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10 Tips to Become an Amazing Games Host on “Habbo Hotel”

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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament" and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima with her husband and young son.

Habbo Hotel is a fun online virtual reality game that teens and young adults have been playing in different countries across the world since it was released by Sulake in 2000.

This game allows you to dress your own avatar, build and customise your own rooms, roleplay, host and play games, chat with other players, and much more, making it an addictive and fun online world to spend time in.

Although the game is run by teams of moderators, engineers, and others, players are the ones who host mini-games, usually in the room that they built by themselves. Some people prefer to play, and others spend most of their online time hosting.

If you are interested in hosting your own game on Habbo Hotel, here are some tips to be a good host that will make people want to visit your room and play your games again and again!

1. Build a Great Room

If you are part of one of the Habbo fansites, you may play in a particular room that is not your own, but which you have rights to. However, if you'd like to be an independent host, chances are you will be playing in a room you built yourself.

If this is the case, make sure your room is awesome. People don't want to play with, and are moreover less likely to trust, a host whose room is empty of furniture. This doesn't mean you have to spend hundreds of credits making your room perfect and stuffed full of rares, but make sure it looks like fun to play in.

Here is an example of a great room by a rich Habbo player called Kondz. He often hosts Falling Furni games and is a popular host.

Author's screenshot

Author's screenshot

2. Stick to the Rules

All of the mini-games in Habbo Hotel have their own rules. Sit on the furniture in Falling Furni, instantly lose when you get a carrot in Fridge Game, and vote the last two in Costume Change. However, some hosts have their own additional rules.

For example, is seat trolling allowed in Falling Furni? For some it's amusing, and for others it's annoying. Is 3 and 4 active in the first round of Bank Game? It's up to you. Decide your own rules, explain them clearly so all players know them, and stick to them.

Does breaking a rule get an instant-kick or a warning? Make it clear. You're the host, so the players play by your rules. Just be sure to adhere to them and players will, too.

3. Pay Attention to the Game

Some hosts slow down the game by not paying proper attention. There's nothing worse than the host saying "whose turn is it?" You should know, you're the one hosting!

Get rid of distractions and don't have any other tabs open on your computer. Give the game your full attention, or else don't host. Appearing professional helps players to trust you and add you to their list of favourite hosts.

4. Stay Until the End

Be 100% sure you have the time and energy to host a full game! If you suddenly leave halfway through, players will be disappointed and assume that you're a "scam"—that you were never planning to give a prize. If you have bad internet, warn the players beforehand that if you suddenly disconnect from the game, you'll soon be back.

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5. Don't Let People in After the Game Has Started

Some hosts reluctantly start a game before the room is full. If this happens to you, be very firm that the game has begun and no one else is coming into the playing area.

There will always be a time when you've started a game and then people show up at the gate saying "let me in!" Politely tell them that they should wait for the next game, if you're planning to host more.

jwebb23 isn't letting any other players in after the countdown

jwebb23 isn't letting any other players in after the countdown

6. Be Speedy

The host runs the game, and if the host slows down, the entire game grinds to a halt. Players may get bored and leave, and it makes you look bad as a host.

If you're hosting Bank Game, move the dice up as soon as the player has had their turn. If you're hosting Costume Change, set a time limit. If you're playing Falling Furni, be sure to drop furniture quickly and often.

7. Fulfill Promises

This ties in with tip 2. If you've made a promise, such as "I'll kick people who are seat trolling," "you have three minutes to change into your costume," or "no redos," actually stick to it.

People will notice if you go back on your word. If you always fulfill your promises, people will pay attention to what you say and take you seriously.

8. Have an "Exit" Wired

Wired furniture allows you to warp to a specific location or piece of furniture upon saying a certain word. With the introduction of wired furniture, players now expect that upon saying "exit," they can be warped outside the playing area.

This is a lot more civilised than "kicking," which forcibly removes the player from the room. It's also more efficient than opening the gate, as other people might try to come in.

Check out the Habbo Help website for more information on Wired Furni and how to set up an "Exit" Wired.

9. Display the Prize

Two or three coins is a standard prize for any game but some hosts offer more. To give your players peace of mind that your game isn't a "scam" (promising prizes but then failing to deliver), display the coins, sack, or furniture you've promised to give as a prize near your chair or somewhere visible in the room.


10. Always Give a Prize

Finally, don't host a game if you don't plan on giving a prize! Yes, people are playing for fun, but winners expect some kind of reward, so be sure to put a couple of coins away (or displayed in the room) with which to award the winner. If you don't get many players, you can bargain with people to decrease the prize so you can start earlier. Don't be a scammer! If people know there's a prize, they are more likely to play.

Hosting games in Habbo Hotel can be taxing, but it is also enormous fun and you can make a lot of new friends very quickly. Give prizes, be a speedy host, play by the rules, and you will have very popular rooms in no time.

Questions & Answers

Question: Is it worth hosting games with p2s and p2p? It helps recieve coins back for further games so you can host for longer. I want to host but not rich enough to give endless amounts of coins away.

Answer: I’m pretty sure P2S and P2P were banned. If you don’t have a lot of coins, it’s better not to host or buy more coins.

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Poppy (author) from Enoshima, Japan on March 15, 2018:

Don't play it, Louise! You will become addicted! Haha

Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on March 14, 2018:

I've never heard of this game before but sounds interesting.

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