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How to Romance Reyes in “Mass Effect: Andromeda”

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Mass Effect: Andromeda is a fun open-world space opera RPG by BioWare. As well as the ability to take on numerous side quests, build your own character's looks and personality, and explore gorgeous new alien worlds, Mass Effect offers the opportunity to enter romantic relationships with certain characters providing you complete the right quests and select the appropriate dialogue options. It's one of the features that makes BioWare's games memorable.

Reyes Vidal, a charming and mysterious exile, can be found on Kadara during the Priority Op quest "Hunting the Archon." To romance him, you can be playing as either a male or female Ryder.

Meeting Reyes

You first meet Reyes in Kadara Port under the nickname "Shena." He is a smuggler and left the Initiative a long time before to make it on his own. Ryder needs his help in collecting information about Sloane Kelly, the leader of the Outcasts, as well as about those who have settled on Kadara.

Upon meeting you, Reyes will offer you a drink. Respond with "cheers." After talking with Sloane Kelly, find him again outside the bar and say "You owe me a drink."

"Murder in Kadara Port"

When making your way back from Kadara's slums, you'll see a dead body on the floor. Examine it to start the quest "Murder in Kadara Port." When you find Reyes again in the slums' bar:

  • Support his theory by saying "You could be right."
  • The romance option "You need me, huh?"

Upon completing the quest, say:

  • "We did good."
  • "I do like you."

"Precious Cargo"

When a quest icon appears at the club in the slums, head there to find Reyes. Choose the romance option "Maybe I want to be trouble?" to start the quest "Precious Cargo."

Meet Reyes in the Kralla's Song bar. Choose the following dialogue options:

  • The romance option "You owe me."
  • "Zia was your girlfriend?"
  • "Is this about cargo or an ex?"

Upon meeting Zia, say "that's not true." After you have completed this quest, be sure to talk to Reyes again and say "I wouldn’t say that."

After Returning to the Tempest in "Settling Kadara"

After you've gone back to your ship during "Settling Kadara," check your email on the Tempest for messages from Reyes. Read and acknowledge the message "Call Me" and start a video call from the ship. Your response should be:

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  • Serious or playful, depending on Ryder's personality.
  • "Is this a date?"
  • Accept his invitation by saying "Sounds fun" to start the quest "Night On the Town."

"Night On the Town"

Go to Kadara and join the party. During the conversation with Reyes, say "I came here for you." Then mingle by talking to Kaetus, Keema, and Sloane Kelly. After that, head for the side room to find him.

Get ready to press R2 to kiss Reyes when prompted. Then respond with:

  • "Are you sure?"
  • "Sharing is caring."

While drinking on the roof, say:

  • "Heleus has its perks."
  • The romance option "You are someone."

"High Noon"

Shortly after completing "Night On the Town," Ryder will be contacted by Sloane Kelly. If you're a completist and you'd like to finish as many side missions as possible, it is highly recommended that you complete the following quests before pursuing "High Noon," as some of them may become unavailable otherwise.

  • "Mixed Messages"
  • "Out of the Frying Pan"
  • "The Collective Base"
  • "The Charlatan's Charlatan"

If you've completed them already, acknowledge Sloane's contact and head to Kadara's Outcast Headquarters to talk to her.

When speaking to Sloane Kelly, respond how you like. When you reach the location, say:

  • "You lied to me."
  • You will get a prompt to "Save Sloane." Do not press anything.
  • In the cutscene, say "I want you. Only you."

When you next talk to Reyes, choose:

  • Either option.
  • Either option.
  • "Thanks, Reyes."
  • "This is a surprise."
  • "Me neither."

This cements the romance with Reyes!


You can get an email from him and a special cutscene after Ryder's speech in "Meridian: The Way Home." Reyes is a strangely charming man whose voice actor is Nicholas Boulton, who also voiced the male Hawke in Dragon Age II.

He is a fun and cheeky romance, arguably the best in Mass Effect: Andromeda. With this guide, you'll be charming the socks off this naughty smuggler in no time. Have fun!

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