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How to Beat the Battle Theatres of "Loomian Legacy"

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Loomian Legacy Is Full of Fun Challenges

Loomian Legacy is one of Roblox's most ambitious games. It's a full-length RPG inspired by Pokemon. In the game, you collect Loomians and train them to their full potential, then battle to earn medals or fight your friends in the Colosseum. You are also venturing around the world to collect the pieces of a mysterious tablet your dad found in the mines near your house. The battle system is just as in-depth as Pokemon's, but it has its own twists to change things up for players, such as an energy bar that depletes when you use moves and refills when you have your Loomian rest during a battle. If you like Pokemon, give Loomian Legacy a try. There are currently three Battle Theatres, the gym equivalent, released in this game. Here is a guide to beating each Battle Theatre's puzzles and boss fights with ease.

General Tips

  • If you have to leave a Battle Theatre between fights, you'll have to start from the beginning and do all the puzzles and battles over again. However, you can use this to grind for experience and money.
  • Bring plenty of medicines with you, and make sure you have your team in the right spots before you begin a round. You'll have pauses between rounds where you can heal and prepare, so take advantage of them!
  • Keep your team full of diverse types and equally leveled for the easiest experience. Pay attention to the type weaknesses of a gym, and make sure you don't send out vulnerable Loomians when you don't have to.
To earn the Medal of Harmony, you must learn balance by facing Naya.

To earn the Medal of Harmony, you must learn balance by facing Naya.

Silvent City Battle Theatre

Your first battle theatre is in Silvent City. The theme of this battle theatre is balance, so you will be facing light and dark type Loomians here. The strongest Loomians you will face here are level 15, so it is recommended that you power up your Loomians on route 3 to around level 15 before beginning the Battle Theatre's challenge. Naya is the Battle Star (aka gym leader) here. She is a confident leader who models for magazines when she's not battling. Once you beat her, you'll be able to access hub areas, such as the trade resort and the colosseum, and you'll also be able to use Stunning Flash, an application on your LoomiWatch that removes veils of darkness that block certain paths you may encounter.

Team Composition for the First Battle Theatre

To complete this gym easily, it will help you to have light types to fight dark types, and dark types to fight light types. Those who picked Eaglit and Vambat have a light type and a dark type, respectively, but if you didn't pick one of those as a starter, you can find a Geklow for light and a Kleptyke for dark on route 3. If you picked the water type Dripple, it is vulnerable to the electric Geklows in this Battle Theatre, but it will also do extra damage to electric types, so hopefully you can hit faster!

My team going into this Battle Theatre had five Loomians:

  • Fannar, my Snocub (named after the Icelandic word for snowdrift).
  • Nyx, my Twilat (named for the Egyptian goddess of night, I plan to evolve her into an Umbrat).
  • Levina, my Geklow (a Latin name meaning "flash of lightning").
  • Cassidy, my Kleptyke (named after the famous thief Butch Cassidy).
  • Mortimer, my surprise Duskit. I happened to get extremely lucky and found Duskit on route 3 while I was leveling my Loomians for this Battle Theatre, and got even luckier with my last capture disk succeeding. Mortimer the Duskit is named after one of my dad's cats.

I'm going to keep all of my Loomians around the same level range even if they aren't currently in my team because you never know when you'll need to switch up your team composition.

My team for the first Battle Theatre.

My team for the first Battle Theatre.


The puzzles in the first Battle Theatre require you to light up all of the green tiles. If you touch a green tile to turn it on, the green tiles next to it will turn off. If you touch a green tile to turn it off, the green tiles next to it will turn on. White tiles can be walked on at any time, but black tiles are impassible. The solutions to each puzzle can be found in the picture above.


Here are the battles in this theater.

Pal - First Trainer

  • Twilat, level 11, with Quick Pounce, Stretch, Gnaw, and Dawdle
  • Eaglit, level 11, with Pounce, Shine, Growl, and Stare
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You get $264 for beating Pal. Amusingly, his defeat quote is "Oof!" and he looks like Su Tart.

Roger - Second Trainer

  • Twilat, level 11, with Quick Pounce, Stretch, Gnaw, and Dawdle
  • Vambat, level 12, with Chomp, Growl, Gnaw, and Tease

You get $288 for beating Roger.

Battle Star Naya - Final Trainer

  • Geklow, level 13, with Shine, Static Shock, and Stare
  • Geklow, level 14, with Shine, Static Shock, and Dodge
  • Kleptyke, level 15, with Pilfer, Sharpen, and Quick Pounce

You get $900 for beating Naya, and earn the Medal of Harmony and Stunning Flash for your LoomiWatch.

Stern Akio guards the Medal of Wisdom at Heiwa City's Battle Theatre.

Stern Akio guards the Medal of Wisdom at Heiwa City's Battle Theatre.

Heiwa City Battle Theatre

The second Battle Theatre is in Heiwa City, and its Battle Star is the serious and wise Akio, who uses fire-type Loomians. The recommended level for the second Battle Theatre is 22, although you may be able to squeak by at a lower level with a strong water, earth, or air-type Loomian. Once you beat this Battle Theatre, you'll receive the Medal of Wisdom and the controlled burn app for your LoomiWatch, which will allow you to burn down thorny briars that block your path. You'll also be able to move on to Route 6, where the Rally Ranch awaits. There, you can rally new Loomians to join your team, using two of yours as the "parents."

Team Composition for the Second Battle Theatre

To face Akio and his fire Loomians, you'll want some strong water, earth, and air type Loomians. Those who started with Dripple will have an easy time again, but if you don't have a water type, you can find Gumpod near the entrance to Igneous Hollow. If you need a strong earth type Babore and Rakrawla can be found throughout route 5. For air moves, those with an Eaglit can use Peck starting at level 13 and Cyclone Slam at level 22. Whatever you choose, level them up to about level 20, and then challenge the battle theatre.

I picked up my own Babore, Wilbur (after the pig in Charlotte's Web), and a Gumpod named Sebastian in honor of the Little Mermaid crab, as well as an Igneol named Louise (named after a former teacher's pet iguana) and a Craytal named Vesuvius (named after the volcano) who I traded with my sister to evolve into a Krakaloa. I came in a little underleveled, but I was confident in my Loomians' abilities.

My team for the second Battle Theatre.

My team for the second Battle Theatre.


For the Heiwa City Battle Theatre's puzzles, you'll be putting out fires with large stone blocks. Push the blocks around in the order shown on each picture above. Note that you can't push them from the outside edge of the map, and that you can't push one that's currently covering a fire next to you.


Here are the battles in this theater.

Eliane - First Trainer

  • Embit, level 18, with Growl, Singe, Burrow, and Ear Slap
  • Rabburn, level 19, with Growl, Singe, Burrow, and Ear Slap

Eliane gives you $608 when you defeat her.

Takeshi - Second Trainer

  • Skilava, level 19, with Quick Pounce, Stretch, Dodge, and Gnaw
  • Craytal, level 19, with Swipe, Dodge, Spare, and Slash

You get $912 from Takeshi when you defeat him.

Battle Star Akio - Final Trainer

  • Craytal, level 20, with Swipe, Dodge, Spare, and Slash
  • Whispup, level 21, with Stretch, Final Ruse, Gnaw, and Singe
  • Krakaloa, level 22, with Spare, Swipe, Dodge, and Slash

You get $1320 from Akio, along with the Medal of Wisdom and the controlled burn app.

Faust and her metal-type Loomians are in the third Battle Theatre.

Faust and her metal-type Loomians are in the third Battle Theatre.

Sepharite City Battle Theatre

Your third Battle Theatre is in Sepharite City, and it is run by the resilient and courageous Faust. Faust lost both of her legs and an arm in a horrible accident when she was young, but Polut Corp, the resident megacorporation, gave her cybernetic replacement limbs. As thanks, she uses their robotic metal Loomians in battle. Faust uses Loomians up to level 30, so if you want an easier time here that should be your target level. As a reward for beating this Battle Theatre, you will receive the Cyber Medal and the Geo-Hop app, which will allow you to teleport back to locations that you have already visited. You'll also get to go to Route 8 and see the underwater mining lab!

Team Composition for the Third Battle Theatre

In Sepharite City, metal is king. Metal Loomians are weak to fire, electric, brawler, and earth moves, and they're resistant to quite a few types, including ice, air, bug, mind, ancient, typeless, and their own metal type. If you picked Embit or Weevolt at the beginning, you're in luck here! If you need something to fight back against these metal monstrosities, head back to Igneous Hollow to grab a fire type, look around Route 5 or Route 7's Junkyard for a ground type (if you can grab Operaptor, it's excellent!), go to the Heiwa City Cemetery for a brawling Phancub, or catch a Geklow to have an electric type.

My group going into this was definitely underleveled. I really wanted to see what Polut Corp was hiding, so I did a small amount of level grinding and then jumped right in. I didn't pick up any new Loomians since I felt like I had a pretty well-rounded team, and I had faith in my fire, earth, and electric Loomians to handle the Battle Theatre well. Somehow, I didn't have a single KO, because I swapped my Loomians out when they were low. It'll probably be easier if you grind more though and get those levels higher!

My team for the third Battle Theatre.

My team for the third Battle Theatre.


To make it past Sepharite's puzzles, you'll need to switch back and forth between controlling yourself and a Chompactor, hitting switches or covering them with boxes to get Chompactor to grab a shiny blue cube. On the puzzles above, follow the order of the numbers on each picture. White numbers are where you move and black numbers are where you move Chompactor. If there are two of the same numbers, then you need to move a block onto the spot where the other number is. Remember that Chompactor must be the one to reach the cube.


Here are the battles in this theater.

Officer Ricky - First Trainer

  • Poochrol, level 28, with Quick Pounce, Precision Bolt, Chomp, and Sharpen
  • Poochrol, level 28, with Quick Pounce, Precision Bolt, Chomp, and Sharpen
  • Poochrol, level 28, with Quick Pounce, Precision Bolt, Chomp, and Sharpen

You will earn $1344 from beating Officer Ricky. Police officers must make a lot of money in Sepharite City.

Alexis - Second Trainer

  • Territi, level 28, with Heavy Bash, Hop Kick, Canister Burst, and Power Focus
  • Whimpor, level 28, with Body Slam, Cyclone Slam, Metal Shriek, and Heavy Bash

You will get $896 from Alexis once you beat her.

Battle Star Faust - Final Trainer

  • Munchweel, level 28, with Oil Leak, Chomp, Bash, and Double Whack
  • Concredon, level 29, with Headbutt, Quicksand, Scapegoat, and Power Focus
  • Stratusoar, level 30, with Gust, Body Slam, Metal Shriek, and Cyclone Slam

When you defeat Battle Star Faust, you will receive $1800, the Cyber Medal, and the Geo-Hop app for your LoomiWatch.

Atlanthian City Battle Theatre

The fourth battle theatre is in Atlanthian City, a high-tech city built underwater atop the ruins of an ancient civilization. For this battle theatre, you may experience a spike in difficulty since the average battles are around level 40, so you may want to stop and train your Loomians before heading here. This is the water theatre, so bring strong electric and plant type Loomians for the easiest experience. The Atlanthian Battle Theatre is also notable for its double battles, including a challenging finale with the two battle stars, Coraline and Lilian! I kept my team the same from before, and just leveled them up to 40, so I won't add a picture of my team this time. Instead, let's get straight into the puzzles!

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