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How to Find and Defeat the Anjanath in “Monster Hunter: World”

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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament" and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima with her husband and young son.

Monster Hunter: World has quickly become one of the most popular games of 2018. With its many monsters, quests, investigations, and the ability to customise your armour and weapons, this fun adventure has claimed the hearts (and time) of thousands of players worldwide.

One of the challenges that makes this game so fun is the variety of monsters available to slay and capture. They have different sizes, weak spots, breakable spots, and weaknesses, making each new beast a challenge for which you must work out the strategy.

One such monster is the Anjanath, which you can see roaming the Ancient Forest long before you are assigned to hunt it. This scary monster resembles a tyrannosaurus rex and is definitely one of the most intimidating of those in the forest. Here is how to track it down and beat it.

Before You Go

As always, take some steps before embarking on your quest.

The Anjanath has powerful melee attacks and can also breathe fire, so Fire-resistant armour is a good idea. His melee attacks are more of a problem, however, so using something with high Defence may be better.

It is weakest to water, so if you have a weapon with a Water element or Water ammo, it is a good idea to equip it. Do the same for your Palico. The Anjanath is not especially sensitive to any ailment, but neutral to Poison, Stun, Paralysis, and Sleep.

Before You Go

  • Take Nutrients (craft by combining a Bitterbug and a Blue Mushroom) and Mega Nutrients (combine Nutrients and Honey) to boost your overall health.
  • Take plenty of Lifepowder and Demonpowder to quickly regain health and boost your Attack, respectively.
  • Eat a meal at the Canteen, ideally one that will boost your Defence and/or your Elemental Resistance.
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The Ancient Forest

During other quests, you may have seen the Anjanath stalking around. It is quite frightening to stumble upon it while you are hunting for smaller monsters! You are assigned to hunt the Anjanath for the quests "The Enroaching Anjanath" and "One Helluva Sinus Infection," among others.

Hopefully you have been tracking the monster throughout the game by picking up mucus, footprints, and other signs, so you will be able to quickly find signs when you have started the quest. The Anjanath can be found roaming the north-east side of the map (near the Pukei-Pukei). If he is not there, check the central area of the forest, picking up signs wherever you find them.

The Anjanath will attack with its head and its tail. Its jaws are deadly, so be sure to dodge and avoid his head when you can. This monster will also attempt to corner you, so guide it to wide-open spaces if possible.

Strategy and Weak Spots

It is possible to break parts off the Anjanath. Blade, Blunt, and Long-Range weapons do equal amounts of damage, so just use your favourite weapon in this case. Aim for the Anjanath's nose and the top of his head (excellent if you can mount him) and slice at his tail.

Sometimes, extra parts such as wing-like fins appear on his back; although these won't break, they are sensitive to attacks and are perfect to hit from a distance if you are using a long-range weapon such as the bow or bowgun.

The Anjanath will fight other monsters such as the Rathian and the Tobi-Kadachi. Even the Great Jagras will challenge it at times. Use these distractions to plant bombs and traps.

Armour and Items

You can craft Anja armour from this monster which offers a high resistance to Fire but low resistance to Water, Ice, and Thunder. You can also use Anjanath Plates to make a Fire Charm available later in the game.

I would advise against making a full set of Anjanath armour as you can soon get much better fire-resistant pieces, but it is up to you. If you wish to fight this monster over and over again to get parts, by all means craft the armour.

The Anjanath is great fun to fight and satisfying to slay or capture! You will be seeing a lot of this fierce beast throughout the game so knowing how to easily take it down is essential. Good luck!

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