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How to Romance Liam in "Mass Effect: Andromeda"

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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament" and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima, Japan, with her husband and young son.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is the latest installment of the well-loved roleplaying space opera, Mass Effect, by BioWare. This fantastic adventure involves completing hundreds of side missions, exploring gorgeous alien planets, and battling your way through an enchanting storyline.

Another great feature of this fun game is the ability to romance certain characters. In Andromeda, one such character is Liam Kosta, a companion on board your ship. Maybe he caught your eye with his friendly wave right after you came to from cryo or his fetching English accent. Either way, he's a popular romance, and with this guide, he'll be yours in no time.

Liam can only be romanced if you are playing as female Ryder.

Meeting Liam

You meet Liam as part of the main story, so there is no chance of you missing him. Liam is with you from the very beginning, so you can start talking to him right away. However, you can't get to know him much until after you start the mission "A New Beginning."

"A New Beginning"

When you are exploring and fixing the first post-prologue alien planet, Eos, Liam and Cora will disagree on whether to dedicate the first outpost to military or science development.

Liam supports the idea of making it a science-based station, so go with that. However, the opportunity to romance him won't be lost if you side with Cora and build a military outpost, so it's up to you.

After the mission is complete, talk to Liam on the Nexus. Select every dialogue option available to you. Say "Like a new beginning" when prompted.

"A Trail of Hope"

After you have met the Angara and visited the frozen planet, Voeld, talk to Liam on the Tempest. Kallo will have told you that he's looking for you. You can find any of your squadmates on the Tempest using the map. This time, he might be in the storage area in the southeast part of the ship.

Watch the cut scene and say "company like this."

Talk to him again. Ryder will try a clumsy attempt at a pick-up line, causing Liam to gently let her down. But don't lose hope!

"Movie Night"

After finishing "A Trail of Hope" and visiting Kadara, talk to Liam again. He will suggest having a movie night. Agree to help by saying "That sounds fun" and then visit the Nexus. After a straightforward task of picking up an item for him, return it to him on the Tempest.

This actually isn't a quest for just Liam, but all of the Nexus crew. It's a fun mission to pursue, but it isn't necessary to romance him.

"Liam Kosta: Armor Diplomacy"

Though it is not a Priority Op early on in the game, it is recommended that you access and activate both Voeld and Havarl's Vaults. After healing the latter planet, talk to Liam again, where he will tell you he needs your help making some armor. To do this, head to the Research Center on the Tempest.

Go to Development, then browse until you find the "Special Items" tab. To create the armor, you'll need:

  • 10 iron
  • 10 aluminum

You should have these items already in your inventory, but if not, both materials can be mined on Eos or purchased from various vendors. After crafting "Liam's armor requisition," head back to Liam, where you'll see him and Jaal bantering. Respond with:

  • "You two should sell tickets."
  • "Explain and make it good."
  • "I approve. Sort of."

After "Hunting the Archon"

After completing the storyline Priority Op "Hunting the Archon," go and see Liam again. You'll see him doing push-ups. During the conversation, choose the following.

  • Any option.
  • "This is really tearing you up."
  • Either option.
  • "That's very sweet."
  • "You need someone. So do I."

Get ready to press R2 or the prompt button if you're not playing the PlayStation 4. Then sit back and enjoy the scene!

After this, you can decide whether you would like to end things there with Liam or push for a serious romance. Choose “It was a one-time thing” to end the romance or “We’ll see where it goes” to keep things open for a future relationship.

"Liam Kosta: Day Out on Aya"

Go off and do some more missions. When you come back, Liam will invite you for a drink on Aya. After this short and slightly bizarre mission where you have to scan some things in Aya's marketplace, select:

  • Either option.
  • "Doesn't seem like a big deal."
  • "I enjoyed time with you too."
  • Either option.

After "Journey to Meridian"

*Important: you must have set up at least three outposts on three planets before you can progress further.

After you've completed the story Priority Op "Journey to Meridian," you'll hear that Liam is looking for you. He'll be in the storage room. Say:

  • The romance option "I'm game if you are."
  • Any option.

This will start his loyalty mission "Liam Kosta: All In." Head to Eos to complete it. After you've done so, find Liam on the Tempest and say to him "I'm interested in you."

"Liam Kosta: Community"

Liam will talk to you about a surprise he's prepared. This is the moment where Liam will want to know whether you want to be serious or not. Respond with:

  • "I like how you keep trying."
  • "Date me, not 'the Pathfinder.'"
  • "I'd rather sneak off with you."

"Liam Kosta: Something For Us"

After you get back to the ship, Liam will give you a blueprint. Head to the Research Center on the Tempest (the same place where you made the armor requisition) and craft the Lover's Leap Jump-Jet Mod. You'll need:

  • 6 aluminum
  • 2 iridium

After that, head to the marked point on Eos and watch the cutscene. Say:

  • "Should I be worried?"
  • Be sure to press the prompt button on time to jump.
  • "Nice to re-meet you."

Liam is a cool and sweet guy who is special for Ryder because he is the first person she goes on adventures with. With this guide, you'll snag this sexy security specialist in no time!

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