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How to Romance Cassandra in “Dragon Age: Inquisition”

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Dragon Age: Inquisition is the latest in the epic fantasy roleplaying video game series by BioWare. One of the many great features of this game is the ability to romance certain party members of the game; this is somewhat of a tradition in the Dragon Age series.

This article describes how to romance one of the most popular female characters in the game, Seeker Cassandra Pentaghast.

Cassandra is only romancable as a male Inquisitior, though it doesn't matter which race or warrior class you choose.

Unlike most other characters in the game, Cassandra does not always react well to open flirtation (a hint is her reaction to some of Varric's seedy lines). Therefore, approaching her romantically can be a little more difficult than others.

Meeting Cassandra

Cassandra is with you from the very beginning of the game, so there is no quest to obtain her on your team (unlike certain party members such as Iron Bull or Blackwall). She appears from the start, interrogating you about a magical mark that has appeared on your hand, and questioning why you were the only one to survive a huge blast that created the deadly Breach, a portal to the world of demons.

Here, you are introduced to her passionate and tough nature, which made many players instantly fall for her.

Gaining Approval

It is easy to gain Approval points from Cassandra from early on in the game.

  • When you follow her outside Haven to observe the Breach, respond to her questions by saying "If I can help, I will."
  • When you are attacked by demons, you will see a weapon appropriate to your character's fighting class. After defeating the monsters, Cassandra will command you to drop your weapons. Choose the option "All right, I'll disarm."
  • When asked how to approach the Breach, side with Cassandra by saying "I say we charge."

Selecting these three options gives Cassandra an excellent first impression of you.

Other Ways to Gain Approval (In General)

  • Show her respect. Cassandra is a Seeker, a Warrior, and a passionate fighter.
  • Say you believe in the Maker. A few times, Cassandra will ask you about your religious beliefs. She trusts in the Chantry and is passionate about the Maker and Andraste, so select dialogue options that show you trust and believe in the Maker.
  • Reassure her. She may be tough, but she isn't without emotion. Sometimes she will feel guilty about her actions. Don't berate her; tell her she did her best.
  • Ask for her opinion. Meeting certain characters, such as Belle in Val Royeaux and Ser Barris, sometimes prompts you to ask for Cassandra's input.

Approach Cassandra in Haven, and you'll see her sparring alone. Flirt and say:

  • "You're impressive."
  • "You had cause."
  • "Yes." (When asked if you believe in the Maker. Bear in mind this cements your character as a believer.)

After you have traveled to the Hinterlands to meet Mother Giselle, approach Cassandra. She will ask you where you're from. Select the following:

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  • Tell her the truth.
  • "Home is where I am."

Speak to her again, and select the following:

  • The romance option "You're delightful."

Ask Cassandra about herself, and she will talk about being a Seeker. Select the following for Approval:

  • "I agree with you."
  • "It does sound wonderful."

Choosing Between the Templars and the Mages

Your War Council and Cassandra will discuss whether to ally with the Mages or the Templars. You will have a dialogue option offering to suggest either, and another to say "we must decide soon". Choose the latter for Cassandra's Approval. This doesn't affect your decision later.

If you'd like a chance to greatly improve Cassandra's Approval, choose to ally with the Templars. During the "Champions of the Just" quest, you'll have many chances for Cassandra's Approval rating to increase.

  • When asked to raise the flags in order of importance, raise Andraste's flag the highest.
  • When the Templars join with you, select the option "Rebuild as our partners." Cassandra will Greatly Approve.
  • Optional: when Cole appears back at Haven, Cassandra doesn't trust him. You must then choose between trusting Cole and inviting him to join the Inquisition, or banishing him. If you want to add Cole to your party, then you can. However, Cassandra will Slightly Disapprove. If you aren't bothered about having Cole in your party, select "He's too dangerous. Kill him." Cassandra will Approve, but you will permanently lose the chance to gain Cole as an Ally.

Approval in Skyhold

You can't romance Cassandra until after you have completed the quest "In Your Heart Shall Burn". Once at Skyhold, speak to Cassandra. This will open several conversations and sidequests in varying order. These include:

  • Cassandra's argument with Varric. When prompted to act, select "don't intervene" (however, this will sacrifice some of Varric's Approval), and afterwards, select the romance option "I still like you."
  • Cassandra's soft spot for reading. Don't tease her about it; say "nothing wrong with that" and go to Varric. Ask him to finish the sequel so you can give it to Cassandra as a gift. This will earn a big boost in Approval. You can later select the flirting option "So you're a romantic?"
  • Her planning battle movements. She will talk to you about her hopes for the future. When she asks you what guides you, select the romance option "You guide me."
  • Cassandra's Inner Circle quest "Unfinished Business". Depending on how much of the world you have unlocked, this can be very time-consuming. You have to unlock inaccessible areas in the Exalted Plains and the Western Approach by completing the quests "Gain Access to Ghilan'nain's Grove" and "The Trouble with Darkspawn," respectively.
  • Complete her personal quest "Promise of Destruction" by locating missing Seekers at the War Table.
Varric's book, "Guilty Pleasures" sidequest

Varric's book, "Guilty Pleasures" sidequest

Romancing Her

After all these quests, enough Approval and enough flirting, Cassandra will confess her affection for you but doubts that you can be a man who sweeps her off her feet as you're too busy being the Herald of Andraste and the Inquisitor. You can choose to end the romance at this point (DON'T, obviously!). Make sure to stress your attraction to her at this meeting. It's make or break at this point.

Here, the "Ideal Romance" sidequest will be unlocked. You must:

  • Get a tome of poetry. Travel to the Hinterlands and locate the book trader in Redcliffe Village. You can get the tome from him.
  • Obtain flowers and candles. Go to Val Royeaux and buy them from merchants.

Approach Cassandra in Skyhold and select:

  • "I'd like to talk. Privately."
  • "What do you believe?"
  • "I love you."

Extra Romance Options

Even after your special night with Cassandra, there are more romance options available.

  • You can dance with her during the quest "Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts."
  • When she rants about Varric, compliment her with "Special" -> "I like your determination."
  • You can approach her in Skyhold and ask to spend time with her.
  • Selecting "We'll fight together" when she worries about you fighting Corypheus.
  • When she's talking to you about the coming battle, select "So long as we're together." If Cassandra replies with "and if I am named Divine?" reassure her with "That changes nothing."
  • At the victory party, say "As long as you're here."

Romancing Cassandra is a long and tedious process, possibly designed on purpose like that because she's such a popular character. Breaking down Cassandra's walls and seeing the purity of her heart is a great thing that players find it hard to forget. Good luck, and the Maker be with you!

Questions & Answers

Question: Does Cassandra get naked in "Dragon Age: Inquisition"?

Answer: Yes, in her love scene with the Inquisitor, you can see most of her body.

Question: Do you have to be a warrior to romance Cassandra in "Dragon Age: Inquisition"?

Answer: No, you can be any fighting class. You just have to be male.

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