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How to Romance Jaal in “Mass Effect: Andromeda”

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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament" and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima, Japan, with her husband and young son.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is the latest installment of the fun and fantastic science-fiction RPG by BioWare. Players can spend hours and hours exploring gorgeous new alien planets, getting to know their companions, exploring lore, and completing mission objectives to make their character, Ryder, stronger as they advance through the story.

One charming aspect of BioWare's video games is the ability for the player to romance certain characters. Mass Effect: Andromeda has its own share of romancable characters, from fellow humans to asari and even a new race, the Angara. Jaal is the latter, a Resistance fighter and part of the emotionally open alien species that Ryder stumbles upon by accident when exploring the new galaxy.

Perhaps Jaal caught your eye after bravely squaring up to you when you landed on his planet, or perhaps it is the wonderful performance of his voice actor, Nyasha Hatendi. Either way, this guide will have you romancing this Angaran hottie in no time!

At first, Jaal was only available to a female Ryder. However, due to popular demand, you can now romance Jaal whether your character is male or female.

Meeting Jaal

You first encounter Jaal when you have started the main story questline "A Trail of Hope." Head to the Onaon System, where you will watch a cutscene and then land on a planet called Aya.

Jaal will appear and ask you a question. You have many choices, and the one you select helps determine Ryder's personality. You may respond how you like, but honesty may be the best policy. If you agree, select "You have a Vault."

There isn't much else you can do to develop your relationship with Jaal at this point in the game, but you may talk to him on the Tempest.

  • When he refers to you as aliens, you can respond how you like. Ryder's personality can either be shaped to serious or casual. "Yup, so are you" reminds him that he isn't the only one taken aback by an entirely new species.
  • Select the dialogue option "You're... interesting" when prompted.

Check your email and read his messages. Jaal's current attitude towards you is guarded and polite but don't worry, that will soon change!

"Meet the Resistance"

Upon agreeing to help out the Angara to gain their trust, you will have the opportunity to travel to the frozen planet, Voeld, to meet with forces fighting the Kett. It is a good idea to take Jaal with you on all missions on both Voeld and Havarl to listen to unique dialogue and so he can witness you helping his people.

After doing some missions on Voeld and helping the Angara, a new dialogue option will appear on the Tempest. Ask Jaal about his race and about Moshae Sjefa. His response may surprise you; any reply is fine.

After completing enough missions on Havarl and Voeld (it's a good idea to explore and activate the Vaults on both planets when you can), you will be able to call Evfra from the meeting room, activating Jaal's first personal mission.

"Jaal Ama Darav: Friend or Foe?"

After calling Efvra, the mission "Jaal Ama Darav: Friend or Foe?" will appear. Talk to him on the Tempest. Respond with:

  • "A year? That's terrible." and
  • "I want to reason with them."

Travel to Havarl to see a cutscene. After this, you have to complete the Priority Op mission "A Trail of Hope" before you can do more.

"A Trail of Hope"

Take Jaal with you on the "Trail of Hope" mission. Drack is also a good choice as he has some interesting insights, but take whoever you'd like. When Jaal panics about the situation, respond with:

  • "Of course." and
  • "I'm so sorry."

When speaking to the Cardinal, you can respond depending on Ryder's personality.

Story Choice

This is one of the first major story choices for Ryder. For Jaal's approval, choose:

  • "I'll save the Angara."
  • Quickly press the prompt button to shoot the Cardinal.

This choice may cause the Moshae to be rude to you but just respond to this with politeness.

After Rescuing Moshae Sjefa

Find Jaal on the Tempest again and ask:

  • "Want to talk about it?"
  • "Are you?"
  • "Yes."
  • "I'm glad you're here."

Now that you have completed an important mission for the Angara, Jaal is more open to you. Ask him questions about his people and when the dialogue comes up, talk about your father by saying "My dad and I weren't that close."

"A Trail of Hope" (Continued)

Take Moshae Sjefa with you to Aya. This time, Jaal accompanies you automatically. Say:

  • "This was a group effort."
  • "No rush."
  • "That's a great idea."
  • "He's welcome on my ship."

On the Tempest, check your email and read "Communication from Jaal."

Now, you can't do anything until you have developed the main story further.

"Hunting the Archon"

Kadara is your next stop. Activate the "Hunting the Archon" quest by traveling to this new planet. Whether you decide to stop and complete some missions or go straight back to your ship after the initial cutscenes have played out, some new dialogue will have opened up for Jaal. Find him on the Tempest and say:

  • "Take the risk." and
  • "Sounds amazing."
  • Finally, you have a chance to flirt! Select the romance option "I think you're special" and then
  • "You're gonna do great things."

Talk to him again right away to inquire about his past relationship. Respond how you like until you have the chance to ask the romance dialogue "Interested in me?"

Check the email terminal for the "Non-work related email from Jaal," which is a very sweet message from him!

"Jaal Ama Darav: Friend or Foe?" (Continued)

You can continue Jaal's personal mission as soon as you've tracked down the Kett transponder on Kadara. Head back to the Tempest and check your email; you'll have to acknowledge the message "Meeting with Akksul" to progress.

Talk to the Moshae back on Aya. As soon as you've finished, answer the distress call from Eos on the Tempest.


You will encounter a quest with lots of fighting, so a strong fighter like Drack is a good choice. After helping out August Bradley, you'll be free to continue Jaal's quest.

Watch the cut scene with the meeting with Akksul.

  • Selecting the casual speech option will result in some funny dialogue.
  • "He's jealous of you."

In the med bay, you will see a scene with Jaal and Lexi. You can either give Jaal (potentially false hope) and annoy Lexi, or be brutally honest. It's up to you; this choice contributes to how you are as a Pathfinder and doesn't affect your romance with Jaal.

"Jaal Ama Darav: Flesh And Blood"

If you haven't already, complete "A Dying Planet" by accessing and activating Havarl's Vault. You will receive another email from Jaal. Acknowledge it and meet him in his room, where you can select:

  • Any option.
  • "I'll help you."

Go to Havarl and board the shuttle to initiate the quest. Fight your way through the enemies and watch the cutscene. Respond with:

  • Any option.
  • "We want peace."

After detonating the bombs, say:

  • "Your cause is corrupted."
  • This is very important: Do not shoot Akksul! When the R2 prompt comes up, ignore it! If you don't, Jaal will be very upset with you and you might lose your chance of romancing him.
  • Afterward, select the romance option "You had me worried."

You have now gained Jaal's loyalty, unlocking Level 6 of his abilities. When chatting with him on the Tempest, respond how you like.

After "Hunting the Archon"

Talk to Jaal on the ship. Respond with "Exactly!"

Check your email. You'll have a message from him called "Meet my true mother." Acknowledge it (and don't forget to read his other communication emails as well.)

Travel to Havarl to meet Jaal's mother. Be quick to press R2 when prompted to hug her. Respond how you like.

Now for the moment you've been waiting for! If you're ready to cement a romance with Jaal (and lock all other characters out of a possible romance), select the dialogue option "Yes."

On the ship, read all of his emails.

After "Journey to Meridian"

You don't need to take Jaal with you on the Priority Op "Journey to Meridian," but it opens some unique dialogue choices. If this comes up, say "They might be experiments" and then "This doesn’t change you."

Right after you get back, you'll have new email in your terminal. Acknowledge the message "From your romantic friend Jaal" and head to Aya. Find him on the port.

Note: There are two instances where you have to be ready to press R2 or equivalent, so don't let go of your controller! Choose the phrase "A place called Earth."

For the last question he asks you, it is up to you, but I'm sure you and everyone else who reached this point would choose the dialogue option "Sex? Yes."

Jaal's love scene is one of the most romantic and visually pleasing in the entire game, and fangirls and boys positively swoon at finally being able to romance this gorgeous alien character! With this guide, you'll be making the Angaran Resistance fighter falling for you in no time. Have fun!

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