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The Best 5 Ways to Make Money (Gil) in "Final Fantasy XIV"

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This guide will explain the five easiest ways to earn gil in "Final Fantasy XIV."

This guide will explain the five easiest ways to earn gil in "Final Fantasy XIV."

How to Make Gil in FF XIV

There are a variety of ways to make gil in Final Fantasy XIV. Some ways take a lot of time, but are a sure thing. While other ways involve much more risk and involve spending gil to make gil.

Below, I outline five of the best ways to make gil in Final Fantasy XIV. I have employed all of these methods and found myself gaining gil as I progressed through the game. This guide has been updated through the Shadowbringers expansion.

Crafting glamour gear for characters can be a real moneymaker!

Crafting glamour gear for characters can be a real moneymaker!

1. Tradeskills

Disciples of the Land and Hand take the most time to level up, due to how many they are. In many cases, to make some of the higher end items you need multiple disciples to do so.

  • Level them all up at the same time. Don't try to get one to max level while ignoring the rest. Instead, switch back and forth, as there are times one class will make an item used for another class. It's useful and most cost effective. To level them easily, do levequests (which can also make some good gil) and make sure to do the supply and provisioning missions with your grand company for some easy experience.
  • Try to keep your Disciples of the Hand leveled higher. This will allow you to easily get most of the materials you need while leveling Disciples of the Hand. Eventually they will all reach the maximum level, so it won't matter in the end.
  • Don't be afraid to buy materials. Sometimes it can be more cost effective to purchase the last material you need instead of hunting for it. That way, you can craft something to sell quickly, then go off to do something else that makes some money.
  • Make two of everything. Making a piece of gear for yourself? Make two of them, so you can keep one and sell the other in the market. It may take more effort, but it's a great way to make some money. Besides, if you need it, someone else may as well.
  • Keep tabs on what is new. New gear, housing items, and other craftables are released with each major patch. If you see something is new and you can craft it, then do so and sell it. However, expect the market to crash on some items as well due to everyone else doing the same.
  • Look up guides. There are guides out there for every single disciple. From how to effectively level, to how to make the most money with a particular class. Look them up to make it even easier for you.

What's Your Favorite Trade Skill?

Keeping treasures maps as a favorite can make it easy to buy cheap maps quickly.

Keeping treasures maps as a favorite can make it easy to buy cheap maps quickly.

2. Treasure Maps

While developing your Disciples of the Land classes, you'll end up obtaining treasure maps. You can obtain a treasure map roughly every 16 hours. Treasures have gil, crafting materials, housing decorations, gear, and more.

  • Obtain a treasure map daily. Even if you only have time to log in for a few minutes, do so and obtain a treasure map. They can be stored on retainers and the chocobo saddlebag. Keep in mind that they are unique items, so you can only have so many at a time.
  • Do the eight player treasure maps. If you dig these up and have others to do them with, then hold on to them. The eight player treasure maps can be very rewarding, as sometimes they open a portal to a special area with even more treasure, though it has to be shared with the team you are with. These portals levelsync, so more than likely you won't last long going solo. If you don't want to run these maps with others, then you can sell them on the market board.
  • Sell Unhidden Leather Maps. Do not do these maps. The reward is almost never worth it. However, they sell for a lot, so they are completely worth selling on the market board.
  • Set all treasure maps as a favorite on the market board. You can buy treasure maps to complete. Sometimes the low level ones sell for nothing and they almost always earn a profit. If you are in the mood to run maps, check prices and buy the ones you want to do. Even server hop to see if other worlds have them for a better price. You can even do them on that server as you buy them!
A fully grown garden with crossbred plants can be very profitable!

A fully grown garden with crossbred plants can be very profitable!

3. Gardening

Gardening can be a very stable moneymaker. Once you have an established pattern going, it's very easy to maintain, while providing a stable income, which rarely fluctuates negatively.

Read More From Levelskip

  • Owning a housing plot is preferred. To make the most amount of money, you need a housing plot. On top of that, the bigger the housing plot, the better, as larger plots can hold more gardening areas.
  • Use the outdoor garden to crossbreed. Crossbreeding is the way to make the most money, as they produce the rarest of seeds. While you can sell basic plants and make some money, crossbreeding is the to go. This can only be done with plots in the outdoor area of a house.
  • Use the indoor pots to grow crossbred seeds. The seeds I typically grow are Thavnairian Onions. These seeds take 10 days to grow. Instead of putting them in my outdoor plots, they go in my indoor pots to grow, since they are standalone pots that can't crossbreed.
  • Buy the basic materials you need. I buy the basic seeds I crossbreed with, along with the soil I need. I don't gather them myself. It's just easier to do and allows me to just focus on crossbreeding and nothing else.
  • Bookmark this website. FFXIV Gardening is the best website to figure out how to garden. It shows you how to crossbreed, what particular seeds grow, what soils to use, everything. It's how I learned to make millions from gardening.
Just a small taste of the loot that can be available on airships and submersibles.

Just a small taste of the loot that can be available on airships and submersibles.

4. Free Company Airships and Submersibles

I consider Free Company airships and submersibles to the a very risky thing. For one, it takes a lot of materials and potentially gil to make them, and it could take weeks or even months to start seeing any kind of return on that investment.

  • Your Free Company needs a house. This is a mandatory requirement. The only way to access airships and submersibles is to have a house. In that house, you then build the company workshop, where you build and deploy the airships and submersibles.
  • You have to have control of the airships and submersibles. The problem with most Free Companies is that very few have control over them, even though they expect all Free Company members to contribute to making them. On one of my characters I just have a Free Company by myself, just so I would earn the profit.
  • Craft all the parts yourself. You can see fully crafted pieces on the market board, but it's just not worth buying. It's cheaper in the long run to buy all of the materials and put them together yourself.
  • Look up guides on Free Companies as well as airships and submersibles. This will ensure you know the steps you need to take to unlock everything. Be patient! It could take weeks or months to get to the point where you are regularly deploying your airships and submersibles.
  • Some items can only be obtained on voyages. Especially when items are new, they can go for millions of gil because they can be difficult to be obtained and can't be obtained anywhere else.
Unlock as many dungeons, raids, and trials as possible to earn as much as you can.

Unlock as many dungeons, raids, and trials as possible to earn as much as you can.

5. Dungeons, Raids, and Trials

Dungeons, raids, and trials can be profitable in many different ways. I consider this to be the safest, most stable method to earn money in the game.

  • Dungeons are great for chests and items. If you are lucky with loot rolls, you could find yourself with a minion, material, or other item that you can sell for a lot of money on the market board.
  • Be a healer or tank. These two roles tend to queue up quickly for most runs. Best yet, if you get the Adventure in Need bonus for one of the roulette's, that's even more profit.
  • Run the lower level dungeons and trials solo. You can obtain gear, materials, and other items by doing that. Over time you can sell the items, turn them into more material, and craft more items. It can be very self sufficient.
  • This is the easiest way to get started. The other ways I mentioned all have some risk in them or require a heavy investment. This one is very low risk. Additionally, if you want to focus on strictly combat, then this is the way to go.

What role do you play?

Other Tips for Earning Gil

Here are some general tips that should apply no matter what you are doing in Final Fantasy XIV if you wish to earn or save on some gil:

  • Don't buy gil! More than likely it's a scam. You will more than likely get hacked or lose out on some cash. Plus it encourages spammers to spam more. Lastly, you can get banned if you buy gil and are caught.
  • Repair using your Disciples of the Hand classes. It's much cheaper to repair your own gear than to pay a NPC to do it. It really adds up in the long run.
  • Wear items to turn them into materia. Extract materia from your gear. Before this used to destroy the gear, but not anymore. So extract materia as you see the bar fill up. Better yet, use items that increase the bonding rate to make it even faster.
  • Do retainer ventures. Ventures, which are done through retainers, are a great way to get a steady flow of materials. Some ventures reward you with random items. You could get an item worth over a million gil that way!
  • Do all of the feature quests. Feature quests are the quests you may see with the main story icon or have a blue icon with a plus sign on it. These quests unlock new dungeons, classes, and other activities that may help earn some gil.
  • Play the auction house. You can simply search through items that you find are undervalued, buy them, and then resell them. That's how I made my early money. It's very time consuming though.
Say no to gil sellers in "Final Fantasy XIV."

Say no to gil sellers in "Final Fantasy XIV."

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