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How to Make (and Save) Money in "Pokémon X and Y"

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There are several ways to make money within the games. Much like in the real world, money in the Pokémon games (pokédollars) is used to purchase a variety of goods and services.

Prize Money Formula

For every battle against an in-game trainer you participate in, you earn money for winning and lose money for losing. The amount of prize money received (or lost) is based on a formula:

payout = level x base.

Base is the base amount of money a certain trainer class will pay. For example, a Lass in Pokémon X and Y will always have 24 pokédollars as the base amount that they pay. Level is the level of the last Pokémon in that trainer’s party. Therefore, if a Lass has a level 12 Pokémon as the last Pokémon in their party, their total payout will be equal to 24 (the base) x 12 (the level of the last Pokémon in their party). This means their total payout will equal to 288 pokédollars. (Read this for more details on base class payments.)

Daily Battle Events

While most will not fight you again, there are certain trainers that can be battled multiple times, as well. While there is not enough room to describe every instance of a battle, here are a few instances in which you may battle another trainer again.

  • Certain characters in the alleyways of Lumiose City
  • Calem or Serena (Battles you throughout the game, then after beating the Battle Maison 9 times, will appear in Kiloude city and fight you once every 24 hours)
  • Emma (Complete the Looker quest in post-game, then go speak to Emma at the Looker Bureau once every 24 hours for a battle.)
  • Psychic Inver (Can be found in the house on Route 18 and battled once every 24 hours. Note that this character fights using an inverse battle method, which is not used anywhere else in the game.)
Battle Chateau

Battle Chateau

Battle Chateau

The Battle Chateau is a building on Route 7 that contains many trainers. The building constantly receives new trainers and resets every hour. You may battle these trainers, not only to increase your rank within the Chateau, but to gain experience and money. The higher you get in rank, the more trainers you can defeat. Each day, you may purchase “writs” which increase the levels of the Pokémon of the trainers or invite new trainers to the Chateau. The trainers here are relatively easy to defeat, and there are many of them, so you make a lot of money quickly. Sometimes, trainers in the Battle Chateau will also give you items that can be sold for a high price in shops, as well.

Elite Four

Even after beating them the first time, the Elite Four can be battled additional times with no limits. The advantage to beating the Elite 4 multiple times is that they are higher in level, which yields more money. The disadvantage of battling the Elite Four multiple times is that they are not as easy to fight as the trainers in the Battle Chateau. You would have to buy a lot of items to keep your Pokémon alive, as there is no easy access to a Pokémon center once you enter. However, those who wish for a challenge may want to try this method anyway.

Elite 4

Elite 4

How Not To Make Money

Please note that there are some instances in which a battle does not yield money. These instances include

  • Any online battles
  • Battle Maison (Battle Points, or BP are awarded instead)
  • Battle Institute
  • Battles with wild Pokémon (unless the move Pay Day is used)

Held Items

Held items are objects than can be equipped to a Pokémon through the Pokémon menu. Each held item has a certain effect on the Pokémon it is equipped to. In this case, these objects increase the amount of prize money that can be earned in a battle.

  • Luck Incense (Can be found at the incense stall in Coumarine City for 9600 pokedollars)
  • Amulet Coin (Can be found on the second floor of Parfum Palace)

Both items do the same thing; multiply the prize money received by 2. These items only work if the Pokémon holding them takes part in the battle. However, they cannot stack with each other, meaning you can only use one or the other once on one Pokémon. It is recommended to use the Amulet Coin, because it is free to obtain. However, it can only be obtained once through regular gameplay, so if you happen to lose your Amulet Coin, it can be easily substituted with the Luck Incense.


O-Powers are a new feature introduced in X and Y. The powers have various purposes, which are used to make the gameplay easier. However, they only last for a short amount of time. Additionally, each time a power is used; it costs a certain amount of energy. They can either be sent to friends, acquaintances, and strangers over the Player Search System (PSS), or used on the player, themselves through the menu.

There are 3 levels to any given O-Power, with level 3 being the most powerful. Level 3 is also the most costly in energy when used, however. The easiest way to level up an O-power is to send the highest level power to many people. This is because it is less costly in energy to do.

There are two particular O-Powers that help the player along in increasing their money.

Prize Money Power (Given by Mr. Bonding, an NPC in a purple suit, on the second floor of the Cyllage City hotel)

  • Increases the amount of prize money received.
  • Lasts 3 minutes
  • Level 1: x 1.5 Increase/Energy on self:4/Energy when sent: 1
  • Level 2: x 2 Increase/Energy on self:5/ Energy when sent: 2
  • Level 3: x 3 Increase/Energy on self:6/ Energy when sent: 3
  • Stacks with the Amulet Coin/Luck Incense for greater increase in prize money.

Another useful O-Power is the Bargain power. While it doesn’t increase the amount of money you can make, it lowers the price of items sold in shops. It’s a helpful tool for saving all of the money you just earned.

Bargain Power (Given by Mr. Bonding in the Lobby of Hotel Richissime )

  • Decreases the price of items when shopping (helpful when buying potions and other useful items; helps you save money.)
  • Lasts 3 minutes
  • Level 1: x 0.9 Decrease/Energy on self: 2 /Energy when sent: 1
  • Level 2: x 0.75 Decrease/Energy on self: 3/ Energy when sent: 2
  • Level 3: x 0.5 Decrease/ Energy on self: 4/ Energy when sent: 3

If you’re in need of powers, it is much easier to use the shout out option to ask for certain O-powers than to use them on yourself, as you’ll end up wasting energy this way.

Payday Being Used on Swellow in Gen 5

Payday Being Used on Swellow in Gen 5


The only move that yields more prize money is Pay Day. When the move is used, the player will earn money 5 times the level of the Pokémon that used it at the end of the battle. Pay Day can stack with the Amulet Coin or Luck Incense, which in turn can stack with the Prize Money O-Power.

Meowth and Persian are the only two Pokémon with true access to this move, with others learning it through breeding. Unfortunately, these Pokémon are not yet available in X and Y through legitimate means. The only way to obtain Meowth and Persian is to transfer them to the game using the Pokémon Bank software, which will not be available until December 27 Until that time, using Pay Day as a means to make money is not a viable option.

Farming Money Through Multiple Battles

Now that you are somewhat familiar with the functions of each method of obtaining money through battle, here is the best way, in theory, to make a lot of money.

  • Have the first Pokémon in your party hold an Amulet Coin.
  • If you are able to obtain a Pokémon with the move Pay Day, give the Amulet Coin to this Pokémon.
  • Ask for a Prize Money Power (level 3 preferred) with the Shout-Out function. If no one responds, activate it yourself.
  • With a level 3 Prize Money Power Activated, and an amulet charm you'll have the prize money you receive multiplied by six. (Now take the amount you get when you have access to Pay Day. Soon you'll be able to multiply your prize money by 30!)
  • Go to the Battle Chateau on Route 7.
  • Optional: Activate a Writ of Challenge or a Writ of Invitation at the door.
  • Battle as many trainers in the building as you can.
  • If you need to heal, bike to the Pokémon center in Camphrier Town
Getting a Job

Getting a Job

Other Money Making Methods

Beyond the science of battling, there are other ways of earning money in the Pokémon X and Y games.

Jobs at Hotel Richissime:

Every 24 hours, you are given the opportunity to work at Hotel Richissime in Lumiose City.

There are three jobs available, with two levels of pay and difficulty. The first level is easier and pays you 2,000 pokédollars, while the second level is harder and pays 10,000 pokédollars:

  • Room Service: Memorize the customer’s order. In the second level, there are 2 orders to memorize.
  • Make the Beds: Go through all the rooms and make the beds in 75 seconds. In the second level, you only have 65 seconds.
  • Lost and Found: Look for hidden items in the room. There are more items to find on the second level. A good way to find objects without damaging them is to see if your character is looking at the floor. If they are, then that means hit A and get the item.

Selling Valuable Items:

Over the course of the game, you may feel the need to sell items you don’t need anymore. Additionally, there are certain items that may be obtained that are meant to be sold for a high price. If this is the case, then the item will have “it can be sold for a high price in the shops” in its description. The easiest means of obtaining these is through the Battle Chateau. There are also certain Pokémon that are holding these items when they are caught.

Other Tips

  • Only buy up to 10 potions and/or other healing items at a time and only use them in emergencies.
  • Rely on the Pokémon center, as well as other healing NPCs.
  • Make sure you have a Pokémon with moves to heal you in a pinch.
  • Trade lots of Pokémon on Wondertrade to obtain Pokémiles, which can be exchanged for useful and sellable items in the Lumiose City Pokémon Center on South Boulevard.

There are probably a lot more ways to make and save money in Pokémon X and Y. If I missed anything, please tell me in the comments section!


Legolas21 on October 25, 2015:

Super helpfull, I went from 500,000 to 50,000 without noticing, and need more money. Great ideas

Reni Ellents on October 12, 2015:

how about hotel richisme

N on October 11, 2014:


Samuel Franklin on August 22, 2014:

I also am a huge hoarder of money in the Pokémon games and I never even end up using all of it, I'm really cheap and it just ends up in my Pokémon fainting a lot when they shouldn't! I definitely used many of these in my Pokémon X playthrough, great guide.

Sarah Forester from Australia on August 09, 2014:

I'm always the one hoarding money in the Pokémon games, I'll have to keep this guide in mind when I start my first Pokémon X/Y playthrough in a few weeks.

Hibiki on July 04, 2014:

if you become stylish/work at hotel richissime enough, you can become a "full-fledged attendant". this means you get 50,000 from each successful job there!

Gnut on June 19, 2014:

You can fight at Restaurant Le Wow and sell the mushrooms you get for a high price. Take amount of turns advised when fighting, don't have your pokémon faint and you'll get even more mushrooms. Once you have enough money you can advance to Le Yeah. Looking stylish also helps you save money.

GamerGirlBLU on May 27, 2014:

In hotel richissimee (only good paying job I got) an easy way to remember is note them down on your iPod then delete after the order. There's no time limit for the orders so its easy peasy! Also I can make beds in a little over 30 secs and thanks for the item tip. I really need money cause I need venusaurite

Metapod power on March 28, 2014:

I've been working in the hotel richissime for ages and I get 3 orders to remember 65 sec to make all the beds ( can do it in 30 sec ) and I get paid £20,000

Nigel Kirk from Calgary, AB, CAN on March 12, 2014:

Great Hub! I've been playing X/Y for a while, and although extremely rare (since they were only available through a Japanese promotion) there is a move for Inkay (if you have the promotional Inkay) called "Happy Hour" in which it's only effect is to double your prize winnings at the end of battle. If you or any of your readers find one via Wondertrade somehow, that's another way to boost your earnings.

X Player on March 02, 2014:

I've considered using berries as a way to get some money. Especially if you're spending a lot of time in the Battle Chateau. See, if you plant one berry and get 5-7 or however many berries, then you have 4+ berries to sell to the pokemart in Camphrier. It isn't a lot, but I had upwards of 60 oran berries without thinking about it, and even if they're 5 poke each, that's still pretty decent for doing nothing. It's pure profit.