How to Find and Defeat the Kirin in “Monster Hunter: World”

Updated on January 4, 2019
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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament." She lives in Enoshima and likes to read novels and play video games, especially open-world RPGs.

Monster Hunter: World is the latest RPG video game in the Monster Hunter series by Capcom. Since its initial release in early 2018, it has garnered thousands of players from all over the world. These players come together to challenge the powerful beasts that roam the game's land.

Finding and hunting each monster comes with different requirements. Some monsters are strong in certain elements, others favour power over speed, and others can spit poison or fire. We need to know how to sufficiently prepare for certain beasts in order to successfully slay or capture them. One such monster is the Kirin, which you first find in the Coral Highlands.


The Kirin, which means "giraffe" in Japanese, might remind Final Fantasy X fans of Yuna's aeon, Ixion. It also seems to closely resemble the mascot of Kirin beer, which is probably where the game developers got their inspiration for this monster.


How to Unlock the Kirin

The first quest to defeat the Kirin, "Gone in a Flash," is a five-star optional quest that is unlocked after you have met the following conditions:

  • Your Hunter Rank is 8 or higher.
  • You have unlocked the Coral Highlands in the main storyline (Investigations)
  • You have spoken to the Impatient Biologist

The Kirin is also a target in the quests "Lightning Strikes Twice" and "Thunderous Rumble in the Highlands."


Preparing for this quest is very important because the Kirin has powerful Thunder-element attacks and defense, too. It is recommended that you equip armour that is resistant to Thunder.

The Ingot Armour is a great choice in this case as each piece offers three points of resistance towards Thunder. Head to the armory with the following items to craft Ingot Armour and greatly increase your defense towards the Kirin.

Ingot Helm

  • Dragonite Ore x2
  • Monster Bone +
  • Iron Ore x8
  • Machalite Ore x3

Ingot Mail:

  • Dragonite Ore x2
  • Monster Bone +
  • Iron Ore x8
  • Machalite Ore x3

Ingot Vambraces:

  • Dragonite Ore x3
  • Monster Bone +
  • Coral Crystal x3
  • Lightcrystal x1

Ingot Coil:

  • Dragonite Ore x3
  • Monster Bone +
  • Coral Crystal x3
  • Lightcrystal x1

Ingot Greaves:

  • Dragonite Ore x2
  • Monster Bone +
  • Earth Crystal x3
  • Machalite Ore x3

Also be sure to equip a Thunder Charm for an added bonus towards Thunder resistance. For this, you will need:

  • Tobi-Kadachi Electrode
  • Tobi-Kadachi Claw x2
  • Ancient Bone x6
  • Aquacore Ore

The Thunder Charm and all of the above armour can be upgraded with Armour Spheres and other items.

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The Coral Highlands

Before you go, be sure to eat a meal to boost your stats. Then accept the "Gone in a Flash" quest and travel to the Northeast Camp in the Coral Highlands.

You have 50 minutes to complete this quest, but you can easily do this in much less time than that. After travelling to the camp, crawl under the rock and turn left. Your scoutflies will immediately pick up footprints and other signs of the Kirin.

Go down the hill and then turn right. The Kirin is at the bottom of the valley. The Kirin is completely peaceful right up until you attack it, so don't worry about hiding or using your Ghillie Mantle yet.



Your Weapon
The Kirin moves very quickly and deals powerful and fast Thunder attacks, so be sure to equip a weapon that gives you high mobility. The Light Bowgun or the Bow are great choices. If you're looking for power over speed, the Long Sword is strongest against this monster.

Lightning Attacks
When you see Lightning on the ground beneath you, move out of the way at once! Even if you're highly resistant to Thunder (which you should be if you've equipped Ingot Armour and the Thunder Charm), these attacks are quite strong.

Your Palico
Equipping your Palico with the Vigorwasp is also a good idea to give you health boosts when needed. A Shieldspire is also good for drawing attention away from you when you need to heal.

Getting Help
Never be afraid of asking for help! Fire an SOS Flare if you are having trouble and other Hunters will come to help you.

The Kirin's Weaknesses

The Kirin's weakest spot is its head, which is breakable, and also its body. It is weak to the following:

  • Fire
  • Blast attacks
  • The sleep ailment

It is resistant to the following:

  • Thunder
  • Paralysis
  • The stun and poison ailments

Materials from the Kirin can be used to create armour and for Thunder-element additions to your weapons. The "Gone in a Flash" quest also has a Thunderproof Mantle as a reward from the Biologist.

This is a tough monster to fight, but with a high Thunder Resistance and some preparation, you can defeat it and collect some great Thunder element weapons and armour. It is just one of the Elder Dragons in Monster Hunter: World and highly satisfying to beat. Good luck!

© 2018 Poppy


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