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How to Complete the “Shrouded Shrine” Quest and Defeat the Hinox in “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”

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As well as an engaging story and some of our favorite characters and items from previous installments, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has graced us with a fantastic open world which we can explore to find collectible items, figure out shrine puzzles to collect Spirit Orbs, and climb up towers to unlock parts of Hyrule's map. The explorable, diverse world is one the many things that make Breath of the Wild so great.

On your expeditions, you might have come across the tricky Thyphlo Ruins, north of the Lost Woods and west of Death Mountain. Upon arriving at the seemingly normal ruins, whether you're walking or gliding, all lights go out and you're challenged with the quest "Shrouded Shrine," to find Ketoh Wawai Shrine in the darkness. This is a guide on how to find the shrine and beat the boss waiting for you in the center of the maze.

Ketoh Wawai Shrine

Ketoh Wawai Shrine

What You'll Need

Before you embark on this quest, it's a good idea to have the following items with you:

  • Things to build a fire (wood and flint).
  • A torch.
  • At least 20 arrows.
  • Some strong melee weapons, and at least one made of metal.

Enter the Thyphlo Ruins from the east side. Darkness falls, and your quest begins.

How to Navigate the Thyphlo Ruins

First of all, light a fire by dropping flint and wood together on the ground and hitting it with a metal melee weapon. Light your torch on fire and light the bird-like statues by standing in front of them and pressing the attack button.

The bird statues are pointing in the direction you should be going. Taking care to walk in a straight line, follow the statues' beaks, lighting them as you go. When you come to a new one, light it and follow the direction it's pointing.

You may see some treasure boxes and spare torches on the way, so grab them. When climbing the stone ruins to light the statues, be sure to open the surrounding chests to get an opal and a star fragment.

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You can find a star fragment in one of the many chests in this area.

You can find a star fragment in one of the many chests in this area.

Along the way, put out your torch by putting it away and relight it on the statues so it doesn't go out. This is particularly important if you only have one torch in your inventory.

After about ten minutes of running and lighting statues, you'll find a hole into which you have to insert a ball. The ball is attached to a Hinox monster, and you have to defeat it to obtain what you need.

How to Defeat the Hinox Monster

The Hinox is a fairly slow creature, though his attacks are powerful. Defense and heart-boosting elixirs and meals are good here if you're struggling. To defeat the Hinox:

  • Shoot arrows at its eye and hit it with your melee weapon when it's stunned. Longer weapons such as spears are useful here so Link can quickly retreat when it recovers.
  • If you run out of arrows, bombs work well, too. Compared to arrows and melee weapons, however, they don't do much damage, and it's hard to hit its eye with these.
  • Attack quickly and run before the Hinox has a chance to recover because his short-range attack is strong.
  • He can take damage anywhere on his body, not only his eye. if you run out of arrows, it's still perfectly possible to take him down without stunning him.
  • Make use of the space around you; though it's difficult to see, there is quite a lot of space on the battlefield where Link can run and avoid the Hinox's deadly attacks.

After you've taken him down, grab the spoils, which include several Hinox toenails and some grilled fish. After that, grab the ball and insert it into the hole to reveal Ketoh Wawai Shrine!

There is no puzzle inside, but a treasure chest holding an Ancient Core and the shrine itself, of course, awards you with a well-deserved Spirit Orb.

The Hinox is slow, but it packs a punch.

The Hinox is slow, but it packs a punch.

It's Well Worth It

Nintendo is famous for challenging its players with puzzles. The Thyphlo Ruins are quite spooky, but as with many locations in this fantastic game, it's well worth venturing inside for the rewards! solve the puzzle of the maze, take down the vicious Hinox within, and take the spoils for yourself to bring Link one step closer to defeating Calamity Ganon.

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