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How to Beat Aamon in "Dragon Quest IV" (Final Boss)

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How to Beat Aamon in Dragon Quest IV

This article is a guide on how to beat Aamon in Dragon Quest IV. Aamon is the final final boss (yes, I wrote final twice) of the game (Playstation and DS versions only; the game ends in Chapter 5 on the NES version). He's a lot meaner than Psaro ever was, and by the time you're done with him, you'll be glad he only has four forms (instead of Psaro's seven).

The fact that you're reading this probably means you're having trouble beating him. Some general notes on what you should have:

  • Hero with Omniheal. In my playthrough he was level 38. I had him equipped with the Falcon Blade and Zenithian Gear. His accesory was the Meteorite Bracer, for the 2x agility. Since he will frequently be using Omniheal, this is important, so you don't get wiped out when Aamon attacks first.
  • Psaro with better equips than what he starts with. An interesting note about Psaro is that he can equip cursed items without penalty. Abuse this. In fact, my equipment setup with Psaro was the Massacre Sword (cursed), Hela Armor (cursed), Iron Mask and Liquid Metal Shield. For the accesory, I gave him a Mighty Armlet so he could swing harder.
  • In my playthrough Psaro was still at his starting level (35).
  • Kiryl. I had him at level 39, but he learns his essential spells (mainly Kazing and Multiheal) earlier, so he should already be set up.
  • Maya at level 40. Same as Kiryl, she should have acquired her best spells several levels ago.
  • Maya should have an Yggdrasil Leaf in her inventory, but since both Psaro and Kiryl can Kazing (Psaro learns it at 38 if you want it), it may not be necessary. In my playthrough, only Kiryl could Kazing, and I did just fine. (Perhaps I was lucky?)
  • You DO NOT have access to your wagon during this final battle, so the four you take into battle (of which one MUST be Psaro) are all you get.

On to Aamon!

Aamon Form 1

Looks very familiar doesn't he? Aamon's forms are essentially color palette swaps of Psaro's later forms. Aamon is a lot meaner though.

Looks very familiar doesn't he? Aamon's forms are essentially color palette swaps of Psaro's later forms. Aamon is a lot meaner though.

Defeating Form 1

In this form, Aamon can breathe blazing flames (in contrast to Psaro's blistering flames, that do less damage although they sound more painful). He can also use the good old Disruptive Wave (I call it Disruption out of habit; Disruptive Wave is the official name though) as well as bite. Unlike Psaro though, his bite can paralyze. Also, that paralysis cannot be blocked by status effect protections. Mean, eh?

For turn 1:

  • Have the Hero attack normally. With the Falcon Blade he hits twice. Yay!
  • Psaro should also attack normally.
  • Kiryl should use Kabuff.
  • Maya should use Sap.

In this form Aamon only attacks once per round, which is a bit weak to be honest, but you'll be glad for this leniency when he gets tougher. If he blasts fire, just use Multiheal with Kiryl. If he uses Disruptive Wave, have Kiryl use Kabuff again. This is moderately harder than Psaro's fourth form, but that's not saying much, since your levels are invariably higher now than before as well.

Moving on...

Aamon Form 2

Aren't you supposed to wait an interval BEFORE you grow in the big legs? This is looking bad...

Aren't you supposed to wait an interval BEFORE you grow in the big legs? This is looking bad...

Defeating Form 2

And just like that, he jumps a form. This form looks similar to Psaro's sixth form, but is a lot nastier. In this one form, his flames become blistering (so they're actually weaker now than before). However, he gets the ability to attack twice in a round, and if he breathes flames twice on the same turn (something that, admittedly, seems to occur rarely), you will be in for a world of hurt, very fast. He can stomp on a character with his giant foot, attack with his claws, breathe blistering flames and use Disruptive Wave.

Your battle strategy now is quite similar as the one mentioned above, but your Hero will have to take on the role of supporting healer a lot more. This has the nasty side effect of lowering your damage output (Kiryl does less damage than the Hero does), which extends the duration of your battle with this form. Considering how erratic Aamon's attack sequence can be, you're just going to have to hope luck is on your side. His sequence is so random that at times he only attacks once a turn.

In any case, once you've done about 2000 damage or so...

Aamon Form 3

It's Ps...Aamon!! In a blatant color swap of Psaro's final form, Aamon is here to punish you for your insolence! Beware!

It's Ps...Aamon!! In a blatant color swap of Psaro's final form, Aamon is here to punish you for your insolence! Beware!

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Defeating Form 3

With the addition of a second head, this battle gets more than difficult. He regains the ability to breathe blazing flames, while keeping the ability to attack twice. His stomp does nearly 200 damage to whoever he uses it on, although he has a strange habit of skipping his other action if he uses it. He'll use Disruptive Wave a lot more as well. As an interesting aside, he can also cast Kaboom, but I find that spell to be underwhelming in comparison to the rest of his arsenal. Perhaps the most dangerous addition to his repertoire is his sleep attack. By staring down one of your characters, that character falls asleep (never seen it miss and I know it pierces status protection, so that won't help). If your Hero falls asleep, it could get nasty. You don't have Meena if you've been following my tips to the letter, which means those breath attacks can be potentially fatal (I don't like Meena because she never learns Multiheal).

If you can spare a turn and one of your other characters falls asleep, you may want to say hi to Cock-A-Doodle-Doo (I wish I were joking with the spell name). Available to the Hero, this wakes up the entire party if he uses it (can't use it if he's asleep though, for obvious reasons). I never had to use it, since the loss of one of my characters wasn't crippling (he kept aiming for Psaro; grudge maybe?)

Psaro should be using Fullheal every time Aamon stomps. You might be wondering why him and not Kiryl or the Hero? Well, Kiryl's MP should be lowering due to Kabuff/Multiheal and Omniheal for the Hero costs 20. In contrast, during my playthrough, Psaro never used spells, except for the occasional Fullheal, so he had plenty of MP to spare. Spread out your spell usage, and the party's MP will last longer.

After you deal sufficient damage, he will be de...

Aamon Form 4

...feated? No, not yet. :( And this is a color swap of a color swap of Psaro's seventh form. Tsk tsk. Shame on you Aamon, you evil,!

...feated? No, not yet. :( And this is a color swap of a color swap of Psaro's seventh form. Tsk tsk. Shame on you Aamon, you evil,!

Defeating Form 4

This is the last form of Aamon. Unfortunately, it's also his strongest. He gains access to an attack you'll never see anywhere else in this game (but probably will if you play the more recent Dragon Quest games), which is C-C-Cold Breath (yes, that's the name of the breath attack; only thing silly about it is the name, it's quite painful...). The cold breath attack can do upwards of 190 damage to EACH party member, making it probably the strongest group attack in the entire game (only challenged by the Hero's Kazap, but some monsters are lightning-immune, so...). Also, it gets worse. He can use it twice (I'm so lucky I didn't see it happen personally, but I read about it on gaming forums, so rest assured that it can happen; I blame his random attack patern for the varied results in this battle) in one turn, which is pretty much game over unless you're overleveled or have Insulatle activated.

He keeps the sleep attack (which ignores status protections, don't forget!), as well as the 200 damage stomp. His HP total in this form is also a whopping 4000, which makes him the most resilient monster in the whole game (besides Metal Monsters, but those are resilient for another reason...). Your basic strategy, which you will still be using is:

  • Hero uses Omniheal after a turn of cold breath. If he uses it on consecutive turns, you WILL be wiped unless you heal up, and Multiheal will not cut it. It may irk you to see the great Hero reduced to a glorified Priest, but if that's what it takes to win...
  • Psaro should just attack as usual, unless some one gets stomped, in which case he should use Fullheal.
  • Kiryl should use Kabuff every time Aamon uses Disruptive Wave and attack any other time (yes, the Priest will become a sub-par Warrior for this last leg of the battle).
  • Maya will Sap on turn one, and every time it wears off, and Kafrizzle at any other time.

When Aamon nears death, he will use Magic Burst almost repeatedly, which releases all of his remaining magical power (aka. MP) into one violent blast that hits the entire party. In my playthrough it did roughly 200 damage to each (and that's with items that halve spell damage). He will then spend a turn (maybe his second action that very turn, or on his next turn, but always soon after) to recover the lost magical power by meditating. Once he uses Magic Burst the first time, hit him as hard as you can, only sparing the Hero to use Omniheal if needed. If he uses Magic Burst and then his cold breath attack, was nice knowing you!

Finally, after a grueling battle with many Kazings thrown about, as well as Omniheals and other, more offensive, spells, Aamon falls.

You Won...or Did You?

If you've followed my instructions and the randomizer for Aamon has been kind, you will have won, with a party that's not even in their 40s.

More power to you for pulling it off at such a low level. If you can't beat him yet, then just go train your characters some more. Beating him is the last thing to strive for in this game, so why rush it?

Feel free to comment on my strategies or ask for further help. I'll be glad to give advice!

Until the next time, take care and have fun!



hi on June 12, 2014:

hmm, pandemonic armor for psaro is the best, it's annoying to get but it well worth it.

i love it the pandemonic sword is like the miracle sword but BETTER

all the armor gives great defense and has resistance to ice and fire attacks, snooze, fuddle, magic etc.

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