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How to Beat Glintstone Dragon Adula in "Elden Ring"

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The icier counterpart of Glintstone Dragon Smarag, Glintstone Dragon Adula is another tough nut to crack. Found in the far north of Liurnia of the Lakes, Adula is an optional (but worthwhile) guardian of an important NPC's tower.

This guide will teach you how to beat Glintstone Dragon Adula in Elden Ring. Many of Adula's attacks will look familiar if you've fought dragons before, but the geography of Adula's combat arenas (yes, two of them) make this battle a unique challenge.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring

Finding Adula

Adula initially lives in the Three Sisters sub-region, behind Caria Manor. To reach the manor you need to get up onto the western cliffs of Liurnia of the Lake - there are plenty of spots along the shore where the ground dips, unlike on the east side - and head north. The manor is waiting at the end of this path. Be careful of the groups of magical bolts that try to strike you from above as you approach the manor. You'll need to defeat Royal Knight Loretta to gain access to Three Sisters.

Adula waits for you out front of Ranni's Rise, to the west of Caria Manor. Upon approach, you'll usually get into a fight with Adula, though you can also dip right past the dragon and into the Rise without much trouble. This area is problematic for fighting the dragon, thanks to the rocky, crystal-filled terrain that often gets in your way...

...though you don't need to worry about it too much, as Adula will bail on the battle halfway through. The dragon won't reappear again until you're essentially done with Ranni the Witch's questline. This will require fulfilling Ranni's various requests, which include visits to Redmane Castle, Nokron, Eternal City, Nokstella, Eternal City, and the Lake of Rot. It will, in short, be a long time before you face Adula again, as it is waiting outside the Cathedral of Manus Celes, on the southern cliffs of Liurnia of the Lakes. This time Adula won't disappear on you, and the fight is to the death.

In other words, don't bother fighting Adula the first time around. It's not worth the potential loss of life, and the dragon will show up outside the cathedral whether you fight it the first time or not.



Adula's Moveset

Adula has a fairly typical draconic moveset, though there are a few moves unique to this dragon that you need to watch out for. You can expect the following attacks when you go up against Adula:

  • Adula will try to stomp you. This move only comes out if you're under Adula, usually when you're trying to hack at its legs. If you're a melee character this is probably the move you'll see the most, and it's the one you want to see because it means you're in the right place. Roll out of the way.
  • Adula will whirl around and try to bite you. You'll see this attack if you're behind or beside Adula. It has a relatively short range compared to Adula's other attacks, but it's fast enough that you need to be careful. Roll under or away from Adula if you see its neck curve and it looks at you over one shoulder.
  • Adula will sweep its tail at you. You'll only see this attack if you're behind Adula. It has quite a substantial arc, but so long as you're focusing on Adula it's not too difficult to see coming and avoid. There's about a half second of wait time before Adula swings, so don't roll too early.
  • Adula will try to slam you with one of its wings. This longer-range attack is used when Adula is staring you in the face from a bit of a distance, but not a long enough distance for Adula to use a breath attack. Roll through and under the wing to avoid it.
  • Adula will fly up into the air, hover for a moment, and slam down at you. Adula's up in the air for maybe two seconds, so you have time to roll toward and under it. Get out around its tail when it comes down and you should be safe.
  • Adula will breathe a line of blue fire at you. This is a slow attack but it has a long-range and lasts for a while. If you're far enough away then back off; if not, sweep to the left or right as much as you can and try to get close enough to Adula that it can't track you any further.
  • Adula will take to the skies, fire a cone of blue flame in your direction, and land a fair distance away. This is an escape tactic that gives Adula more room. Run away from Adula when it takes off to avoid the flame as best you can. Rolling towards it will just get you bathed in more fire.
  • Adula will take off and carve a line of fire into the ground. Get caught in it and you're going to take damage. Roll out of the way or just run out of the line of fire.
  • Adula will release a crystal shard from its mouth. This will explode after a few seconds, sending a hail of smaller shards at you. This doesn't look directed, but it is, and the shards are extremely difficult to avoid. Get behind rocks or pillars or whatever you can find as the crystal is still forming.
  • In the second battle only, Adula will rise into the air, conjure a huge ice blade in its mouth, and sweep down to slice at you. This attack inflicts a substantial amount of Frostbite damage and can quickly kill you if it connects. Do your best to get out of the way as Adula is flying down towards you.

In addition to Adula's attacks, there are a few wolves skulking near Ranni's Rise that can make their way into the fight. They're a minor nuisance, but starting from the Rise will allow you to kill them before the boss fight begins. There are no enemies to bother you during the real battle outside the Cathedral of Celes Manus.

Use the terrain to your advantage!

Use the terrain to your advantage!

One of your greatest enemies in this fight (and, potentially, greatest allies) is the terrain. Unlike a lot of battle arenas against dragons, this one is littered with structures, from ruins to rocks to crystals, and it's easy to blunder up against them and get caught by Adula's attacks. This is true in both arenas, though more prevalent when fighting outside Ranni's Rise. On the plus side, however, you can also use the geography to your advantage, hopping up on objects to avoid incoming assaults. It is almost imperative to hide at first, as Adula's crystal attack is incredibly difficult to dodge unless you take cover. Make this a priority in both battles, before you go on the offensive.

Beyond the crystal launching, this fight plays out like most dragon battles, albeit one on a slope that makes navigation a little trickier. Rush Adula, perform a leaping attack if its head is in range, then get underneath and attack its legs. Staying at a range is way too dangerous thanks to Adula's breath attacks. Even with ranged attacks, you're generally safer staying near Adula and dealing with its melee swipes. In most cases, your primary foes will be Adula's legs and tail, and so long as you keep an eye on Adula's body language you should be able to avoid most attacks. In the second battle, you can avoid Adula's breath attacks by getting up onto the Cathedral of Celes Manus, assuming you're positioned correctly.

Summons work well in this fight, as with most boss battles, though you want to stick with Spirit Ashes that have lots of health. It's generally wiser to also use ashes that prefer melee attacks, as ranged fighters will get decimated by Adula's fire breath, though if you go that route you'll at least get one or two breaths worth of Adula standing still before the summon dies. Watch out for stomps or tail swipes aimed at your summon, as they'll often hit you too.

One final note: Adula is substantially stronger the second time you fight it, even if its moves don't change. Even if you're playing at higher levels, expect to take a lot of damage if you get hit compared to what you would suffer back near Ranni's Rise. You'll no doubt have gained a fair number of levels between the two encounters, but still.

You'll earn 120,000 Runes, three Dragon Hearts, and the Adula's Moonblade Sorcery for defeating Glintstone Dragon Adula.