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How to Get the Canopic Jar in "Final Fantasy XII"

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The Canopic Jar

The Canopic Jar is a rare item in Final Fantasy XII. This item allows regular enemies to drop Arcana and rare enemies to drop High Arcana. High Arcana are essential for the construction of powerful weapons. Collecting this item also unlocks a character in the Sky Pirate's den.

The Canopic Jar can be bought from the bazaar after certain conditions are met. In order to have the Canopic Jar appear in the bazaar, the player must sell the items Phobos Glaze, Horahkty's Flame, and Deimos Clay.

These items are obtained by defeating specific marks during Hunts.

  1. The Gil Snapper gives the player the Phobos Glaze.
  2. The Orthros Hunt gives the player the Horakhty's Flame.
  3. The Trickster gives the player the Deimos Clay.
The Gil Snapper

The Gil Snapper

1. Defeating the Gil Snapper

You may have to progress through the game and level up your characters a bit for these hunts. The Gil Snapper is a Rank III Elite Mark. The earliest the Gil Snapper Hunt can be obtained is the return to Rabanastre after the Tomb of Raithwall events.

2. Defeating Orthros

Orthros is a Rank V Elite Mark. The earliest the Orthros Hunt can be accepted is the return to Rabanastre after the Tomb of Raithwall events.

The Trickster

The Trickster

3. Defeating the Trickster

The Trickster is a Rank V Elite Mark. The earliest the hunt can be accepted is the arrival at Mt. Bur-Omisace. Larsa is able to be in the party during the Trickster Hunt, so accept the hunt as soon as the party arrives at Mt. Bur-Omisace and do not advance the story any further.

4. Sell the Items Obtained

Once these Hunts are completed and the items are gathered, just sell them. It does not matter if you sell all three at the same time or if you sell them at separate times. The only condition for making the Canopic Jar appear in the bazaar is that you sold them during the game.

The Canopic Jar will appear in the bazaar as the Morbid Urn for a price of 250,000 Gil. Buy this item in order to be able to gather Arcana and High Arcana as loot drops.

Arcana and High Arcana

Now that you have the Canopic Jar, you may be wondering what to do with all of those Arcanas and High Arcana that you have collected.

The Arcana drop from regular monsters while carrying the Canopic Jar. Arcana are to be sold at the bazaar to unlock High Arcana. Selling 10 Arcana, 1 Feystone, and 1 Soul of Thamasa will cause a High Arcana to appear for purchase. The title of the good will be a Life Crystal and it will retail for 9,999 Gil.

The High Arcana drop from rare monsters while carrying the Canopic Jar. They may also drop from Espers. Some players like to steal High Arcana from Espers. You can purchase these in the bazaar if you look for Life Crystal.

Different combinations of rare goods are required to be sold in the bazaar in order to get rare weapons and armor. Most of these combinations involve selling High Arcana.

Collect those Arcana drops and sell them whenever possible. Be sure to purchase Life Crystals from the bazaar as you see them become available and then sell back the High Arcana.

Also be sure that you sell a variety of rare goods, typically gotten from rare monsters and high ranked Marks, as these are what drive the availability of rare weapons and armor in the bazaar.

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