How to Get Rich in "Fallout 4" Fast

Updated on January 4, 2020
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Ash has been playing "Dragon Age" since the first game's release. She enjoys exploring and explaining the characters and lore.


One thing I actually love about Fallout 4 is how much more balanced the trading system is compared to Skyrim. Having a crapton of loot and not being able to sell it because you didn't feel like investing in your Speech skill was easily one of the worst things about Skyrim.

Vendors in Skyrim be like . . .
Vendors in Skyrim be like . . . | Source

Bethesda heard the wailing and the gnashing of teeth, and so they went easy on us this time around with Fallout 4. So while the vendors in Fallout 4 won't always have enough money, it's still really easy to trade with them, earn some caps, and avoid becoming over encumbered.

By trading ammo, you can put more money in any vendor's pocket, thus freeing you to sell the heavier crap you're carrying. This isn't a surefire way to get rich, though.

Let me show you the surefire way.


You can get to that tutorial by clicking the Source link, or you can stay here and read how to do what the video says. I've never looked at the video. I just shamelessly borrowed their cover pic so that I could explain to you this trick that most Fallout fans use to get rich quick.

As the image implies, you will be building a purified water farm!


Naturally, you are going to want to use Sanctuary for this, and for a number of reasons:

  • It's immediately accessible.
  • There's plenty of scrap there to build water purifiers, so you don't have to run all over the Commonwealth looting scrap.
  • It's in the safest area on the map, so the purifiers won't be attacked often or need repair.

Also, you do not have to join the Minutemen to unlock Sanctuary. All you have to do is click on the workshop, and it's yours.

Hell, you can start building as soon as you leave the vault if you want immediate caps.


Of course, even though it's one the safest parts of the map, Sanctuary Hills still gets attacked from time to time. And the more resources are there, the more super mutants and raiders will be trying to take your shit. They will be after that water!

So make sure you have a higher defense rating than the water rating. Or else be prepared to constantly fix those purifiers!


Now, you might be asking why someone would need to be rich in Fallout 4. After all, you can get a perk after a certain point that helps you find ammo for free! And armor? Why it practically falls out of the sky!

Turns out that you need money to have a good time in Fallout 4, and I actually enjoy that about the game -- that money has a purpose. Again, one of the most annoying things for me in Skyrim was that money was only used for buying a house and leveling up skills. I always found myself wishing I could buy a cool sword or something.

I like that Fallout 4 has awesome weapons that you have to save up caps for.


Overseer's Guardian, for instance, is one of my favorite guns in the base game, and when you're first starting out as a low level character, it can take a long time to get those 2,000 caps without using the purifier trick.

There's also the fact that your character actually needs things, like booze to help with carry weight or maybe just some Jet to make the continuous battles more fun. Those things cost caps.

What's more, using this method doesn't feel like cheating, so that's one of the reasons I love it. If anything, it feels like playing a smart character who figured out some way to game the system and is surviving by their wits and tinkering skills.

This is especially appealing to me because I love role playing tinkerers who build crap.


So with your purifiers in place, every time you return to Sanctuary, check the workshop by pressing the button for Transfer and click over to the Aid tab. There should be a hefty number of purified water cans, which you can then sell -- or even keep some to use for health!

With this method, your character can get rich fast. I started doing this at a very low level on a recent character, and she had thousands of caps before reaching Level 20.

To reinterate:

  • You don't need to join the Minutemen.
  • You don't need settlers.
  • You don't need a special settlement.

Everything you need to get rich is right there in Sanctuary.

Have fun.

© 2019 Ash


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