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How to Romance Suvi in “Mass Effect: Andromeda”

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Mass Effect: Andromeda is the latest installment in the science-fiction role-playing video game series Mass Effect by BioWare. With gorgeous alien worlds to explore, a variety of side quests and a cast of characters that sink their claws into you, this fun video game has won the hearts and hours of many players worldwide.

One fun aspect of the Mass Effect series is the ability to woo and romance certain members of your team. One such character is Suvi Anwar, the Scottish redhead assigned as liaison between the Nexus spacecraft and your crew. You first meet her after getting back your ship and boarding it to head for Eon, a potential new home for humanity.

To romance Suvi in this game, your character must be female. As always, BioWare shows their support for the LGBT community in character development and romance options.

Meeting Suvi

You first meet Suvi after getting back your ship, the Tempest. She will introduce herself to you. Choose the following options.

  • "Welcome aboard."
  • Either option.
  • When Suvi laughs about going out to fight, select the romance option "I could show you."

Immediately after the conversation ends, you can ask her about her role on the Nexus and other dialogue opportunities. Try to get to know her better by selecting all available dialogue options.

After "A New Beginning"

After completing the Priority Op mission "A New Beginning," talk with Suvi on the ship again. Suvi will comment on how beautiful space is. Respond with:

  • "It does have beauty."
  • "I feel the same." Suvi is not necessarily put off by disagreement, but it might be better to stay on the safe side and agree with her on her opinions of a higher power.
  • The romance option "We should chat more on this."

Immediately talk to her again and choose the following to encourage the romance. You can also select the other dialogue options to get to know her better.

  • "Wild parties."
  • "I like you."
  • "I mean you're cute."

You'll see a cute scene where both Suvi and Ryder get flustered!

After You've Saved Moshae Sjefa in "A Trail of Hope"

Check your email (be sure to read them all) and then speak to Suvi. She will comment on how great it is that you discovered Aya. Maintain positivity by saying "It will be a help." You will also see a scene with the news that radiation on Eos is dropping, making it safe for another visit and more exploration.

Talk to Suvi; you'll see her reassuring the computer of her symptoms. Say:

  • "Are you all right?"
  • "You licked something."
  • "Yes, she was."
  • Then choose the romance option "You're not alone."

"Movie Night"

There is an extra Tempest mission where you can get items for members of your crew for a "Movie Night." Suvi is included in this mission, but completing it is not required to be able to romance her.

After "Hunting the Archon"

Complete the story Priority Op quest "Hunting the Archon." When you talk to Suvi again, she'll decide to take a break. Choose the following options.

  • "I get those thoughts too."
  • "You're here because of family."

Then get ready to hurry and push the prompt button, because you have a chance to kiss her! After the kiss, say "I mean it" to cement the romance.

"Suvi Anwar: New Discoveries"

Note: Make sure you have kissed Suvi by the time you have completed "Journey to Meridian!"

After completing the Priority Op mission "Journey to Meridian," check your email. There will be a message from Suvi saying she wants to show you something in the Tech Lab on the Nexus. Head there and watch the cutscene.

  • Get ready to press the prompt button to hug her.
  • "Your passion."
  • Get ready to press the prompt button to kiss her.
  • "I'd love to. Forever."

Suvi is a super sweet character and her passion for science and discovery, as well as that awesome accent, is what charmed many characters of Mass Effect: Andromeda! With this guide, you'll be romancing her in no time. In future cutscenes, you'll also see some nice moments between Ryder and Suvi now that the relationship has been cemented. Have fun!

Questions & Answers

Question: What if I missed kissing Suvi after ‘Hunting the Archon’? Can I still pursue a relationship with her?

Answer: Yes. After you've finished "The Journey to Meridian," you should have an email from her so long as you're not romancing anyone else.

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