeated, and then there is the Meddle Slime. You've probably killed one of these before, only to see that you get a measly 88 (assuming a full party) experience. You then probably wondered who came up with the idea to tease the player like that. Well, they allow you to bypass a Joker golden rule. The golden rule is:

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A monster is harder to scout if you already own one (whether it is in your party, in your substitute party, or your monster pen).

Since you need at least two Metal Slimes to get any reasonable metal synthesis going, you can already see the problem here. Meddle Slimes bypass that. Upon scouting one of the devious critters, you've probably noticed that it turns into a Metal Slime! Since you technically never have any Meddle Slimes, scouting the next one isn't any harder than scouting the first.

This gesture of mercy on Square Enix's part allows you to amass an army of Metal Slimes to synthesize into whatever stronger metal monster you desire.

Breeding Metal Kaiser Slime

As the title of this section gives away, here I'm going to tell you how to breed a Metal Kaiser Slime that can take on Rigor Mortex. The synthesis formula for a Metal Kaiser Slime is a grandfather combination. Grandfather combinations require that you breed four separate monsters in specific pairs, and then breed those results into the final grandchild monster.

In this case, you need to synthesize a Metal Slime Knight with a Liquid Metal Slime (this is pairing A). Next, synthesize a pair of Metal Slimes together. Finally, synthesize the result of pairing A with the result of the pair of Metal Slimes (a Liquid Metal Slime most likely) and you will have your Kaiser!

(But, you don't have to take my word for it. Go check out the Synthesis Search to confirm it if you're in doubt!)

Metal Kaiser Slime is a size 2 monster with Early Bird and Metal Body (this trait being the staple of the metal slime family and why they're so useful to have on your side). Early Bird guarantees that you'll go before any other monster, provided it doesn't also have Early Bird (even then, it would need more Agility than you). Since it is a size 2 monster, it can have a total of four skill trees, which we can use to give it an additional Boost skill.

The only negatives this monster has are Timid and the low HP cap that all metal slime family members share. Timid is a negative trait that causes you to miss your turn 10% of the time. However, this is more than fair considering all of the positive things Kaiser brings to the table.

Anyway, here's what my Metal Kaiser Slime has for its skill trees:

  • Cure-All. Probably the best healing skill tree in the game. Uber Healer would be better, if not for the total absence of Kabuff it has. Given that Kaiser has very few HP anyway, you only need to invest up to Multiheal. If you want to get Omniheal, it's up to you. You can get Cure-All by synthesizing your Kaiser Slime with a Hades Condor (equipping a Phoenix Scepter on your Metal Kaiser Slime so it doesn't become something else) or using a book of "Head over heels."
  • Defense Boost III. Anything that improves your Defense stat is welcome, as the main weakness of any metal monster is getting pounded down with superior Attack, thanks to their low HP.
  • Attack Boost III. If you're going to try to take on Rigor Mortex solo, you're going to want more Attack, lest you take over 200 turns whittling him down to size (I was going down that path and actually reset my game out of boredom).
  • Your fourth skill tree is a wildcard (no, not the Wildcard skill tree silly). That is, you can put whatever you want here. I personally have Attack Boost II in this slot, but you can have whatever you like here as well. I would recommend not taking Agility Boost (it loses a lot of usefulness due to Early Bird) or a spell skill tree (Rigor Mortex has Bouncer, which grants him a permanent Bounce, and thus 100% spell reflection).

Here are my Metal Kaiser's stats so you can have a ballpark figure of what will survive against Rigor Mortex:

Skill trees are displayed with the current amount of skill points invested in parentheses.

  • Level: 25
  • Cure-All (100)
  • Attack Boost III (8)
  • Defense Boost III (75)
  • Attack Boost II (37)
  • HP: 168
  • MP: 428
  • Att: 326 (equipped with Steel Claws)
  • Def: 553
  • Agil: 425
  • Wis: 206

So now, without further ado, time to talk about how to beat Rigor Mortex!

Beating Rigor Mortex

You are finally here! After preparing arduously, you are now ready to beat up Rigor Mortex! Make sure you have special medicines and some Yggdrassil Leaves before hand (this is always good practice just in case nasty things happen).

Now, onto Rigor Mortex himself!

Before I talk about him, here are his stats:

  • HP: 5540
  • MP: 955
  • Att: 514
  • Def: 448
  • Agi: 77

Rigor Mortex is a clock demon from the Boss Family of monsters. He is size 3, meaning that all of his physical attacks hit the entire party! Of course, if you only have a party of one, this becomes less of a threat. As mentioned before, he has Bounce up at all times, so using attack spells is a terrible idea. He has Double Trouble (so he acts twice a round), and likes to cast a few things:

  • Unnatural Order. From what I've seen, this inverts turn order. Essentially, when he casts this, you'll go second (since Early Bird makes you go first under normal circumstances).
  • Frizz Cracker. Fire and ice hybrid spell. Ridiculously painful. In a previous attempt, it did upwards of 300 damage to my Tyrantosaurus, nearly one-shotting him (and then he attacked physically to finish him off).
  • Kasap. This lowers your party's defense by one stage. If it connects. For some reason, negative status effects have poor accuracy in this game. In any case, that's why you brought Kabuff along.
  • Finally, but definitely not least, he's Poisonous. Monsters not immune to poison may become poisoned if they engage Rigor Mortex with a physical attack.

Basically, as I found out the hard way, beating Rigor Mortex fair and square requires that you have Bounce or a way to counteract Frizz Cracker. Since I got tired of bashing my head against the wall as it were, I decided to use a metal monster instead. Metal Kaiser Slime is immune to Frizz Cracker and Poisonous which makes the greatest threat in this battle Kasap and a lucky critical (which Metal Body does reduce by 2/3, so you might be able to withstand even that). You can Kabuff twice and your Defense will surpass 999 until it wears off, making his attacks do 1 damage unless they critical.

After all of that hard work of actually getting a Metal Kaiser Slime, the battle strategy with one is as simple as:

  • Kabuff on turns 1 and 2 to max out your Defense.
  • Attack
  • Attack
  • Heal if severely damaged (use special medicine or Multiheal/Omniheal)
  • Kabuff for two turns if it has worn off.
  • Attack
  • Attack
  • Win

Sounds overly simplistic, but that's all there is to it. The battle may take a few hundred turns due to your low attack, but you'll win eventually. Nothing Rigor Mortex has can counter a metal monster. Ironic that such a hard boss would have such a glaring weakness.


In conclusion, I've given you a foolproof way to beat Rigor Mortex that requires some preparation. Thankfully, you can use the scouting team you have prepared to help you get other, stronger, monsters, so in the end it's not a waste of time to invest it thus. This is probably the easiest way to win if you don't have high-ranking monsters, and there's nothing like humiliating a boss by rendering most of its attacks null.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions or if you just want to talk about alternate strategies for beating this annoying post-game boss.

Thanks for reading!

Until the next time, take care and have fun!


P.S: It's been FAR TOO LONG since I've been able to say my sign-off. My long-time fans and followers on this site probably noticed the months-wide drought of articles I had. Darned real life.


bimo on October 03, 2019:

I found that using a gem slime with high defense and steady recovery works quite well due to its immunity to rigor mortex's attack spells and incredibly high attack and defense stats

LordAizenS on September 08, 2016:

I finally made Rigor Mortex, and he's a beast! Massive defense and tonnes of skill potential. Don't even get me started on his abilities! Giving him Leonyx's skill he gets Magic Regenerator too! My skills on him are Uber Attack Boost, Uber Defense Boost, Leonyx, Muspell and Uber Healer (for Omniheal, not that he needs it mind you).

alabast dragon on January 11, 2013:

if you have a good ol gigantes and a monster who knows a oomph rekated move (or even better since theres no that mve that takes away yer support effects so maybe sapperine) O by the way if you have a miracle mallet equip it to gigantes

Some guy on March 17, 2012:

Well you took the very long and safe way to beat him.

There are many much easier ways to beat him. If you just made your main team stronger and just kept trying until you fluked it you might have done it faster. Also if you only use 1 monster what's the point in using kabuff? If you use buff it has double the affect because it is used only on 1 monster and its generally easier to get.

The demon-at-arms combo is basicly rankA+ something and 1 monster has to be demon family(it sometimes makes dhuran but he's pretty cool).

If you have been doing the scout quiz you might have(or know how to get) a bone baron(grim rider+dark slime knight/mohawker)(grim rider=demonrider+bona contrictor) simply combine a bone baron and a phantom fencer(the blue cape with a sword) to make dullahan(one of the most awesome monsters ever). He's good because:

1. He's rank S(rank S is really good)

2. He has psyco(good for scouting)

3. He has good stats(especially with attack, defence, hp)

4. He is possibly the easiest Rank S monster to get

5. If you combine him with malroth(Malroth=Hargon+khalamari/buffalogre/living statue) you make Zoma(Zoma is pretty cool and he makes Rhapthorne2(another awesome monster)(Hargon= Dierantula+Dhuran(that's why I said Dhuran is pretty cool)(dierantula=wormonger+gripevine or you can scout high up in cragravtion at night))

6. He looks cool(he has no head but his shield is a face, weird but cool)

7. He only takes up 1 space(ok this is debateable if its good or bad but I prefer size 1 monsters)

Kevin on March 15, 2012:

BLESS YOU it was so obvious.. BOUNCE im such a noob lol

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