How to Obtain All Legendary and Mythical Pokémon in "Pokémon: Let’s Go"

Updated on August 5, 2020
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Jennifer Wilber is a teacher and writer. She holds a B.A. in English and an Associate's in Computer Game Design. She is a life-long gamer.

Legendary and Mythical Pokémon Guide for Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee
Legendary and Mythical Pokémon Guide for Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee

What Are Legendary and Mythical Pokémon?

Legendary Pokémon are super rare, and often, super powerful Pokémon that play a key role in the myths and legends of the Pokémon universe. These Pokémon play a key role in the story of the main series Pokémon games and tend to be difficult to capture. There is only one of each Legendary Pokémon available in each game.

Mythical Pokémon are similar to Legendary Pokémon, but they are so rare in the Pokémon world, that many people question their very existence. Mythical Pokémon cannot be obtained through regular gameplay in the main series Pokémon games. The only way to get these hyper rare Pokémon is through special events. Before generation V, Mythical Pokémon were considered to be Legendary Pokémon in the US, though both groups have always been regarded as distinct in Japanese Pokémon media.

Four Legendary Pokémon and three Mythical Pokemon are available in Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! The three Legendary Birds; Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, in addition to the experimental Mewtwo can be found in these Gen 1 remakes. Mew and the newly discovered Meltan and its evolution Melmetal can also be obtained in these games through special means.

Zapdos in Pokemon Let's Go Eevee
Zapdos in Pokemon Let's Go Eevee | Source


The first Legendary Pokémon available to you in Pokémon Let’s Go is Zapdos. This electric Legendary Bird can be found in the Power Plant. To reach the Power Plant, your Eevee or Pikachu will need to know the secret technique, Sea Skim, the Let’s Go secret technique equivalent of the HM Surf. If your buddy Pokémon doesn’t yet know this secret technique, it can be obtained in Fuchsia City from a man outside the Go Park who is standing near his Lapras.

Once you have Sea Skim, stock up on Ultra Balls and Revives (you’ll likely need them) and then head east from Cerulean City. Just before you reach the Rock Tunnel, you should notice a small body of water. Use Sea Skim to travel through this water and follow the waterway until you reach the Power Plant.

Before entering the Power Plant, be sure your team contains some strong Rock and Ice type Pokémon. You will need them when you take on Zapdos. There are also several Electrode disguised as upside-down Poké Balls that you will have the opportunity to battle before capturing.

Once you find the room containing Zapdos, be sure heal up any Pokémon that need it and save your game before talking to it. You might not catch it on your first try, so make sure to save the game so you can try again. And again. And again, if needed.

Just like with the Snorlax from earlier in the game, you will have five minutes to defeat Zapdos. Use rock and ice moves. You may also want to use moves that cause burn or poison so that it keeps receiving damage every turn, so you can heal your Pokémon and still continue bringing down Zapdos’s HP. Once you defeat it, use Ultra Balls to capture it. It is difficult to capture, so be sure to stock up on Ultra Balls. I brought 50.

Articuno in Pokemon Let's Go
Articuno in Pokemon Let's Go | Source


The next Legendary Bird you’ll have the change to capture is Articuno. You will find Articuno at the bottom of the cave on the Seafoam Islands. You will need the secret technique Strong Push (the Let’s Go replacement for the HM Strength) to get through the puzzles here to reach Articuno.

Again, be sure to stock up on Ultra Balls before setting out for the Seafoam Islands. You will also want to include plenty of strong fire type Pokémon in your team to help you take down the Ice Legendary Bird, Articuno.

Explore the cave while pushing the necessary blocks into the holes in the floor using the Strong Push technique. Eventually, you will find yourself in the bottom of the cave where you will find Articuno chilling. Surf over to the icy Legendary Bird Pokémon using Sea Skim. Be sure to heal any Pokemon that need it and save your game once more.

Use strong fire type moves to defeat Articuno, and capture it with an Ultra Ball, just like you did with Zapdos. Articuno is much easier to defeat than Zapdos, so you likely won’t have to restart your game while attempting to capture it. You should still be sure to save before attempting to capture it, however, just in case.

Moltres in Pokemon Let's Go
Moltres in Pokemon Let's Go | Source


The last Legendary Bird that will be available for you to capture is the fire bird Moltres. You will find Moltres on your journey through Victory Road as you make your way to the Pokémon League after collecting all 8 gym badges.

While exploring the cave, you will notice a large block near where you encounter office Jenny. After she heals your Pokémon for you, use Strong Push to push the block out of the way. This will reveal a ladder. Take the ladder to the lower level of the cave. Here you will encounter Moltres.

Be sure your team includes strong water type Pokémon, and save your game, just like you did with the first two Legendary Birds. Once you are ready, talk to Moltres.

Once more, you will have five minutes to defeat the Legendary Bird. Use water type attacks to bring down its HP. Once you defeat it, use your Ultra Balls to capture it and complete your set of Legendary Birds.

Mewtwo in Pokemon Let's Go
Mewtwo in Pokemon Let's Go | Source


Mewtwo can only be captured after defeating the Elite Four. Once you have defeated the Elite Four and claimed your title as Champion, it is time to head back to Cerulean City. From Cerulean City, head west to find Cerulean Cave. This is where Mewtwo is hiding out.

Assemble a team of powerful dark, ghost, and bug type Pokémon to help you capture Mewtwo. Stock up on healing items before attempting this battle, as you will likely need them. As with the other Legendary Pokemon, be sure to save your game before attempting to defeat Mewtwo. This battle may take some time, as Mewtwo is extremely powerful.

You should still have the Master Ball you obtained earlier in the game. Use it to capture Mew Two after you defeat it to make capturing it quick and easy.

My Mew, Pink Panther
My Mew, Pink Panther | Source


The Mythical Pokémon Mew can only be obtained in Let’s Go by purchasing the Poké Ball Plus. Every Poké Ball Plus comes with Mew inside. To transfer it from the device to your game, press the top of the Poké Ball Plus to bring up the pause menu, then go to “Communicate.” Next, simply select “Mystery Gift.” There will be an option to get with the Poké Ball Plus. Select this option to free your Mew from the controller.

Meltan in the Go Park
Meltan in the Go Park | Source

Meltan and Melmetal

The newly discovered Mythical Pokémon Meltan, and its evolution Melmetal can only be obtained by transferring them from the Pokémon Go mobile game. To do this, you need to go to the Go Park in Fuchsia City and transfer Meltan and Melmetal from Pokémon Go.

To get Meltan in Pokémon Go, first transfer any Pokémon from the mobile game to Let’s Go. This will give you a Mystery Box item in Pokémon Go. Use the Mystery Box item to make Meltan appear. Catch as many as you can, making use of the Pinapp berries to harvest Meltan candies.

In order to get Melmetal, you will need 400 Meltan candies. Melmetal and Meltan can be transferred from Pokémon Go to Pokémon Let’s Go. This is the only way to get these Mythical Pokémon on the Switch games.

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