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How to Beat Flying Dragon Agheel in "Elden Ring"

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As what will likely be the first dragon you'll come across during your Elden Ring adventure, Flying Dragon Agheel appears much earlier than you can feasibly defeat him. Found a short trip from one of the game's first Sites of Grace, Agheel will roast you to death if you try to come at it early - or even later on, if you don't have the right plan in mind. Still, Agheel is easier to bring down than it looks, so long as you don't approach the fight too recklessly.

This guide will help you defeat Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring. As the first dragon in the game, Agheel serves as a template for a lot of later confrontations, so you'd best get used to fighting dragons now. They show up a lot.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

Finding Agheel

Agheel hangs out, no surprise, at Agheel Lake. It's the shallow body of water located just east of the crypt where the game more or less begins. You'll find that the Church of Elleh Site of Grace, a little ways north of the crypt, is a better spot for tackling Agheel.

Leave the church and approach the water. There's an island here with several soldiers lingering near a fire. If you get too close Agheel will appear and demolish the soldiers, clearing the battlefield for the two of you. The fight is on. If (when) you return later without having defeated Agheel, it will be waiting on the island for you.


Agheel's Moveset

Despite appearing so early in Elden Ring Agheel has a sizable moveset, and you'll need to get used to a lot of different attacks if you're to survive. You can expect Agheel to use the following attacks in combat:

  • Agheel will try to flatten you with one of its wings. It does this when you're in front of Agheel, but not far enough away for a fire attack. You'll see the wing coming well in advance, so be ready to roll.
  • Agheel will roar, then charge towards you. Rolling to any side won't do a whole lot, so if you can't get out of the way by running your best bet is to roll straight towards Agheel. Hopefully the roll will take you right under its feet.
  • Agheel will wheel around and try to bite you. It will roar before doing this, and moves in sort of a tight arc, so this move doesn't have a huge range. Expect this if you're attacking from behind but aren't right under Agheel.
  • Agheel will raise one of its feet and try to stomp you. This will only happen if you, or one of your summons, tries to attack Agheel's legs for too long. It's an easy move to see coming, and if you're a melee character you'll probably see Agheel use this more than anything else. Roll out of the way about a second after the leg lifts into the air.
  • Agheel will swipe its tail at you. You'll likely only see this attack if you're behind Agheel and attacking. Agheel will sort of wind up, moving its hips, then sweep the tail in a long arc. Roll to avoid it.
  • Agheel will use a concentrated stream of flame breath to try and roast you. Despite its range this is a slow attack, and so long as you keep rolling to the left or right you shouldn't have any trouble keeping away from the flame. Agheel won't use this unless you're in front of the dragon, and it will occasionally fly away to a different spot so it can roast you.
  • Agheel will rise into the air and blast a cone-shaped area with flame. This is a harsh move that's difficult to avoid if you're in the wrong spot. Immediately lock onto Agheel whenever it takes to the sky and run behind it to avoid getting scorched. Alternately, if you have a general idea of which way Agheel is facing, release your target lock and immediately run the opposite direction.
  • Agheel will take off and fly towards you, launching a spray of fire in a line directed straight at you. The spray isn't so dangerous as the line of flames it leaves behind, and trying to roll against the spray will leave you doused in fire. Unlock your targeting from Agheel and try to roll well away from the flames.

In addition to all this Agheel will often land on high ground around the lake, making it a bit difficult to get at if you're a melee fighter. Don't worry, though, it will come down for you soon enough.


Beating Agheel

Agheel's not as tough as it lets on, though it's still plenty dangerous. Regardless of whether you fight at a range or up close, you should probably approach this battle in the same way.

The key to surviving Agheel is to stay relatively close to the dragon. It's very difficult to avoid Agheel's fire attacks at a distance, and even its deadlier melee moves come from further away. Your best bet is to keep under Agheel's feet and pound its feet and wings with attacks. This way Agheel's primary threat is its stomp attack, which is easy to see coming so long as you're locked onto the leg. Rush to get back under Agheel whenever it flies off, giving any flames it launches at you in the meantime a wide berth.

The only situation in which it's safe to wallop Agheel from a distance is if you've summoned help. Spirit Ashes are a great help in this fight so long as they have the endurance to stand up to a few blasts of flame, which will inevitably happen. If this is the case you can blast Agheel's head for a bit of extra damage. Make sure to change your tactics if Agheel turns its attention to you, which is bound to happen more than once.

Alternately, you can fight Agheel on your horse. The key here is to sweep under Agheel's legs, get in a few hits, and then get back out before Agheel can pound you flat. Wheel around on the other side of Agheel, well away from its tail, then rush back in when there's an opening. Repeat until Agheel is toast. If you're not quick enough Agheel will swat you and knock you off your horse, so be ready for footed combat at any moment. Even if you don't fight primarily on your horse it's still a good way to get back under Agheel whenever it flies away.

You'll earn 5,000 Runes and a Dragon Heart for defeating Flying Dragon Agheel. You'll also unlock a new draconic power for yourself at the Church of Dragon Communion in Caelid.