How to Defeat a Molduga in "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild"

Updated on December 27, 2019
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Molduga | Source


To successfully defeat a Molduga in battle, the following items are strongly recommended:

  • Bomb arrows (at least 10)
  • Mid or high-level defense food
  • A lot of hearts
  • Decent armor upgrades
  • Sand boots for running for cover on the rocks
  • 2 high-damage weapons

Note: You don’t need bomb arrows to defeat the Molduga, but using them makes it easier and faster.

Finding Molduga

The Molduga is one of the larger monster mini-boss enemies in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is located in several areas within the Gerudo Desert region: Toruma Dunes, Southern Oasis, North Dragon's Exile (between Toruma Dunes and Dragon’s Exile), and Arbiter’s Grounds. You need to defeat the Molduga to obtain Molduga Guts, which are needed for the Medicinal Molduga side quest, as well as the level 3 upgrade of the Radiant Armor Set. Or, if you just want to take on a very big sandfish.

Molduga, Stunned
Molduga, Stunned | Source

Phase One: Molduga Battle

Head to one of the Molduga locations, and you will see it moving around under the sand. As you approach, it will head straight for you in response to your vibrations. If it hits you, you will launch straight into the air. If this happens, go into a glide as soon as you can. Then, while in the air, immediately target with the bow to trigger slow-motion aiming. Shoot it with a bomb arrow to stun it. When it gets stunned and falls, hack away with a weapon. Or, if you don’t like getting thrown around like a rag doll, get on a rock where you will be safe.

Then, remember that movie Tremors? Yeah, it’s like that. Throw remote bombs in order to attract it with vibrations. It might take two bombs since you might need to lure the Molduga over to you, if you can get the Molduga to swallow the bomb, you can detonate it inside the beast after it launches into the air. It will then fall to the ground, stunned. If you happen to detonate the bomb before the Molduga swallows it, it will still launch into the air if it’s close enough. In this case, shoot it with a bomb arrow to stun it. When it falls, hack away with a weapon.

Phase Two: Molduga Battle

At one point, the Molduga won’t immediately retreat into the sand, but instead swims about on top of the sand. Use this opportunity to strike it with bomb arrows to stun it. You can do damage with regular arrows in this stage, too. But, stunning it with a bomb arrow will keep it from retreating back into the sand. If it does, though, simply repeat the previous steps with remote bombs.

When it dies, you get Molduga Guts, Molduga Fins, and treasure. Poor thing, it was just enjoying its day splashing around in the sand . . . RIP Molduga.

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