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How to Romance Peebee in “Mass Effect: Andromeda”

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One of the many great features of BioWare's fantastic RPG space opera series, Mass Effect, is the ability to woo and romance various characters in the game. It gives the "roleplaying" aspect of the adventure a much more realistic edge, and for years BioWare has enchanted players with charming, cute, and funny characters who we enjoy falling in love with.

One such character is the cheeky and carefree Peebee, an Asari girl fascinated with Remnant technology. This is a guide on how to romance her, both casually and seriously. You can romance Peebee whether you are playing as a male or female Ryder.

You can romance Peebee whether you are playing as a male or female Ryder.

You can romance Peebee whether you are playing as a male or female Ryder.

Meeting Peebee

You first meet Peebee on Eos, the first alien world you explore in the Andromeda Galaxy if you don't count the prologue. No doubt Peebee caught your eye when she lands on top of you while you are checking out some ancient Remnant technology. A prompt will appear to push her off, but don't press it.

Peebee will join your party after you've finished the Priority Op "A New Beginning." She is one of the first people to be welcomed on board the Tempest, which means you can start chatting and getting to know her right away.

Chat to Peebee on the Tempest. Be sure to check out all dialogue options to get to know her better. When the opportunity arises, say "You crave excitement, huh?" When a flirting option arises, select it to show her you're interested.

After you've started the main story mission "A Trail of Hope" and been to Aya, check your email and acknowledge Peebee's message to begin the "Peebee: Secret Project" quest.

"Peebee: Secret Project"

When you can, travel to Voeld. There are a lot of things you need to do on this planet, but to develop your relationship with Peebee, be sure to follow the navpoint to finish the quest.

Afterward, flirt with her again by selecting the romance option "It's true." By now, she'll be willing to share her surprise with you. Travel to the Nexus and go to Peebee's apartment (it's in the docking bay.) You'll see a cutscene. Say:

  • "It's amazing!" and
  • "Hostility seems fair."
  • The romance option "I care about you."

After "A Trail of Hope"

After you have finished the priority mission "A Trail of Hope," check your email. You'll have a message from Peebee. Acknowledge it to start the quest "Peebee: The Museum Trip."

Head to Aya and meet Peebee in the museum, where her condition might be... a little different to usual. Respond how you like, depending on whether you want Ryder to be more casual or professional. After this quest, head back to the Tempest.

Peebee will come onto you in the no-gravity pod (join her by saying "I thought you'd never ask"), where she will have a proposition for you. You have three options:

  • "No thanks." This will reject Peebee's offer of fooling around and end any possible future romance.
  • "Heck, yeah" for casual sex. The "no strings attached" rule will ensure no other flirting opportunities arise for Peebee in the future.
  • "I'd want strings" if you hope to develop your relationship slowly into something more serious.

Choosing the middle option makes for an amusing scene! Check out the video below if you can't wait to watch it yourself.

If you want to romance her seriously, then read on!

"Peebee: Remnant Scanner"

After you have spoken to Gil about the kett transponder you found on Kadara (during the Priority Op "Hunting the Archon"), you'll get another email from Peebee. Read it to start the quest "Peebee: Remnant Scanner."

Talk to her on the Tempest (she's likely in the escape pod). She'll say she's named her experiment. Respond with:

  • "Cool name."
  • Either option.
  • "Exciting!"

Go to Eos, Havarl, and Kadara (in that order) and track down the pieces of Remnant tech that Peebee needs. On Kadara, meet her at the port to find out one of her important items has gone missing, Say "I'll help you."

After "Hunting the Archon"

Peebee will have a lead on her missing robot. Meet her in a bar on Kadara. you can respond to the conversation how you like. Head to Elaaden to complete it, responding with whatever dialogue options you like. You will gain Peebee's loyalty and the final slot in her skills.

Head back to the Tempest and talk to Peebee. Respond with:

  • "Let me in."
  • Either option.

"Peebee: A Mysterious Remnant Signal"

You might need to give Peebee some time, so go and do some other missions while you wait. When she's ready, she will ask to talk to you. Chat to her to begin "Peebee: A Mysterious Remnant Signal."

Speak to her in the escape pod of the Tempest and then travel to the Inalaara System. This mission involves a lot of fighting, so be sure to take a strong companion with you; Drack is a good choice.

You will be forced to make a decision regarding Peebee's old flame, Kalinda. Do not press the response button to shoot her! Peebee will be pleased if you save Kalinda's life and thus make it easier for you to romance her.


After "Journey to Meridian"

After completing the Priority Op "Journey to Meridian," go to the meeting room onboard the Tempest where you will see a sweet cutscene involving your entire crew and a moment between Ryder and Peebee. Respond with "I love you."

Peebee is a popular choice of romance due to her quirky antics and initially rather tough shell to crack! With this guide, you'll be charming her socks off in no time. Have fun, Pathfinder!

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