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How to Find and Defeat the Rathalos in “Monster Hunter: World”

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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament" and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima with her husband and young son.

One of the most popular games of 2018 is the latest installment in the action RPG series, Monster Hunter. Monster Hunter: World has garnered thousands of players from many different countries since its release in early 2018.

They come together online to fight and capture monsters, complete quests, and customise weapon sets and armour for their characters. It's an incredibly addictive and fun video game that is both exciting and challenging.

“Monster Hunter: World”

“Monster Hunter: World”

For the main storyline, you have to complete Assigned Quests to make progress and advance your Hunter Rank. One such quest is A Fiery Throne Atop the Forest, a five-star rated quest that involves you having to find and hunt the Fire Wyvern, the Rathalos.

This is a guide on how to find and slay this beast.

Before You Go


The Rathalos can breathe fire and also has a devastating Poison attack that can quickly make you faint. Equip armour and charms that are resistant against these ailments. Good choices include the following.

  • Odogaron armour for Fire resistance (requires Odogaron materials and Dragonite Ore)
  • A Poison Charm. For Level I, you need a Pukei-Pukei Sac, Pukei-Pukei Tail x2, Earth Crystal x4, and an Aquacore Ore. The charm can be upgraded twice, and a level III Poison Charm can nullify the Poison effect completely.
  • A Rathian Coil for extra Poison resistance. These can be forged at the Armoury with a Rathian Scale x2, a Rathian Shell, a Rath Wingtalon x2, and Boulder Bone x2, and 1500 zenny.


The Rathalos is especially weak to the Dragon and Thunder elements so incorporate these into your weapon if you can. For example, the Heavy Bowgun can be equipped with Thunder or Dragon ammo.

Blade, Blunt, and Long-Range weapons all have equal effectiveness against this monster.

Before You Go

  • As usual, be sure to eat a meal at the canteen before you head out. Defence and Elemental Defence boosting is a good idea for this quest.
  • Equip your Palico with a weapon that induces Sleep, Paralysis, or Stun and some Fire-resistant armour.
  • Take some health-boosting items such as Nutrients (craft using a Bitterbug and a Blue Mushroom) and Mega Nutrients (craft using Nutrients and Honey) to give you extra HP.

Finding the Rathalos

Head for the Ancient Forest camp (if you don't have it, go to the North Camp instead and unlock it) and immediately go south. You will find some signs of the Rathalos and if you are quick enough, you will stumble upon its nest.


The Rathalos will stay airborne most of the time and attacks with its venomous claws at close range. A long-range weapon is better here, especially as Blunt and Blade weapons don't do a significant amount more damage.

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The Rathalos is weakest against:

  • The Dragon element. Dragon ammo is a good idea if you are using a Bowgun.
  • The Thunder element. Flash Bombs work especially well and can be used to bring the usually airborne monster crashing to the ground, giving you opportunity to hit it while it's down.
  • Sleep, Paralysis, and Stun. Equipping your Palico with weapons with these effects can win you time in battle.

The Rathalos is strongest against:

  • Poison and Blast. Don't waste your time with these.
  • The Fire element. As a fire-breathing monster, Fire of your own is no use.

The Rathalos will fly around the map as the battle goes on and will sometimes fight an Anjanath or a Tobi-Kadachi. These fights are a great distraction and you can attack both monsters from the edge of the battlefield while they fight.

Avoid the Rathalos' deadly firebreathing attack by dodging. It will often create a wall of fire so be careful not to get caught under it.

For an excellent example of fighting the Rathalos with a Long Sword, see the video below.

Weak Spots

The Rathalos' head and wings are breakable, producing extra materials. It is also possible to sever the tail, which disables its ability to deliver its devastating tail attack.

As previously mentioned, there is no difference in effectiveness between Blades, Blunts, and long-range weapons, so feel free to use your usual or favourite weapon in this battle.

Crafting Armour

Armour crafted from the Rathalos offers resistance to Fire, but is weak against the Dragon and Thunder elements. It also offers a little protection against Ice and Water.

If you have at least three pieces from the full set (helm, mail, vambraces, coil, and greaves), you get a "Rathalos Power" bonus of +3 Critical Element, which increases elemental power when landing critical hits.

Get Hunting!

The Rathalos is quick and strong, but with the correct armour and some lucky dodges, you can quickly take down its tail and wings before slaying or capturing it! If you are still having trouble, don't be afraid to call on your friends or fire an SOS flare for an extra boost. Defeating the Fire Wyvern, Rathalos, and the Horned Wyvern, Diablos, progresses the story further and increases your Hunter Rank, so get hunting!

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