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How to Beat the Valiant Gargoyles in "Elden Ring"

A vicious pair of stony defenders that are eager to take you down, the Valiant Gargoyles continue the long-standing Souls tradition of forcing you to fight these things in pairs. Armed with massive weapons and ready to take to the skies at a moment's notice, the Valiant Gargoyles should prove quite a challenge for even seasoned players.

This guide will help you defeat the Valiant Gargoyles in Elden Ring. You'll need a lot of patience, good reflexes, and possibly some help, to prevail in this fight.


Finding the Valiant Gargoyles

The Valiant Gargoyles live in the Siofra Aqueduct. To reach their den you'll first need to gain access to Nokron, Eternal City, which is secreted deep before Limgrave. You'll need to defeat Starscourge Radahn, in Caelid's Redmane Castle, to open up Nokron. The entrance, a massive crater, is located in southeast Limgrave after Radahn is killed.

Once inside Nokron, make your way past the first boss, the Mimic Tear, and cross the bridge ahead to a large, grassy area populated by Ancestral Followers. Go up and behind the large temple in the north of the area - you're in the right spot if you see Spirit Jellyfish - and jump off the cliff you find to the nearest building. The aqueduct is down here, and it's a short jaunt from the first Site of Grace to the boss fog.


Valiant Gargoyle's Moveset

There are two Valiant Gargoyles in this fight, and though their attacks look similar they're a little different in execution. The first Gargoyle uses the following moves, switching between a sword and a halberd:

  • While its sword is out the Gargoyle will either swing at you normally or perform a combo attack. These combos typically end with a long stab.
  • While its sword is out the Gargoyle will raise its blade, then slam it into the ground, creating a shockwave line that cuts through the ground towards you. Roll to the side just before the blade hits the ground. Rolling to the left seems to work more consistently than rolling to the right.
  • While the sword is out the Gargoyle will raise the blade into the air, bring it down tight against its body, and perform a series of quick slices. If you dodge around these and get up close to the Gargoyle you can beat it around a bit before the combo stops. Just be sure to stay out of the way while attacking.
  • When the halberd is out the Gargoyle will perform long, arcing sweeps. This can turn into a sort of rapid spin attack, as well. Typically rolling towards the Gargoyle will help you avoid these attacks.
  • The Gargoyle will swing its halberd around, conjure a bit of wind, and then chop the weapon down at you. Roll away from the wind and you should avoid the chop as well.
  • When the halberd is out the Gargoyle will rise slightly into the air, then drive itself towards you in a straight line and try to chop you as it hits the ground. You can roll straight through this or dodge to the side. The Gargoyle can also perform a similar attack by running at you, then rising into the air behind you and stabbing backward. Be ready for the follow-up after you dodge the initial rush.

The second Gargoyle is a little more straightforward in its repertoire, though it, too, can switch between two weapons, and thus its attack style. The second Gargoyle uses the following moves with its twinblade and axe:

  • While the twinblade is out the Gargoyle will perform a lot of whirling, arcing attacks. These have less of a range than they appear, and you can get past them and up against the Gargoyle by rolling through them. The Gargoyle may move around a bit while whirling, however, so don't assume you're safe. Occasionally these combos will end with the Gargoyle leaping into the air and trying to stab down at you from above.
  • While the twinblade is out the Gargoyle will perform a series of elaborate spinning motions that whip up a tunnel of wind. Roll out of the wind before it deals too much cumulative damage. This will often end in a swift, downward chop.
  • While the twinblade is out the Gargoyle will swing it around several times, moving forward incrementally, then leap through the air towards you and try to chop you to death. Roll through every attack, especially when it's coming down at you from the air.
  • With its axe out, the Gargoyle will largely try to chop you to death. Given the more limited range of the axe, you usually want to see the Gargoyle using the axe rather than the twinblade.
  • With its axe out, the Gargoyle rushes towards you, pauses for just a moment, and swings upwards hard. Get ready to roll the moment the Gargoyle reaches you.
  • The Gargoyle lets out a roar, then slams its axe into the ground and generates a small shockwave cone in front of it. Roll away as soon as the Gargoyle roars to avoid the shockwave.
  • This Gargoyle will, very occasionally, stomp you. Not a big deal, though it can be a surprise after you've been attacked by weapons for so long.

Both Gargoyles will perform an attack when changing weapons. Get out of the way if you hear a sort of 'shing' sound.

Both Gargoyles also have a poison-puking attack. The Gargoyle will stop moving and vomit green liquid into the water with its mouth. The pool spreads out quickly and will deal continuous damage while you're in it. You'll also be poisoned if you stay in the pool for too long. So long as you're locked onto the Gargoyle you can roll away from the poison as soon as the Gargoyle begins puking. Two or three rolls backwards should take you to safety. This is by far their worst attack, especially if both of them use it at the same time.


This is a tricky fight, though less insurmountable than it seems at first glance. Neither Gargoyle is quite at 'boss' levels of difficulty, though they're still stronger than the vast majority of normal opponents, and they're definitely stronger than the average boss when you're fighting both simultaneously. The key here is to defeat the first Gargoyle as quickly as possible, before the second one can become a problem.

Getting through the first half of the fight is a matter of keeping at a bit of a distance and watching what the Gargoyle does. It telegraphs the majority of its attacks, and once you learn what they are you can see each of them coming and react accordingly. Most of the time you want to avoid the attack, roll into the Gargoyle's torso, hit it a few times, and then back off. Wait for its next attack and repeat. Blocking works fine against most of the Gargoyle's melee attacks, but you'll want to double-hand your weapon to maximize the damage with each swing.

Once the second Gargoyle shows up you may feel the urge to panic at the thought of being attacked from multiple angles. Fight this urge. For starters, it takes a few moments for the second Gargoyle to run over to you. Second, the Gargoyles are a little slow between their attacks, and the second will slowly skulk towards you, not doing much until it reaches a decent attack range. You have time enough to defeat the first Gargoyle before the second one can cause much trouble. If that isn't the case, run from the Gargoyles and use quick, opportunistic strikes between attacks to chip away at the first Gargoyles' health. Ranged fighters will have an easier time on this score than melee, though it can be done with patience.

Your primary option for splitting up the Gargoyles is to use Spirit Ashes. Summons can be a great help in this fight, but only if you use a single, strong summon, and wait until the fight is entering its second half. The summon can then distract one of the Gargoyles while you finish off the first one. If you're going to summon at the beginning of the fight, make sure it's maxed out, and be prepared for the occasional stupid death if it wanders into a patch of poison barf.

You'll earn 32,000 Runes, the Gargoyle's Greatsword, and the Gargoyle's Twinblade for defeating the Valiant Gargoyles.


One final note. Occasionally when you're fighting the Valiant Gargoyles in multiplayer the first Gargoyle will refuse to come down from the rocks on the left side of the arena. If this happens the Gargoyle will remain up top, stalking around and firing the occasional burst of sonic energy at you. This may be a problem with the Gargoyle not targeting the host to start, and thus not leaving its perch like it should. Unless you have some extremely powerful ranged attacks - and good aim - you'll probably have to exit the fight. The Memory of Grace should do the trick.