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How to Catch Shaymin in "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl"

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As part of the Pokemon Day celebrations, a new update in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl will now allow you to catch the Legendary Pokemon Shaymin.

Head to the menu and select “Mystery Gift” and then “Get via Internet.” You should see “Oak’s Letter Gift,” which will give you the Oak’s Letter Key Item when it successfully reaches you.

If you check the Key Item in your inventory, you will be told to go to Route 224.


Going to Route 224

If you have never been to Route 224, you can get there through Victory Road and heading east. After getting past the room filled with water that you need to Surf over, you can make your way east down some stairs.

You will need to go on a short adventure with Marley first (in the area that requires you to use Defog) and take her to the northeast exit. From there, you can follow her out the exit to reach Route 224.


Reaching Shaymin

Head to the northeast part of Route 224 and you will see Professor Oak. He normally doesn’t appear there, but if you have Oak’s Letter, he will be standing near a rock. Make sure to save your game before you start, then speak to Professor Oak to begin. If you’re not ready, you don’t have to speak to him and can continue exploring as you wish.

You will be asked to thank someone, and you can input whatever name that you like. Once you are done, a scene will play where a land bridge will appear and Shaymin will walk across it. Once it notices you and Professor Oak, it runs back across the bridge.

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Capturing Shaymin

Go north of the land bridge (which is Seabreak Path) and stay on the path. Seabreak Path is long and the scenery will repeat itself, but you are on the right track. Eventually, you will reach Flower Paradise, and Shaymin can be found at the end of the area.


Shaymin appears at Level 30 and is a pure Grass-type. It knows Growth, Leech Seed, Magical Leaf and Synthesis. Inflicting status effects such as Poison or Paralysis can make Shaymin easier to capture, but be careful of using Poison/Burn as that can accidentally KO Shaymin.

Grass is weak to Fire, Flying, Bug, Ice and Poison, but remember that capturing Shaymin is the goal (as there is only one Shaymin available).


Using a Grass-type Pokemon such as Roselia or Roserade will help prevent Leech Seed from being a problem as well as softening the blow of Magical Leaf, Shaymin’s only offensive attack.

Once captured, Shaymin will be added to your party/Box and the event is over. If you accidentally KO’ed Shaymin, you can fight the Pokemon League/Elite Four again and Shaymin will re-appear.

Note that the Elite Four will be harder than the first time you battled it, and it is easier to save and restart than battle the Elite Four until you succeed in catching Shaymin.

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