How to Find and Defeat Diablos in “Monster Hunter: World”

Updated on January 4, 2019
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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament." She lives in Enoshima and likes to read novels and play video games, especially open-world RPGs.

Monster Hunter: World is an action-packed roleplaying game by Capcom with a massive online community. Although previous games in the series haven't been much of it a hit outside Japan, the newest installment is considered to be one of the most popular games of 2018.

With endless quests, an enormous amount of exciting monsters to track down and hunt, and hundreds of ways to customise your character, players are enjoying everything that the latest release of the Monster Hunter series has to offer.


Assigned quests are missions that keep the main storyline moving, and you must complete them to unlock new monsters and advance your Hunter Rank. These slowly get more difficult in star rating and require a various amount of strategies to complete.

When it Comes to Your Weapon, Which of These is Most Important to You?

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After you have tracked down the First Wyverian (during an Expedition in the Ancient Forest after you have completed the quest "Into the Bowels of the Vale,") you will be assigned quests to defeat two powerful monsters. You need to bring both of these down for the First Wyverian to tell you important information related to Zorah Magdaros.

Here is how to find and defeat Diablos, also known as the Horned Wyvern, in the Wildspire Waste.


Before You Go

Diablos is surprisingly speedy considering its size, and its melee attacks can be devastating. It can't breathe fire or spit poison, however, so for your armour, go for physical defense rather than protection from ailments. Upgraded Odoregon armour is a good choice. A Defense Charm also helps.

Depending on the type of weapon you use, you may be able to use elemental attacks. Diablos is weak against ice, so an ice-elemental weapon is a good idea here. He is also susceptible to the Paralysis ailment, so equip yourself and your Palico with paralysis-inducing weapons if you have any.

Before you go on the quest:

  • Be sure your Palico is as ready as you are! Equip him with an ice or paralysing weapon and a gadget.
  • Eat a meal, as always. A defense-boosting dish is helpful here.
  • Craft Nutrients and Mega Nutrients for a health boost.

How to Find the Diablos

To initially unlock the Diablos, head for section 8 of the map in the north-east. Pick up Parashrooms and Sleep Herbs on the way (if you are planning to capture the beast) to craft Tranq Ammo.

Upon reaching the quicksand patch, you will see a cutscene leading you to the Diablos.


Diablos' Attacks

Diablos attacks at high speed and range, so be prepared to dodge when you see the animation. He also digs into the sand and bursts from the ground, delivering a lot of damage.

Using a weapon with high mobility is a good idea. I used the bow, upgraded on the Legiana (ice) tree, to deliver quick attacks to the monster's weak points.

If he digs underground, watch and avoid the trail of sand he leaves behind. Run around the arena to exhaust him as he is much easier to fight when he's tired.

Susceptiblity and Resistances

Diablos is susceptible to:

  • The Paralysis ailment. Poison, Sleep, and Blast are also fairly effective.
  • The Ice element. Dragon and Water are also reasonably effective.

Diablos is resistant to:

  • The Fire element. Don't waste your time with Fire ammo.
  • The Thunder element. Again, avoid Thunder-related weapons.

Poison, Sleep, and Blast are neutral. Focus on paralysing Diablos and attack with Ice if you can.

Breakable Parts

Diablos can look quite beaten up once you're done with it! This monster's breakable parts include both horns, wings, and tail. See the table below for weapon type effectiveness against its body parts.

Body Part

Crafting Armour

As with almost all monsters, Diablos body parts can be used to make armour. Diablos armour has a base defence stat of 32 and makes your character more resistant to the Fire and Dragon elements.

Having a full set of Diablos armour activates "Diablos Power" which gives you +3 Bludgeoner (makes your weapon stronger when your weapon loses sharpness, or offers a chance to Stun enemies if you're using a ranged weapon). This armour is excellent for when you are fighting Fire and Dragon monsters, but is weak against Ice and Water.


As with any Monster Hunter: World quest, you can play with friends or fire an SOS Flare if you are having a lot of trouble. Fighting with someone else can be useful against Diablos since he can only attack one player at a time. However, with these tips, you should not have much trouble taking him down by yourself. Defeating Diablos unlocks the way to new Assignments and develops the story, so get to it, Hunter!

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