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How to Beat Godrick the Grafted in "Elden Ring"

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

A rather nasty piece of stitched-together work, Godrick the Grafted is the lord of Stormveil Castle and one of the first mandatory bosses you'll face in Elden Ring. A mass of arms and armaments, Godrick is both sturdy and powerful, and you'll need some slick moves to take him down and open up another chunk of the world.

This guide will teach you how to beat Godrick down. By way of prep you should have a weapon that's been upgraded to +3 at a minimum, as you'll need every offensive advantage you can get to chew up Godrick's huge health bar.


Godrick's Moveset

Though Godrick doesn't boast quite as many moves as his guardian, Margit the Fell Omen, the king of gold will nevertheless keep you on your toes. You can expect the following moves from this lumbering baddie:

  • Axe slashes, both singular and in combos. Godrick's windup is pretty obvious so you should see these coming. Godrick will spin to track you while doing this, so if there are multiple targets and he's facing away from you you'll still need to be ready to dodge if he swivels your way.
  • A leaping attack that will close the distance between the two of you. This is slow enough that you'll have a good chance to both avoid it and punish Godrick when he lands.
  • A wind charging attack that hurts anyone within close range. Once Godrick charges up he will perform one of two attacks, listed below.
  • If you're far enough away Godrick will launch two windy projectiles at you after summoning his wind. These blades are quite difficult to avoid if you're not already moving, so either put up a shield in preparation or start rolling before Godrick attacks.
  • Alternately, Godrick may begin to pinwheel around before launching himself at you after he's summoned wind. Watch him closely and roll away when he comes at you. This is another good opportunity to smack Godrick once he's done moving.
  • Last, Godrick will use an earth-smashing attack to deal area of effect damage around his feet. Godrick telegraphs this attack by slowly raising his axe with both hands, so you should see it coming. It's a two-part attack that greatly expands in radius after a few seconds, so back well away and fire at Godrick from a distance while he's performing the move.
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Once you've whittled away half of Godrick's health he'll start to scream. Use this opportunity to beat him down some more, as he's about to become a fair bit stronger, thanks to a pilfered dragon head. The second phase of the fight gives Godrick a few more attacks:

  • Godrick can use the dragon head to spurt flame. This attack is slow but has a substantial reach. Do your best not to get cornered. Jumping over the flame is an option if you have good timing.
  • Godrick will perform his area of effect wind attack but add fire in for more damage. Back away as before.
  • Godrick will try to slap you with the dragon's head. This attack is relatively slow and gives you a chance to hit Godrick once you dodge out of the way.
  • Godrick will try to grab you with the dragon's head, and treat you to a painful flame bath. He rears back for a second before trying this so you have a moment to roll out of the way. Make sure you do, as this attack really hurts.

Beating Godrick

Godrick's attacks all have a sizable range, even his melee swipes, so you'll only want to get close if you need to smack him with your weapon. Otherwise try to create distance between the two of you and roll whenever Godrick gets close. Ranged fighters can use the complex geography of the graveyard to stymie Godrick's attacks, while melee fighters need to keep rolling around him, avoiding obstacles when possible. Smacking Godrick's backside - particularly when he starts to breathe fire - will keep you safe for a few seconds while he moves around to track you.

Need help? Your first option is Nepheli Loux. If you go down the path with the giant near the boss fog you can find Nepheli in a side room. Speak to her, then again back at the Roundtable, to conjure her summon sign outside the boss arena. Alternately, summon some spirit distractions. Godrick seems particularly vulnerable to Spirit Wolves, and has trouble deciding which to attack while they gang up on him. Get behind Godrick and wallop him as the Wolves knock him around.

You'll earn 15,000 Runes, Godrick's Great Rune, and the Remembrance of the Grafted for winning this fight. You'll also unlock a path leading to the next major area of the game. Congrats!

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