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How to Defeat Shiva in the "Final Fantasy 7 Remake"

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Just like the original Final Fantasy 7, Shiva was a Summon Materia that could be utilized in battle to fight your enemies. In order to acquire Shiva in the Final Fantasy 7 remake, you must defeat her in battle. The difficulty of the fight will vary based on whether you're playing on easy, normal or hard. Additionally, battling Shiva without Aerith is more challenging, as Cloud Strife will have no support.

You won't be able to challenge Shiva until you reach chapter 8 in the Final Fantasy 7 remake. Aerith will join your party during that time. Once Cloud and Aerith reach the slums, you'll encounter Chadley again. He has a VR headset that allows you to enter a computer simulation. Select the option to battle Shiva. You can face her later, but it's entirely possible to defeat her during this chapter.

  • Phoenix Downs
  • Ethers
  • Hi-Potions
  • Cure or Cura
  • Fira
  • Elemental Materia
  • Revive
  • Smelling Salts

Shiva Boss Battle in "Final Fantasy 7"

The key to winning this battle is to exploit Shiva's weaknesses. She tends to keep her distance from you while using Ice Materia. Watch out for the trail of ice she creates, as it can immobilize Cloud or Aerith by putting them to sleep. If this occurs, use Smelling Salts with the character that is healthy.

Build up your ATB gauges by switching between Cloud and Aerith. Attack Shiva with Cloud's sword until you have enough to perform Triple Slash or Braver. Cast Fira on Shiva to deal a lot of damage.

Cast Arcane Ward with Aerith. It will allow you to case Fire or Fira twice on Shiva! Just make sure to stay within the circle after casting Arcane Ward. For even more damage, have both Cloud and Aerith cast Fire Materia.

Shiva should become staggered eventually. When she's staggered, attack swiftly with Cloud's Buster Sword or whatever weapon you have equipped. Use Triple Slash before she starts moving again.


Make sure to use an Ether if Cloud or Aerith runs out of MP. This fight is more challenging if you rely solely on regular attacks. A Hi-Potion is probably a better healing option because it does not consume MP. Casting Regen is useful, but not necessary. Regen continuously heals a character for a while. Lastly, having a few spare Phoenix Downs for this battle will not hurt.

Eventually, the summon bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. Once it fills, summon Ifrit to aid you against Shiva. Ifrit is perfect because he deals fire damage. Build some ATB and select Ifrit's unique attacks to deal additional damage to Shiva. Before Ifrit leaves, he will use one final attack against Shiva.

Shiva's Diamond Dust Attack

Unfortunately, Shiva will inexorably attack with a powerful attack that is unavoidable. Make sure Cloud or Aerith have enough HP to survive. The game will enter a brief cut-scene when Shiva is performing the attack. The attack will not occur until later on in the boss battle.


Elemental Materia in "Final Fantasy 7"

If you're having trouble defeating Shiva, then consider utilizing the Elemental Materia to even the odds. The Elemental Materia can be linked to Ice Material so you receive half the damage from Shiva. Alternatively, link the Elemental Materia to Fire Material to deal double the damage!

Note, you need to have armor equipped that allows you to link Materia, otherwise, the Elemental Materia will be completely useless. Shops in the Final Fantasy 7 remake sell a variety of armor. They all have different stats. For example, some armor may give you a high magical defense with linking slots for Materia.


Since Shiva is not a mandatory boss, consider completing some of the chapter 8 side quests in the Final Fantasy 7 remake first. Level up until you have some Skill Points to allocate on Cloud and Aerith's weapons. Also, make sure that that both characters can cast Fira, as it is indispensable on hard mode.

You'll earn a Playstation 4 trophy after defeating Shiva in the Final Fantasy 7 remake. And you'll gain the Summon Materia. Shiva can be called into battle like other Summons, but only when fighting challenging boss battles.

If you missed obtaining Shiva in chapter 8, then speak to Chadley in Wal Market during Chapter 9. Eventually, Chadley will have other battles for you.