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How to Beat Demi-Human Queen Margot in "Elden Ring"

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The shrieking matriarch of an underground world, Demi-Human Queen Margot is a sight to behold. Appearing similar to the Trolls that frequent the world of Elden Ring, Margot is faster, smarter, and far more punishing in almost every way. Like the Trolls, however, she does want to pound your bones to a pulp, so there's some common ground after all.

This guide will help you defeat Demi-Human Queen Margot in Elden Ring. Despite her size and speed, Margot is not quite so difficult as she seems, though you also need to be careful not to underestimate her.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

Finding Margot

Margot and her kin are secreted away in the Volcano Cave, a small dungeon hidden in the north of Mt. Gelmir. To reach it, you'll need to take the northern road west out of the Altus Plateau, follow it through the blasted areas full of dead and not-so-dead soldiers, and look for a Grafted Scion, the multilimbed monstrosity that (probably) killed you shortly after you game began. You can get revenge here or just try to sneak by it. Either way you're looking for a ladder up the side of the mountain.

Beyond are a series of rises guarded by a variety of Marionette and Avionette Soldiers, and you'll have to defeat them and keep climbing. This is a deceptively long and dangerous climb, so stay on your toes and try to look for the enemies before they get the drop on you. You can easily hit them all with ranged weapons so long as you don't go blundering into fights without some recon work.

At the top is another destroyed camp. Take a right here and down the road. At the end of it you'll find the Volcano Cave. Inside is a number of fights with little Demi-Humans, none of them terribly dangerous, and at the bottom of the cave is the boss fog. Margot awaits.


Margot's Moveset

Margot is a long-limbed fiend, and she can hit you from quite a distance with most of her attacks. Her most stunning attribute is her speed, however, and she can cross her lair with surprising rapidity. In other words, if you're expecting a fight similar to those with the Trolls that dot the landscape in other parts of Elden Ring, you're in for a shock. You can expect the following moves from Margot:

  • Simple arm swipes. Margot will flail around and try to smack you. Pretty simple stuff, though her reach makes these attacks pretty dangerous. She typically only does one or two so if you have lots of Stamina you can block her, though rolls are the more customary response.
  • While she still has her staff, Margot will slam it down and drag it along the floor. A pretty easy two-hit attack to avoid.
  • Margot will raise her arms up and slam the ground. This triggers a shockwave and will knock you flying.
  • Once Margot gets rid of her staff she will, if you're far enough away, leap across the arena and try to stamp you into the ground. Rolling towards and under her will help you avoid the brunt of this attack.

Halfway through the fight Margot will get rid of her staff, scream, and come at you with greater ferocity on all fours. At this point Margot's melee options expand, and she'll add one new, especially dangerous attack:

  • Margot will reach out at you and try to grab you. If she succeeds she'll gnaw on you for substantial amounts of damage, and unless you have a lot of health you probably won't survive. Roll towards Margot to avoid being turned into a snack.

Beating Margot

At lower levels, Margot can be dangerous, but she doesn't have a ton of health and her defenses are pretty poor. What's more, the climb up to her dungeon is treacherous enough that you'll probably need to be a much higher level than Margot calls for. In short, this boss fight is going to wind up being on the easier side.

Melee fighters will have it easier against Margot because you'll be inclined to stay very close to her, which is exactly where you want to be. Roll into Margot's attacks and stay under her belly for most of the fight, attacking her legs to do damage. This will allow you to avoid the vast majority of her blows and deal tons of your own. She's a bit more dangerous once she goes down on all fours, but so long as you avoid the biting attack you shouldn't be in too much danger.

Ranged fighters will probably feel inclined to keep away from Margot. It's better to stick close, if you can, and fight as though you're a melee brawler. Margot's very fast but her attacks are imprecise, and you should have plenty of time to launch spells or arrows, even at a close range.

Summoning makes this battle much easier. Margot has a wide range and can hit multiple attackers, but she's so big that everyone will usually spread out, only putting a single attacker in immediate danger. This will allow you to remain on the sidelines and hit Margot from a distance, or join the fracas, get under her, and smack at her legs until she's dead.

You'll earn 11,000 Runes and a Jar Cannon for defeating Demi-Human Queen Margot.