The Whispering Islands Mount Locations (Including the Epic Buskin Howler Lion) for "Oac"

Updated on November 24, 2018
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Buff Casting Mount, You Want This

Mount hunting in The Whispering Islands is very rewarding. Not only are there lots of level one and two mounts, the epic Buskin Howler Lion spawns here. You might not realize the easy bonus you get with this mount.

The Buskin Howler Lion is a level 3 Epic Mount WHO BUFFS. When you catch him, you can use his spell to gain his melee buff. There are not many mount spawn points here, and most of them are easy to get to. This is where you will start to notice more and more level 2 mounts.

Many of the mounts are also accompanied by Rare Blood enemies, whose death results in achievement rewards, and an epic trinket.

The Whispering Islands is a great place for lower levels to mount hunt. The enemies there are still low level themselves, which maximizes your chances at getting your mount.

Order and Chaos Mount Location. Violet Deer at Camp of Hemir in Whispering Islands.
Order and Chaos Mount Location. Violet Deer at Camp of Hemir in Whispering Islands. | Source
Whispering Island Mount Location (map).
Whispering Island Mount Location (map). | Source

Mount Location East of Hemir

I usually start my mount hunt in the Whispering Islands at the Camp of Hemir, the most northern teleport. Leave the road out of Hemir and take a left, heading east to the beach.

This beach can be a gold mine if you hit it at the right time, or at least a light silver mine! hah! I have come across as many as 10 ore up at the same time on the beach and islands.

To find the mount, you will need to leave the beach from its most eastern point. If you are in the right spot, you will see an island. There is an island north of this, but all that spawns there is ore.

Cross to the island and follow it east. There is another island just after this one. The mount walks back and forth on these two islands.

You might also spot Karla, a rare blood achievement enemy on the southernmost island.

Green grass deer near Hall of Reverie.
Green grass deer near Hall of Reverie. | Source
Whispering Island mount location (map).
Whispering Island mount location (map). | Source

Mount Hunting Near the Camp of Reverie

My next stop is usually the Hall of Reverie. You can teleport there to make things faster. The fastest way to get there from the teleporter is to walk north east of the platform, down to the bridge where there is a woman in red.

Hop off to the beach below and head northeast. If you leave through the town, you also head northeast. You will see some turtles, and off to the right a path upward marked by a glowing pedestal.

Follow this path and it takes you to an area with trees that has pink and white leaves. There is a large set of steps that goes to Young Deities Realm, a dungeon.

The mount walks in the plateau with the pretty trees. It walks all the way to one side, crosses in front of the step, then goes all the way through the other side. While you are here, you might run into another rare blood enemy, the Forest Giant.

Whispering Islands mount, Cyan Lion.
Whispering Islands mount, Cyan Lion. | Source
Cyan lion in the whispering islands: location.
Cyan lion in the whispering islands: location. | Source

Mount Location Near Fallen Star Straight

The next location is a little out of the way and takes a little walk.

I usually leave from Hall of Reverie and ead southeast along the beach. The road dead ends into the water.

Across the water, you can see an island. This is where the mount spawns.

He walks across the island; he walks from the level 35 Eristar Wardens, away from them past the alligators and turns around and goes back to the wardens.

There is no rare blood here, but many good mounts spawn in this location.

Both level 1 and 2 will spawn here. The mobs in the area also have some decent drops, including some nice level 30 - 40 blues.

Level 2 Chinchilla in Whispering Islands, Vega Square.
Level 2 Chinchilla in Whispering Islands, Vega Square. | Source
Vega Square mount location (map).
Vega Square mount location (map). | Source

Mount Location in Vega Square

Vega square is home to the best mounts. In fact, there is a small chance the epic Buskin Howler Lion might spawn at Vega.

This is also the most dangerous place to hunt because it is in a popular PVP zone. If you are on an unpopulated server, such as Tear Coast, then this may not be relevant. No one is around to jump you anyway.

However, if you are on AF or OM, you might want to put on a war-free bond. Remember, other players can interrupt casting bond stones.

I have seen level 1 and 2s of every type here, even the rarer level 2 chinchillas. The mount walks the entire span of Vega Squares main level (where the glowing platforms are).

It also walks a path in lower Vega.

  • For the main floor, leave the teleporter and head out of the safe area.
  • Go up the steps and take a left when you reach the top of the stairs.
  • Go straight and you will head down a large flight of stairs.
  • When you reach the first platform you can go left or right.
  • Do not continue down the next steps.

This is the level at which the mounts walk, the one with the big glowing platforms. The mount goes all the way from one end to the other.

To get to lower Vega, take the stairs all the way to the bottom and take a left.

  • The mount walks from the bottom of the stairs and then goes down the steps to your left.
  • It walks down the empty corridor and turns around in the open area in front of the tower.

A lot of players who struggle to force spawn the Buskin Howler Lion missed the mount in lower Vega.

Buskin Howler Lion Picture. Spawns on Buskin Islands.
Buskin Howler Lion Picture. Spawns on Buskin Islands. | Source
Buskin Howler lion map.
Buskin Howler lion map. | Source

Mount Hunting on Buskin Island

The next spot is where the Buskin Howler Lion Spawns most of the time. Other mounts do spawn here and are easy to miss.

The best way to get there is to go to Vega Square, cut through the level with the glowing platforms. Head south out of Vega Square, and pass through the Waker Camp.

The road dead ends in the town, but you will see a small wood pier. I hate to tell you to go jump off a pier, but at this point, there is no other choice.

Swim across to the small island with the alligators. Cross this island to the east, and cross the next island to the south (at the planks).

You should now be near a friendly camp on Buskin island. Leave the camp to the east, toward the big waterfall.

There is a chasm here which takes you to the area where the mount spawns (pass the black bears). Now you should be at a large clearing with a pond in the middle.

The Buskin Howler Lion walks all the way around this lake/pond.

Did you know....

That the Buskin Howler Lion casts a Mele buff on the whole party??

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Epic Mount Locations

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      • profile image


        5 years ago

        I loved your guide, but I knew there had to be another spawning location, since I extensively hunted the Whispering Islands and often could not find the mount. I just stumbled upon it while I was farming silver. There are two ways to get there. The easiest is just to do the daily quest Camp Reverie. The arrow will take you right to the beach. Follow it to the end and back and the mount walks along the beach. The most practical way to find it is to look for the mount outside Young Deities dungeon near Camp Reverie. If one is not there, then head east off the cliff. You'll find some spear-like rocks and you can fall down them safely to the beach. Be careful though, because if you mis-step, it's a long way down. I've seen a black chincilla and rotting undead dog. If you are trying to force spawn, make sure you don't miss this location. If you want the pics I can send them, or you can just go there and get some yourself. Hope this helps some...again, your guides have been great!

      • profile image


        5 years ago

        I meant that you HAVE NOT mentioned...sorry.

      • profile image


        5 years ago

        There is a mount spawn location in Whispering Isles that you have mentioned. I have pics of the map and mounts if you would like them. Thanks for all your hard work on these guides. They've helped me immensely!!

      • TheDragonBringer profile imageAUTHOR

        Jade Griffin 

        5 years ago from Ohio

        Yes, but you won't find it in the whispering island, it's an under realm mount

      • profile image


        5 years ago

        Is a shadow lion rare


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