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How to Beat the Dragon God in "Demon's Souls"

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All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

By far the most imposing enemy in Demon's Souls, the Dragon God is a necessary obstacle on the path to finishing the game. Found at the end of Stonefang Tunnel, inside the massive Underground Tunnel, the Dragon God looks basically unbeatable - which is far from the truth, as this is one of the easiest bosses you'll face. The Dragon God will likely mash you to death many times before you puzzle out its secrets, however, leading to a great deal of frustration.

This guide will show you how to defeat the Dragon God. You'll need to be very patient to thwomp this baddy, so be prepared for a very tense game of hide-and-seek if you want to prevail.


Step 1 - Top Floor

Upon entering the Dragon God's arena you'll be in a narrow corridor directly facing the beast, and it will spot you immediately. Wait a few seconds and the Dragon God will punch the pillars separating you from the rest of the arena. Run forward too quickly and the punch will probably kill you.

On your left here is a Crystal Lizard, if you dare risk killing it; otherwise, hide behind the pillar on your immediate right as you leave the entrance passage. There are broken pillars down this pathway that you need to remove, and if the Dragon God spots you it will both bar the way and punch you. In most cases the punch is an instant kill.

Start by taking out the nearest pillars. The Dragon God will likely spot you, so once the pillars are out of the way turn tail and run back to the entrance. The Dragon God will punch. As it pulls back, return to the pillar passage and hide behind the rock that's a short distance from the next set of pillars you need to break. Wait for the Dragon God to look down the entry corridor, then swiftly run forward and bust up the remaining blockade. This will get its attention again. Roll away from this spot to avoid the Dragon God's claw, then run back towards the entrance and roll to avoid its punch. Even if you get hit you're much more likely to survive this way.

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With both pillars out of the way you can now creep back onto the walkway. Get to the middle stone hiding spot again, wait for the Dragon God to look away, and bolt for the far end. You should make it without further trouble. You'll find a ballista here; interact with it to skewer the Dragon God.


Step 2 - Bottom Floor

Halfway done. Once the Dragon God is tethered it will smash a path down to a lower level. Go down the revealed stairs and you'll find another long pathway ahead, again filled with broken columns you need to destroy. If you're spotted here the Dragon God will fill the passage with fire, and you'll almost certainly be roasted alive.

Fortunately, this half of the 'fight' is a little easier. Hide behind the various pillars down the corridor, waiting for the Dragon God to look to the left (your left). Once it has, immediately move to the next pile of debris and smack it out of the way. Get behind the nearest hiding space and repeat. Once you're more than halfway down the passage you'll need to let the Dragon God look to the right rather than the left before moving; at this point it's faster and safer to destroy both remaining obstructions, then flee up the stairs at the far end before the Dragon God can launch its fire attack.

Almost done. There's a Crystal Lizard and another ballista up the stairs. Kill the Lizard - you're perfectly safe up here - and skewer the Dragon God a second time.

Step 3 - Finishing Up

Hitting the Dragon God with the second ballista will force the big reptile down against the rocks, leaving its chin exposed to melee attack. You'll need to go down the rock slopes and finish it off. At this point the only thing that can hurt you is the heat of the Dragon God's breath, so try not to get too close as you administer the killing blow.

That's it! Beating the Dragon God will earn you the Dragon Demon Soul, and you'll be one step closer to completing Demon's Souls. Congrats!


Still having trouble? Here are some suggestions for wiping the floor with the Dragon God.

  • Be patient! This is a slow, tense fight. If you try to rush it you'll almost certainly be flattened.
  • When the Dragon God's eyes are yellow it is in a restive state. When they flash red, however, the Dragon God is ready to attack. Get to a spot you know is safe if its eyes are red, and move when the Dragon God's eyes are yellow. (And, preferably, not looking at you.)
  • The Dragon God's attacks are a little slow to wind up, so even if you're caught you still have time to run. This is especially true of the punch, and if you're quick you can roll right out of the way and avoid damage.
  • Large weapons held two-handed, or shields used as weapons, can destroy debris in one hit. This is still true even if your character does not meet the stat requirements to properly wield these weapons. So long as you can keep your Stamina up, even weak magic casters can use hefty melee implements to get through this fight.
  • Alternately, casters can use spell like Soul Arrow to destroy the pillars, though you'll need to aim without locking on. Conventional projectile weapons like arrows don't work in the same way, unfortunately.
  • It is possible for the Dragon God to destroy the pillars with its punches, though you'll need to rile it up for this to work, and your timing needs to be perfect or you'll get smashed.

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