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How to Beat the Regal Ancestor Spirit in "Elden Ring"

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An advanced form of the Siofra River's Ancestor Spirit, the Regal Ancestor Spirit is prettier, tougher, more versatile, and overall harder to beat. An optional boss, the Ancestor Spirit is nevertheless found in a vital area of Elden Ring, and you might as well try to take the thing down. If nothing else, the Runes are worth the effort.

This guide will teach you how to defeat the Regal Ancestor Spirit in Elden Ring. It's not the hardest battle in the game, but you should still enter the boss fog prepared.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

Finding the Regal Ancestor Spirit

The Regal Ancestor Spirit is found deep within Nokron, Eternal City. To reach Nokron, you'll need to first defeat Starscourge Radahn, the boss of Redmane Castle in southern Caelid. Gaining access to Radahn in and of itself requires acquiring at least one Great Rune.

Once you've defeated Radahn, a falling star will carve a massive hole into southeastern Limgrave, just south of the Mistwood. Descend into the hole and you'll find Nokron at the bottom. Make your way through the area until you reach a set of woods patrolled by Ancestral Followers, and filled with obelisks that need to be lit. There are six in the area, and if you light all six you'll activate a giant deer corpse in a nearby temple. The corpse serves as a teleportation device to the Regal Ancestor Spirit's boss arena.


Regal Ancestor Spirit's Moveset

When the battle begins, the Regal Ancestor Spirit fights identically to the Ancestor Spirit. In other words, if you've fought the Ancestor Spirit on the Siofra River, you'll know exactly what to expect here. You'll see the following attacks when fighting the Regal Ancestor Spirit's first phase:

  • The Spirit will lower its head and swipe its massive horns at you. If you're still in front of it after the first swipe it will try for more. Roll behind or under the Spirit to avoid these attacks.
  • The Spirit will rise up on its hind legs and try to stomp you. This attack has a long pause time, so it's easy to see coming. Run towards the Spirit's rear legs and get in a few hits before it comes crashing down.
  • If you're behind it, the Spirit will rear up on its front legs, then kick outward with its back legs. Roll away from - or under - the Spirit to get away from this attack.
  • The Spirit will rise into the air, hop three times, then come crashing down on you. If you run towards the Spirit before it lands you should come out the other side of it as it hits the ground. You can also roll away from this if you time your dodge carefully.
  • The Spirit will spew blue flames onto the ground, leaving puddles that last for a short time. Avoid these or they will chew away your health.
  • The Spirit will fly into the air, soar across the battlefield, and leave a line of blue flames in its wake. Not a big deal unless you're right under the Spirit, though watch which way the flames are flowing as they descend or you can walk right into them.
  • As a change, the Spirit may also teleport to another part of the arena from time to time. You can hit it several times during its teleportation animation, before it vanishes.

Once you get through about half of the Regal Ancestor Spirit's health it will begin to glow ominously, signaling the change in its tactics. The Spirit will continue to use the same moveset, but with the following additions:

  • The Spirit will envelop itself in a blue-white light, sapping health from anything nearby while healing itself. This includes you, if you're close enough, though typically it draws vitality from the spectral animals wandering the battle arena. If you have enough health you can sit under the Spirit, tank the damage, and keep smacking it to minimize its health restoration.
  • The Spirit will rise up onto its hind legs and hop around like a rabbit. Run like crazy away from this. Not that dangerous, overall, so long as you give yourself some distance. It will hop three times, then slam back down onto all fours.
  • The Spirit will charge up, then barrel right towards you. You can roll straight through this attack and emerge unscathed on the other side.
  • The Spirit will roll up into a ball and try to run you over. It will circle and make several attempts before it stops. Roll straight into the ball as it gets close to avoid damage.
  • The Spirit can, after teleporting, reappear and immediately launch blue flames at you. If it starts to appear near you then you should move.

Beating the Regal Ancestral Spirit

Overall this fight isn't going to be that different from the original Ancestor Spirit battle, despite the new attacks. Most fighters will want to stay on the Spirit's flanks or rear, avoiding its front, and attack from beneath it. Wait for one of its attacks to carry the Spirit over your head, then turn and start swinging. This is a decent idea for ranged fighters, as well, since the Spirit tends to move around too much to easily hit from a distance.

As with most Elden Ring battles the key here is to pace yourself and not get too greedy. The Spirit looks slow, but it can move swiftly around the battlefield and is quick to both outpace you and slam you with its attacks. The vast majority of the time you should get away from the Spirit when it begins to glow white, as its new attacks are pretty brutal. Wait until the light subsides to renew your assault.

Summons work fairly well in this fight, though you need to be selective. Weaker mobs tend not to work all that well against the Regal Ancestor Spirit for one important reason: They walk into the flames. The Spirit will spread its blue flame liquid all over the place, and your summons will get caught in them and die really quickly. If you're going to summon someone you'll want a) A spirit with plenty of health, and b) A spirit that can hit the deer from a distance. Otherwise your summons will just be chasing the Spirit endlessly and die without doing much, if any, damage.

You'll earn 24,000 Runes and the Remembrance of the Regal Ancestor for defeating the Regal Ancestor Spirit.