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How to Beat Margit the Fell Omen in "Elden Ring"

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All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

As far as Souls bosses go, Margit the Fell Omen is a doozy. One of the first bosses you'll face in Elden Ring - and the first you'll find that you must defeat to advance - Margit guards the entrance to Stormveil Castle, and he will beat the stuffing out of every fool who dares tread on his turf. You have to beat Margit to enter Stormvale, and that's a tough task, even for players familiar with FromSoftware's legendary penchant for difficult games.

This guide will help you defeat Margit in battle. Make no mistake, this is going to be a tough fight, though with a bit of prep - and a lot of practice - you can get past this guy.

Preparing for Margit

Before you try to take on Margit - or, perhaps, after you've died a few times - you'll want to do a things to ensure that you're ready for the fight. Do the following:

  • Level your character. You start out at level 9, which is nowhere near enough for fighting Margit (unless you're a pro, in which case you don't need this guide). Explore the areas around Stormveil thoroughly, killing whatever you can kill and building up a nice store of Runes. There is no minimum level for taking Margit down, but on average you'll probably want to be over level 20 if you're having trouble.
  • Upgrade your weapon. You can do this via the anvil at the Church of Ellah, or, if you've found enough Site of Grace, at the Table of Lost Grace. At this point in the game you'll likely have access to only three levels of upgrades, and all of them will require Smithing Stones [1]. You'll find Smithing Stones here and there, though the best place to look for now is the Limgrave Tunnels, a cave found at the northern tip of the lake just south of the Gatefront Ruins. There are tons of Smithing Stones inside, both on the walls and hidden on the occasional enemy.
  • Upgrade your Flasks if you have any leftover Golden Seeds. You'll want as much HP and FP restoration as possible. The battle against Margit is long.
  • Practice! The best way to get good at Margit is to jump into multiplayer. Use your Furled Finger to lay down a Summon Sign in front of the boss door. Someone will pull you into their boss fight sooner or later. There you can watch how different players approach the battle and get a feel for Margit's attacks.

Reaching Margit

Getting to Margit is the easy part of this equation. The entrance to Stormveil Castle is just up the road from the Gatefront Ruins, a small camp swarming with soldiers. They're good practice if you're unfamiliar with Elden Ring's combat controls. Go west through Gatefront to find the Gatefront Site of Grace, then continue up the western road. This trip is perilous thanks to a ton of soldiers and a giant along the way, though if you dash strategically it's not that difficult to bully your way through.

Down this curving road, past the Stormhill Shack Site of Grace, and in a narrow tunnel you'll find the Castleward Tunnel Site of Grace. Margit's boss fog is just a few steps away, giving you a quick route to practice against the beastly guardian.

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Margit's Moveset

Ready to rumble? Let's talk a bit about Margit's repertoire of attacks. There are a lot of them, and it's difficult to remember them all at first. We'll begin with the first phase:

  • Margit will lash out with his weapon, both horizontally and vertically. Occasionally he will pause for a long moment before lashing out, so watch his hands and roll just as they start to move.
  • If you back far enough away while Margit is pausing his attack he will leap at you before attacking. He'll then follow up with another slash. Be ready if you try to remain at a distance.
  • Margit will leap forward, hang in the air for a moment, and come down on top of you. Wait about a second and a half before getting out of the way or Margit will follow your evasive roll. Margit's recovery from this move is pretty slow so you'll have time to hit him after he lands.
  • Margit will jump back and hurl light daggers at you. He typically only does this if you're far away, so you have time to reach. Roll or block the daggers.
  • Margit will pull out a sword of light and hit you in a horizontal arc. This is a swift move that's tough to avoid, and it usually comes out when you've hit Margit a few times in succession, so try not to get greedy. Roll to avoid it if you see it coming.
  • Margit will smack you with his tail if you hit him from behind too many times. He has a bit of a windup so you can roll under this easily with some practice.

Once you chew away around a third of Margit's health he will chat a little about your prowess, then immediately form a massive light hammer. Get out of the way as he lands and prepare for the second, more vicious phase. Margit is now faster and more aggressive, and adds some new moves to his repertoire:

  • Margit will leap into the air and try to shmuck you with his hammer. Roll into it just before he lands to avoid the shockwave.
  • Margit will pull out the hammer and try to flatten you on the ground. Back up as soon as the hammer comes out.
  • Margit will try to hit you with a vicious four-part combo. Getting caught in this hurts very badly, so as soon as he starts to swing quickly back up and away. Once he stops he's vulnerable for a short time.

All of Margit's attacks are painful, some more than others, and he'll spend the battle trying to get in your face. That said, Margit's worst attribute is his staying power, as he has an enormous amount of health. Only the most powerful players will whittle him down quickly.


Beating Margit

Your approach to this fight won't change much whether you're a melee fighter or ranged, though staying at a range is generally easier. Get a feel for Margit's attacks, avoid them, ensure he isn't going to perform a followup, then hit him once or twice. Pull back and repeat. If you hit him enough times Margit will stagger, giving you room to run up and plant a blade in his guts. Samurai have an extra leg-up in this fight thanks to Bleed damage, which stacks up quickly enough against Margit.

If you're still having trouble then you'll want help, and barring other players your primary aide is Sorcerer Rogier. His Summon Sign is right beside the boss fog, and he'll use his spells to deal fairly significant amounts of damage to Margit. Rogier does not heal, so you'll want to attract Margit's attention as much as you can to keep Rogier alive throughout the fight. Rogier's presence will give you many more opportunities to hit Margit in the back, though remain wary of his tail attack.

If you're still having trouble with Margit you have one other option. East of Gatefront Ruins, alongside a river, is a cave. This is Murkwater Cave, and inside you'll find Patches, a familiar face to Souls veterans. Defeat him in combat (he's much easier than Margit), spare him, and leave. When you come back he'll be a merchant, and he'll be selling Margit's Shackles. You can use this item during the first phase of the Margit fight to incapacitate Margit for a while, allowing you to get in a healthy dose of damage. Not a bad way to spare yourself some Flask doses before the brutal second phase kicks in.

And if that's still not enough? Well... leave and come back. There are many places you can go in Elden Ring to hone your skills and build up your level. Margit is much more manageable when you're past level 30, and it doesn't take that long to get there.

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