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How to Get Maximum Approval From Vivienne in “Dragon Age: Inquisition”

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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament" and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima, Japan, with her husband and young son.

Bioware's Dragon Age: Inquisition is the latest in the fantastic fantasy role-playing video game series that has set the bar for games of its kind. As well as countless sidequests, breathtaking music, and a great storyline, Inquisition offers interaction with many characters, both familiar from previous games and brand new.

It is first possible to recruit Grand Enchanter Vivienne, also called Madame de Fer, into your party after your character heads to Val Royeaux in Orlais to meet with the Templars. A messenger gets your attention to invite you to a party, where you meet Vivienne in person. She then requests to join you in your endeavour to seal the dreaded Breach.

 Grand Enchanter Vivienne

Grand Enchanter Vivienne

Although is it not possible to enter a romantic relationship with Vivienne, she nevertheless has an approval rating like most of the other characters and having her on your side is useful. This is a complete guide on how to gain maximum approval for this powerful Mage.

Grand Enchanter Vivienne

Grand Enchanter Vivienne

Gaining Approval in Haven

Although Vivienne is a mage, her beliefs towards the Circle and magic, in general, seem to be far different from most mages. When the rebels fight for their freedom, Vivienne is a supporter of restoring the mage's segregation tower and if you'd like the Grand Enchanter to approve of you, you have to share her opinions. This is possible whether your character is a mage or not.

Vivienne can be found in Haven's Chantry, on the left after you enter. She mentions Solas, the elf mage apostate, and comments that she was surprised to see other mages in the inquisition. When she asks "why were you at the Divine Conclave?" reply with:

  • "We need the Circle restored" or
  • "This chaos harms everyone" or
  • "The rebels are apostates" for the highest approval.

For the next dialogue choice, any will do, as it doesn't affect her approval.

When she says "Whatever the truth is, that belief gives you power." Respond with "The Chantry will be restored."

Vivienne's Personal Quest

If you show interest in restoring the Circle, a dialogue option will appear where you can ask Vivienne how you can help. This will initiate the quest "Favors of the First Enchanter," where you can collect old Circle of Magi tomes and phylacteries. You'll find these items:

  • In the Fereldan Hinterlands
  • In the Western Approach
  • In the Exalted Plains

All are easily picked up on your map. Each time you find an item, Vivienne will "Slightly Approve" whether she is in the party or not.

Although Vivienne is a mage, her beliefs towards the Circle and magic, in general, seem to be far different from most mages.

Although Vivienne is a mage, her beliefs towards the Circle and magic, in general, seem to be far different from most mages.

Choosing the Mages or Templars

If Vivienne's approval is your priority, then make sure you either ally with the Templars or conscript the mages, both choices of which will gain some of Vivienne's approval.

When she says "Magic is dangerous, just as fire is dangerous. Those who forget this truth get burned", reply with "I agree with you."

If you decided to conscript the mages:

  • Agree with her when she claims they are dangerous

If you decided to ally with the Templars:

  • When she mentions that you need to increase your Lyrium supply, respond with "That may not be enough."

When she asks "Tell me something. You said that you'd see the Chantry restored. What about the Circle?" answer with:

  • "We need the Circle back" or
  • "We need mages in the Chantry."

Gaining Approval in Skyhold

There isn't much else to do until you've completed the quest "In Your Heart Shall Burn." Approach Vivienne as soon as you're able to and she'll exclaim how much of a mess you are. If her approval is high enough, though, she will be much kinder about it. And ask you if you're all right. Respond with "I'm fine."

She will then say "The enemy struck a serious blow against you and the Inquisition. We must recognize that. You must." Say:

  • "I couldn't save them all." or
  • "Corypheus will pay for this." or
  • "Mind your own business."

Vivienne may also comment that Haven was a terrible base location. Respond with "you're right."

Vivienne a

Vivienne a

Vivienne's Second Personal Quest

After you've completed the quest "Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts," approach Vivienne again in Skyhold. At some point, she will say she likes what you've done with the place. Be gracious and thank her.

She will tell you that she is cooking up a potion but remains oddly secretive about it. She requests that you retrieve the heart of a Snowy Wevyrn, a rare beast that dwells in a certain part of the Exalted Plains. To unlock the area, make sure you unlock and complete the operation "Gain Access to Ghilan'nain's Grove" at the war table.

There is an option to get a regular wyvern's heart instead, but to avoid losing approval points, collect the real heart and present it to Vivienne along with the dialogue "Very well, here it is."

When she says "Maker only knows how long that will take", reply with:

  • "You'll be kept busy" or
  • "Is there anything I can do?"

After this, Bastien's family will visit. You can choose either "I wish I could have done more" or "Tell me what you've heard." Both of these will garner slight approval. When Vivienne says "They adore you", choose "They seem nice." Vivienne will give you a gift. Thank her.

The New Divine

This will depend on who you would like to support to become the new Divine. Three characters: Cassandra, Leliana, and Vivienne, have the potential to be elected and the result depends on previous choices you made in the game such as whether your character believes in the Maker and Andraste and certain outcomes of quests.

Vivienne seems to want to support Cassandra, and your responses will contribute to the election results as well as Vivienne's approval. When she says "She [Cassandra] is the strongest choice", respond with "I agree" if you want Cassandra to be elected, or "You'd make a good Divine" for higher approval.

You can then support Vivienne or Cassandra at the war table.

Vivienne is one of the most interesting characters in the game.

Vivienne is one of the most interesting characters in the game.

The Well

After the quest "What Pride Had Wrought," you will have chosen whether Morrigan or yourself drank from the magic well.

If Morrigan drank, Vivienne will voice her worries that Morrigan will use her power against you. Say, "I expect as much."

If you partook of the well instead, she will ask you how you feel. Respond with "a little worried."

Vivienne is one of the most interesting characters in the game. Originally a mage conscripted to the Circle of Magi, she climbed her way up Orlesian politics and gained a real respect for mages across Thedas. Nevertheless, she fears and respects magic and believes more than most that mages should be leashed.

Her ice-cold attitude makes her somewhat unpopular among Dragon Age fans, but she's one of my favorite characters! What do you think of this fascinating addition to Inquisition?

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