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How to Recruit Kid in "Chrono Cross"

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Recruiting Kid in "Chrono Cross"

Recruiting Kid in "Chrono Cross"

An Important Character

One of the most important characters in Chrono Cross--perhaps the most important character, considering who she winds up being in the end--Kid gets a lot of screen time. She's the party member with the most character development by a fair margin, and many of the game's events revolve around her. It may surprise you to learn, then, that Kid is almost an optional character in Chrono Cross, though you have to go out of your way to avoid her.

This guide will show you how to recruit Kid in Chrono Cross. It will also show you how to not recruit Kid if you'd rather not have her in your party.

Meeting 1: Cape Howl

Aside from the very beginning of the game, where you see Serge, Kid, and another random party member raid Fort Dragonia, the first place you meet Kid is at Cape Howl in Another World. Kid will show up to save you from Karsh, Solt, and Peppor, joining Serge in battle against them temporarily.

Once you drive the trio off, Kid will mention that she could use a traveling companion and that the two of you have similar goals. If you agree here, Kid will join your party for quite a while. Whether or not you plan on using Kid in your party, you should not recruit her at Cape Howl. Doing so will permanently eliminate Leena as a party member. If Kid isn't on your team, Leena will join you shortly after the events of Cape Howl.

Meeting 2: Termina

If you didn't recruit Kid at Cape Howl, you'll meet her again at the entrance of Termina. As soon as she sees Leena with Serge, she will get huffy and storm off. Check the statue of General Viper in the far north of the first screen of Termina, and Kid will show up again, her temper cooled, and offer to join you. This is where you should accept her offer if you plan to use her.

Meeting Kid at Termina

Meeting Kid at Termina

If you do not accept Kid's suggestion to team up in Termina, she will brush you off and leave. It won't be long before you see her again, though, as she follows you into Viper Manor, saves you from a cage trap, and then follows you around. Whether Kid is in your party or not, Viper Manor will end in the same way, with Kid getting hit by a poisoned dagger. She'll collapse when you next see her in Guldove and remain bedridden until someone cures her.

Kid talking to Serge

Kid talking to Serge

Meeting 3: Guldove

Once Kid is stuck in Doc's clinic and slipping closer and closer to death, Serge will have a choice to make. Korcha will ask you if you think Kid can't be saved. Your response will dictate which direction the game takes:

  • If you say twice that Kid can't be saved, Korcha will storm off. No one seems capable of saving her, and you'll have to leave Guldove and return to the mainland to continue the story. By going down this path, you'll gain the ability to recruit Macha, Glenn, and Doc.
  • If, however, you claim that you're going to save Kid no matter what, Korcha will agree that it needs to be done. You'll receive the Astral Amulet, which can be used at Opassa Beach to return to Serge's Home World. Here you can travel to the Hydra Marshes, kill a Hydra, and collect the Hydra Humour. This can be used to cure Kid. Taking this path will allow you to recruit Korcha, Mel, and Razzly.

If you bring the Hydra Humour back to Doc in Another World, he'll cure Kid, and she'll rejoin you shortly thereafter. If you declined to help Kid, you can come back to Guldove after completing the ghostly invasion of the S.S. Invincible. Kid will have recovered thanks to a mysterious benefactor, and she'll join - or rejoin - the party. You don't get a choice here if you come back to Guldove. Kid will automatically enter the ranks of your party.

Still want to skip Kid if you decide not to cure her? There's a way: Simply don't return to Guldove. You can still go to Fort Dragonia via Mount Pyre without a visit to the Water Dragon. Going through the lava inside hurts, but you can't die unless you enter a battle. Kid will show up for the grand finale in Fort Dragonia whether you bring her there or not.

World map

World map

Hermit's Hideaway

After Fort Dragonia, everyone in Serge's party will take off on him, and Lynx will become the main protagonist. Once this happens, Kid will still occasionally show up, but she's not on your side anymore. Eventually, Kid will fall into a stupor, and she'll be left at Hermit's Hideaway in Another World.

Return to Hermit's Hideaway after completing Chronopolis, near the end of Chrono Cross, once Serge is back in the driver's seat. Here you can help Kid confront her past with Lynx and recover from her coma. Once she does, she'll rejoin the party permanently and will be a little more involved in the finale of the game than the average party member.

And if you don't want Kid...? Well... don't wake her up. Pretty simple.