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How to Recruit Janice in "Chrono Cross"

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Recruit Janice through following this guide.

Recruit Janice through following this guide.

Recruit Her Only if You Want

As far as story-important NPCs go in Chrono Cross, Janice is just about at the bottom of the list. It's possible to go through the entire game without seeing Janice once, and if you don't recruit her, you're not missing out on much. She's pretty average in terms of what she brings to the party. You'll no doubt want to recruit as many characters as you can, though, so you might as well track Janice down and add her to your roster.

This guide will help you recruit Janice in Chrono Cross. Where and how you do it is pretty simple, but you'll need some prep before Janice joins the party.

Finding Janice

Janice works about the S.S. Zelbess in Home World. You'll likely first come across her when you go looking through the Zelbess for the Sage of Marbule. You need to gain access to the Grand Slam, a combat arena below the glitz and glamour of the rest of the Zelbess, and you'll need to do the following to gain access to the contest:

  1. Speak to Fargo
  2. Watch Sneff's performance, then watch him lose in the casino
  3. Talk to Fargo and lose at the casino yourself
  4. Get turned into cats by Sneff during his performance and escape
  5. Sneak into the Inn, go up the ladder behind the desk, and steal the Handle from the machine that allows Fargo to cheat at gambling
  6. Cross over to the ship of the Magical Dreamers via the mast of the Zelbess and overhear another conversation
  7. Return to the Zelbess and have Sneff change you back to humans - he's in the dressing room, accessible via a cat door in the room where he does his magic shows
  8. Speak to Fargo again and challenge him to another round of gambling
  9. Enter the Grand Slam and fight the Sage of Marbule

The main area of the Grand Slam is just after, where you fight the Sage. You'll see Janice in the arena, cheering on monsters, and if you speak to the man in the top-right corner of the room, you can challenge Janice. This is where the fun begins.

Grand slam

Grand slam

Recruiting for the Grand Slam

In order to recruit Janice, you need to defeat her teams of monsters three times in the Grand Slam. This sounds simple enough - except your party won't be fighting her monsters. Instead, you'll need to form a roster of your own monsters to fight. These monsters are pulled from Sprigg's list of Doppelgang forms ...

... and if you haven't been building Sprigg up to this point, there is next to no way that her default monsters will be up to the task. There are a few that work fine, such as the Lagoonate and the two Goblins, but most of her default monsters will be walloped. Even worse, you can't re-use monsters between rounds, so you'll need enough strong ones to populate three rounds of fights. You'll need to go out and find some stronger monsters. Here are some suggestions:

  • Check out Fossil Valley, and you can fight both Drongos and Dodos. Drongos aren't amazing, but a Dodo can work pretty well in the Grand Slam.
  • If you go to Mount Pyre, you'll find the Taurminator, one of the most powerful monsters available at this point in the game. In terms of HP and attack power, the Taurinator is almost unsurpassed in the Grand Slam if you're trying to do it early. The HotDoggity of Mount Pyre is also a decent candidate.
  • Check out Fort Dragonia. Most of the monsters are gone in Home World, but you can find a few Cybots lurking in the hallways. Cybots have a lot of health, and the Beaten Earth Tech is very powerful.
  • Dip beneath the sandy surface of Earth Dragon Isle and you'll find Fossickers in abundance. They don't hit all that hard, but they have a lot of HP.
  • If you're willing to brave the Isle of the Damned, you'll find AirFrames early on. They don't have a ton of health, but they can hit very hard. If you come here later, when you have full access to the island, you'll also find Wight Knights, which are some of the best Doppelgang targets period.

Remember when adding forms to the Doppelgang list that Sprigg herself must land the killing blow, whether with normal attacks or an Element. She can't be transformed into something else, either.

Add these monsters on top of the few useful ones that Sprigg already has, and you should be able to plow your way through the Grand Slam. CatBurglar, SnobGoblin, SnibGoblin, and the almighty Lagoonate are the forms that will do the best in the Grand Slam.

The Grand Slam has three rounds of three-vs-three monster battles.

The Grand Slam has three rounds of three-vs-three monster battles.

The Grand Slam

The Grand Slam has three rounds of three-vs-three monster battles. Between each battle, you need to choose a new team of monsters to fight. Monsters you've already used are disqualified, whether or not they survived a previous battle.

Round One

The first round is perhaps the most difficult, given the composition of the enemy team. You'll fight the following monsters:

  • Beeba - The middleweight of the group. Beeba doesn't attack that often but can be a bit of a nuisance nonetheless. Take it out second.
  • Taurminator - The heavy hitter of the enemy group and the one most likely to kill one of your party members. Target Taurminator first and foremost with your stronger monsters before it can do much damage. Once Taurminator is gone, the rest of the fight should be easy.
  • Gloop - The weakling. You can ignore Gloop until the other two enemies are gone.

You'll receive a Stamina Belt for completing Round One.

Round Two

Round Two isn't quite as difficult as Round One, but it comes pretty close. Its monsters are a little more well-rounded than before - which also means that its heavy hitter shouldn't give you quite as much trouble as Taurminator. You'll fight the following monsters:

  • Gobledygook - The lightest member of the enemy team. Shouldn't be too much of an issue and can be ignored.
  • Cybot - The heavy hitter. Most of the time, Cybot's moves aren't that bad to handle, though it can use the powerful Beaten Earth Tech multiple times to do a lot of damage. You'll want a team of monsters with relatively high health (more than 300 if possible) to offset the possibility of an OHKO from Beaten Earth. Take out Cybot first.
  • Spearfisher - The middle child of this time. Spearfisher has the most potential for doing damage on the average turn, as it usually hits three times per round for about 30 HP per hit. This can be painful if your team is weak. Still, Cybot's Beaten Earth is more dangerous, so leave Spearfisher for a second.

You'll receive a Resistance Belt for completing Round Two.

Round Three

Compared to the other two rounds, Round Three is a little easy. None of the three enemies quite match up to what you've fought previously, and there's still one weakling on their side that drags the team down. You'll fight the following monsters:

  • Airframe - The dangerous monster. Airframe moves often, usually goes first, and can hit pretty hard. On the plus side, though, it has less health than the two heavy hitters from the previous rounds. Maul it quickly before it can hurt your team too much.
  • Cassowary - A ho-hum Yellow Innate that doesn't hit very hard, regardless of the moves it uses. Target Cassowary second.
  • Cuscus - This poor little thing barely even attacks, and when it does its damage is low. Save it for last.

You'll receive a Dreamer's Bandana for completing Round Three and winning the Grand Slam. Once the fight is over, Janice will rush over and ask to join the party. (Unfortunately, her departure marks the end of the Grand Slam, so no more monster fighting for you.)