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How to Beat Elemer of the Briar in "Elden Ring"

A nasty, magically-inclined knight who waits at the top of a bog-ridden castle, Elemer of the Briar is as aggressive a combatant as they come. Flying at you from multiple angles with some tricky, deadly attacks, Elemer is a tough combatant even if you're overleveled. You'll need good reflexes - and possibly some help - to take him out.

This guide will help you defeat Elemer of the Briar in Elden Ring. This is a tough fight, even if Elemer doesn't have a ton of health, so expect to try it at least a few times before you succeed.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

Finding Elemer

Elemer is in the Shaded Castle, a ruined, mostly outdoor dungeon on the edge of the Altus Plateau. Make your way to the Plateau's Minor Erdtree, then head west through the valley it's in. You'll find a series of Spirit Springs leading up the cliffs, to the Writheblood Ruins. The Shaded Castle is in the next valley to the northwest.

There are a number of ways to enter the Shaded Castle, though ultimately they all lead to a short, if dangerous, dungeon. Fight your way through to the elevator into the twin towers. Elemer is down a corridor filled with statues.

Elemer's Moveset

A lumbering, yet surprisingly speedy fellow, Elemer will seldom relent in his vicious pursuit of your head. You'll need to stay on your toes the entire fight to survive. Expect the following attacks from Elemer:

  • Elemer performs a series of combos with his sword. Nothing fancy, though you'll go flying if you get hit. His last strike is usually a thrust with surprising range, which he'll also occasionally use on its own. All of Elemer's normal sword attacks have about a half second of pause time before he lashes out, so don't roll too early or he'll hit you anyway.
  • Elemer slams his shield into the ground, creating a shockwave. This attack is slow enough that you shouldn't have much trouble getting out of the way. He often uses this to punish people hitting him from behind, so be ready to dodge if you've been attacking his backside. If Elemer pauses in the ground longer than usual it means he's charging up an area of effect attack, indicated by a spark of red magic, so get well away from him before it goes off.
  • Elemer pauses for a moment, then puts his shoulder down and rushes at you. You'll have plenty of warning that he's about to zip towards you, though he's so quick that you'll find him right in your face if you wait too long. Once he stops Elemer is vulnerable to attack for a moment.
  • Elemer imbues his sword with crackling red energy, then hurts it towards you, using his sword like a drill. It's a similar attack to his shoulder, though it deals consecutive hits worth of damage rather than all at once. You'll see it coming and should be able to avoid it without too much trouble.
  • Elemer releases his sword and sends it floating towards you. The sword is a bit slow at first but will quickly zip around in an arc before returning to Elemer. Occasionally the sword will try to hit you a few more times, so don't lower your guard until it returns to Elemer.
  • Elemer lashes out at you as normal, though he does it with his sword floating so the attacks have more range than usual. If you see red streaks flowing behind his sword you'll know you need to give Elemer a lot more space.
  • Elemer gathers red energy around his fist, waits for a few seconds, then tries to grab you. Though it hurts a lot to get nabbed, this attack is so slow and easy to spot that you shouldn't have any trouble getting out of Elemer's way.

In addition to Elemer's attacks you also need to contend with a room crowded full of furniture, which, while cleared out quickly by the battle, is easy to get stuck on at first. Make a point to roll around a bit to destroy everything before engaging Elemer in earnest.

Beating Elemer

This is another one of those rare fights where melee fighters will have it a bit easier than ranged fighters. Elemer spends so much time zipping across the room to get into your face that it's basically always going to be a close-quarters fight unless you summon help, and even then Elemer switches targets often.

If you're by yourself then expect to be dodging Elemer's sword swipes constantly. Despite his quick, aggressive style it's business as usual for a melee boss: Wait for him to attack, get in a hit or two of your own once he does, then roll out of the way before he can counterattack. If Elemer sends his sword out at you you can get a surprising number of hits in by rolling towards him, though he'll quickly follow up with a combo if you're still there when it returns, so attempt this with caution.

Summons are great help in this fight, as many of Elemer's favorite attacks are one-directional and should only hit one target at a time. Distractions are especially valuable for ranged fighters, though again, if you hit him too hard and too often he'll change his attention to you and zip across the room towards you. Always be ready for Elemer to take a deadly interest in your character. If you're a melee character and you have Ashen Spirits, try to get Elemer's attention on you so your spirits can mash him from the sides.

You'll earn 24,000 Runes, the Marais Executioner's Sword, and the Briar Greatshield for taking down Elemer of the Briar.