How to Catch Chansey in the Pokémon Games

Updated on January 20, 2018
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Dreamhowl has been playing Pokémon since 1999. Her favorites include SoulSilver, X, AlphaSapphire, and Sun. She enjoys breeding Pokémon.

What is Chansey?

In the Pokémon games, Chansey is a rare, egg-shaped pokémon that’s been around since Generation I. In the Generation IV and Generation V Pokémon games, Chansey evolves from Happiny, a smaller egg-shaped Pokémon when holding an Oval Stone during the daytime; from Generation II onward, Chansey evolves into Blissey when leveled up with high friendship. Chansey has short, stubby limbs, a short tail and a fully developed pouch that holds an egg. Chansey is a female-only species; there is no male counterpart to Chansey.

In most Pokémon games, Chansey is rarely found in the wild and its capture is based upon luck. It is said that Chansey brings friendship and luck to the Trainer that manages to catch it. The eggs in Chansey’s pouch are not unborn Pokémon - instead, they are tasty and nutritious snacks that Chansey shares with injured Pokémon. Because she is kind, Chansey will not share her eggs with anyone harboring evil in their heart. Chansey is most often seen working at Pokémon Centers. Though rare in the wild, they are easier to find in the the Kanto region’s Safari Zone.

Learn where to find Chansey, as well as how to catch her and why she so valuable!
Learn where to find Chansey, as well as how to catch her and why she so valuable! | Source

Did You Know?

A wild Chansey has a 5% chance of holding a Lucky Egg. The Lucky Egg is a held item that increases the experience earned by a Pokemon by 50%. When you catch your Chansey, cross your fingers!

Chansey (and her evolved form Blissey) are the only Pokemon that can learn Softboiled through leveling and it is considered their signature move. Softboiled deals no damage, but restores up to 50% of the Pokemon’s current HP. Better yet, Softboiled can be used outside of battle to take some HP from the active Pokemon and restore another party member’s HP. It is not affected by Protect, Magic Coat, or King’s Rock. It is, however, affected by Snatch (which steals the effects of any healing or stat-changing move used by the opponent!). Chansey makes a great addition to any Pokemon team!

How to Catch Chansey

Chansey is hard to find in the wild and is often limited to one or two locations in a single Pokemon game. In Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Yellow, Chansey can only be found in the Safari Zone and Cerulean Cave! While Chansey shows up more often in the Safari Zone, it is harder to catch there because Trainers are limited to Safari balls and risk Chansey running away. If you do find a Chansey out in the wild, jump on the opportunity by being prepared! The best Pokeballs to catch Chansey with include:

  • Level Balls

  • Nest Balls

  • Ultra Balls

Apricorns can be used to make different types of Pokeballs, such as the Level Ball.
Apricorns can be used to make different types of Pokeballs, such as the Level Ball. | Source

Level Balls are used to catch Pokemon that are of lower level than the active party Pokemon. Let’s say that you are facing a level 10 Chansey with your level 40 Pokemon. Throwing a Level Ball while in this situation will give you a near 100% chance of catching Chansey. The odds are more attainable when Chansey is at low health and suffering from a status effect, such as Sleep, Poison, Burn or Paralysis. Level Balls can only be obtained from Kurt in the Johto region. They are made with Red Apricorns that can be found on trees throughout the region. Level Balls cannot be traded to Pokemon games that do not have Apricorns in them.

Pokemon Games with Apricorns and Level Balls

Game Generation
Game Version
Generation II
Generation IV

If your Pokemon game does not feature Level Balls, your next best step is to use Nest Balls. The lower the level of the Pokemon you are trying to catch, the greater the effectiveness of the Nest Ball. If your wild Chansey is weak and low level, capturing it with a Nest Ball should be quick and easy. Unlike the Level Ball, the level of your active party Pokemon will not influence whether the wild Pokemon is caught or not. Nest Balls can be purchased in most Poke Marts for 1000 Pokedollars.

Ultra Balls are more money than Great Balls or Pokeballs, but much more effective.
Ultra Balls are more money than Great Balls or Pokeballs, but much more effective. | Source

If you have no luck catching Chansey with Level Balls or Nest Balls, try using an Ultra Ball. Ultra Balls have a 100% higher chance to catch Pokemon than a normal Pokeball and a 33% higher chance than a Great Ball. After weakening down Chansey and giving it a status effect, an Ultra Ball will do the trick. Ultra Balls are sold in most Poke Marts for 1200 Pokedollars apiece. Be sure to have multiple Ultra Balls on hand - capturing Chansey is often a matter of luck!

Pokémon Moon - Nintendo 3DS
Pokémon Moon - Nintendo 3DS

Pokémon Moon features all-new Pokémon, Z-Moves, Poké Ride, Poké Pelago, and more!


To increase the success of capturing a wild Chansey, you need to use Pokemon with status-inducing moves. Moves that cause status ailments raise your chances of catching Pokemon - Chansey included - and help you to waste less Pokeballs in the process. You can use moves that cause ongoing damage, such as Burn or Poison, but remember that this could cause a Pokemon with low health to eventually faint! For Chansey, I suggest the following moves:

  • Spore

  • Thunderwave

  • False Swipe

Paras and Parasect can learn the move Spore by leveling, putting Pokemon to sleep.
Paras and Parasect can learn the move Spore by leveling, putting Pokemon to sleep. | Source

Did You Know?

You can get your own Chansey by leveling up the Pokemon Happiny. Happiny was unavailable prior to Generation IV and is hard to find in the wild, even harder than finding a Chansey!

Spore is probably the greatest sleep-inducing Pokemon move available in the Pokemon games. Spore has a 100% accuracy of hitting the opposing Pokemon, whereas Sleep Powder only has 75% accuracy. In simple terms, Spore is guaranteed to put Chansey to sleep on the first try. Keeping Chansey asleep will also reduce the amount of damage your party Pokemon take while weakening Chansey, and makes capturing her go much more smoothly. Spore is learned by leveling Paras and Parasect in the Pokemon games and is obtained around level 30.

Electric-type Pokemon like this Tynamo learn Thunderwave at low levels.
Electric-type Pokemon like this Tynamo learn Thunderwave at low levels. | Source

Thunderwave is an Electric-type move with both 100% accuracy and 100% probability of causing Paralysis; paralysis makes a Pokemon unable to attack and also decreases its speed by 25%. Unlike Spore, Thunderwave can be learned by many Electric-type Pokemon (such as Pikachu) and is more easily obtained. There are other Pokemon moves that cause Paralysis, but Thunderwave is the most powerful and accurate option.

If you don't have a Pokemon that learns False Swipe, buy it from the department store!
If you don't have a Pokemon that learns False Swipe, buy it from the department store! | Source
Pokémon Ultra Sun - Nintendo 3DS
Pokémon Ultra Sun - Nintendo 3DS

Pokémon Ultra Sun features all-new Pokémon, Z-Moves, Ultra Warp Ride, Ultra Wormholes, and more!


False Swipe is a Normal-type move introduced in Generation II games that helps prevent defeating a wild Pokemon by accident. If your Pokemon deals more damage than Chansey has HP, it is guaranteed to leave the wild Chansey standing with 1 HP. This is especially useful when trying to catch Chansey with a much higher level Pokemon; you don’t want Chansey to faint after all the time you spent trying to find her! There are many Pokemon that can learn False Swipe through leveling (such as Zangoose or Cubone); if you are playing a Generation IV or greater Pokemon game, the move can be taught as TM54 to certain Pokemon as well. False Swipe is the foolproof way to never accidentally defeat a wild Pokemon again.

Where to Catch Chansey

Chansey has been available since Generation I and continues to be a fan favorite; in fact, Chansey was recently changed from Normal-type to Fairy-type in the upcoming Generation VI Pokemon games. Her ability to heal herself and other Pokemon makes her a great addition both competitively and in general. Sadly, Chansey cannot be caught in all Pokemon games, so be sure to check which game you have before trying to catch your own Chansey!

Where to Catch Chansey in the Pokemon Games

Game Generation
Game Version
Game Location
Generation I
Red, Blue
Safari Zone, Cerulean Cave
Safari Zone, Cerulean Cave
Generation II
Gold, Silver
Route 13, 14 and 15
Route 13, 14 and 15
Generation III
Ruby, Sapphire
FireRed, LeafGreen
Safari Zone
Generation IV
Diamond, Pearl
Route 209 and 210, Trophy Garden
Route 209 and 210, Trophy Garden
HeartGold, SoulSilver
Route 13, 14 and 15, Safari Zone
Generation V
Black, White
Evolve Happiny (White only)
Black 2, White 2
Evolve Happiny
Generation VI
X, Y
Friend Safari
Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire
Evolve Happiny
Generation VII
Sun, Moon
Route 12, Mount Hokulani, Blush Mountain, Poni Grove
Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon
Poni Plains
When in the Safari Zone, you are limited to using Safari Balls when catching Pokemon.
When in the Safari Zone, you are limited to using Safari Balls when catching Pokemon. | Source
Pokémon Ultra Moon - Nintendo 3DS
Pokémon Ultra Moon - Nintendo 3DS

Pokémon Ultra Moon features all-new Pokémon, Z-Moves, Ultra Warp Ride, Ultra Wormholes, and more!


Why do you want Chansey?

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If you are trying to catch Chansey in the Safari Zone, your options are going to be more limited. The Safari Zone is a preserve for rare wild Pokemon found in the Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh and Hoenn regions. For 500 Pokedollars, Trainers get thirty Safari Balls and the chance to capture wild Pokemon not normally found anywhere else. But there is a catch: players cannot “battle” Pokemon in the Safari Zone - instead, they have to capture the Pokemon without hurting them. You will have four options:

  • Ball

  • Bait

  • Rock
  • Run

When you select “Ball”, you attempt to catch a Pokemon with a Safari Ball. Not all Pokemon will be caught without some persuasion, however; selecting “Bait” will throw food at the wild Pokemon. Doing this cuts your chance to catch the Pokemon in half, but also makes the Pokemon less likely to run away. Choosing “Rock” will throw a rock at the Pokemon, making it angry and doubling the chances of capturing it. However, this also makes the wild Pokemon more likely to run away. Selecting “Run” will help you escape from battle. If you come across Chansey in the Safari Zone, try using bait and Safari Balls before throwing Rocks - Chansey loves to run away.

Now you are ready to catch your very own Chansey! Remember to take a deep breath and have fun, especially if Chansey alludes you (or runs away from you in the Safari Zone - that happens a lot). Feel free to leave any suggestions or feedback in the comment section below!

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