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How to Farm Sharpstone in "Demon's Souls"

One of the most common crafting materials in Demon's Souls, Sharpstone is a necessity if your character relies on weapons that scale with Dexterity. Capable of upgrading all manner of swords, daggers, spears and more, Sharpstone can take a weapon from its base form to +10 and easily carry you through the entirety of a new game of Demon's Souls. You'll need a lot of the stuff to max out your weapon, however, and that's where this article comes in.

This guide will teach you how to effectively farm Sharpstone in all its forms in Demon's Souls. You'll be spending most of your time in one world, so hopefully you don't mind the clink of pickaxes.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

Farming Sharpstone Shards

Sharpstone initially appears as Sharpstone Shards. The most plentiful - and weakest - form of the material, Sharpstone Shards are nonetheless needed throughout the upgrading process. You'll find lots of these as you proceed through Demon's Souls, though it's not a bad idea to stockpile them early and make your weapon more than a match for the earlier enemies.

Sharpstone Shards can be farmed from the following locations:

  • The first enemy you'll cross that drops Sharpstone Shards is the Hoplite, the blobby, shield-bearing foes that lob javelins at you. You'll find a small horde of Hoplites just beyond the Lord's Path Archstone, unveiled by defeating Phalanx in Boletarian Palace (World 1-2). Sweep behind each Hoplite, dispatch them with a smack or two, grab any items they drop, and regenerate them at the Archstone. Repeat until you have enough Sharpstone. Hoplites are a decent choice for farming if you want a reasonable number of Souls along with your Sharpstone.
  • Your best option for straight-out farming Sharpstone Shards are the Scale Miners that populate Stonefang Tunnel's Smithing Grounds (World 2-1). There are a ton of them here, and most are too busy working to notice you until you raise a ruckus. They have high physical defense to all but thrusting / piercing attacks and magic, and will take many hits from slashing or bashing weapons to kill. Fortunately, they are very easy to backstab, and one hit should do it. The Miners don't drop many Souls for your trouble, but when they drop Sharpstone Shards they generally also drop a bunch of other stuff.
  • The Scale Miners in the Tunnel City (World 2-2) also drop Sharpstone Shards, though their placement and numbers make fighting them far more dangerous than in the Smithing Grounds.
  • Last, you can buy Sharpstone Shards from the Filthy Man. He lives near the Smithing Grounds Archstone and will sell Shards to you for 500 Souls. This isn't recommended since you'll burn through a lot of early-game Souls getting what you needed, but if you only need one or two Shards he's not a bad guy to visit.
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Farming Large Sharpstone Shards

Once your weapon reaches +3 you'll need Large Sharpstone Shards to continue upgrading. These appear more rarely than Sharpstone Shards, though fortunately it's not that tough to track them down either.

  • The Hoplites on The Lord's Path will also drop Large Sharpstone Shards, albeit much, much more rarely than normal Sharpstone Shards. Farming here is not recommended.
  • Your best bet is to farm from the Scale Miners in the Smithing Grounds. They are so plentiful - and the area is so easy to sweep through - that you're bound to get at least one each time you make a pass. Once you reach the elevator back to the Archstone, descend, refresh, and go through again.
  • The Crystal Lizards in Tunnel City are a great source of Large Sharpstone Shards, as there are a lot of them. The most plentiful source is down the elevator to the left of the entrance tunnel, past two Red Phantoms, and in the pit beyond. Careful creeping paired with a bow and arrow will allow you to hunt these creatures without driving them to disappear. Crystal Lizards respawn when a boss has been defeated, so you can only farm from them so many times in a single playthrough.
  • Last, the Filthy Man will sell you Large Sharpstone Shards in the Tunnel City, though he's tougher to find this time around. Make your way through the area until you're descending a series of rickety walkways with a huge lava floe to one side. The Filthy Man is sitting at the end of one of these walkways, not far from where you run into Patches the Hyena. Large Sharpstone Shards cost 1,500 Souls apiece.

Farming Sharpstone Chunks

Next on your list are Sharpstone Chunks. Sharpstone Chunks come into play once you want to upgrade a weapon to +7 and beyond, and are harder to find than either type of Shard. They can be farmed as follows:

  • Your best, safest bet are the Crystal Lizards that drop other forms of Sharpstone, and again you'll do best looking for them in Tunnel City. The chances that you'll get a Sharpstone Chunk or two while looking for Large Sharpstone Shards are high. Again, though, you'll need to kill a boss to make them respawn.
  • You can also farm Sharpstone Chunks from the Scale Miners in Tunnel City. Be wary of drawing too much attention when you're attacking them. The Scale Miners here appear in larger concentrations, and their attacks do significantly more damage than in the Smithing Grounds.

Farming Pure Sharpstone

Last are pieces of Pure Sharpstone. Far rarer than other types of Sharpstone, Pure Sharpstone is only found in a few spots, and it's almost always on the person of Crystal Lizards. Fortunately, you only need one piece to fully upgrade a weapon. Pure Sharpstone is found in the following spots:

  • Though the Crystal Lizards in the Tunnel City nest detailed above don't drop Pure Sharpstone, there's a corpse with a piece of the stuff here.
  • A Crystal Lizard in Stonefang Tunnel's Underground Temple (World 2-4), near one of the ballistae that you use to defeat the Dragon God, can drop Pure Sharpstone.
  • The Crystal Lizards of The King's Tower in Boletaria Palace (World 1-4) can drop Pure Sharpstone.

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