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How to Beat Godskin Nobles in "Elden Ring"

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

The puffy, chunky counterpart of the Godskin Apostle, Godskin Nobles are nasty fighters who are a lot faster than they look. (Though that applies to a surprising number of enemies in Elden Ring.) Appearing multiple times throughout the game, Godskin Nobles are more than capable of taking you down if you underestimate them.

This guide will help you beat Godskin Nobles in Elden Ring. You'll encounter them in a number of different situations, though each time their movesets will be the same.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

Finding Godskin Nobles

There are four Godskin Nobles total in Elden Ring. They appear in the following locations:

  • Volcano Manor. Upon entering the grounds you'll gain access to the rest of the castle by a) Completing the requests of the two NPCs who reside in the main hall, or b) Finding a hidden wall in the Drawing Room and proceeding through the dungeon. From here you need to find your way down to the lava's edge, near some ruined houses. A staircase here will take you up to an area filled with cages, and one of them will take you up to the Noble's boss fog if you step inside.
  • Carian Study Hall. To properly complete this area you'll need to do a job for Ranni, who resides at Ranni's Rise in the far north of Liurnia in the Lakes. She'll give you a Carian Inverted Statue which you can use to access the end of this area. There's a Godskin Noble waiting.
  • Spiritcaller's Cave. You'll find the Cave in the Mountaintops of the Giants region, near the end of the game. It's along the Frozen Lake in the northeast of the region. Inside you'll need to fight both a Godskin Apostle and a Godskin Noble, one at a time.
  • Crumbling Farum Azula. Once you make it all the way through Mountaintops of the Giants you'll find the Forge of the Giants. Agreeing to help the NPC here commit a 'cardinal sin' will zip you off to Crumbling Farum Azula, a mandatory dungeon. Here you'll face a Godskin Apostle and a Godskin Noble simultaneously.

Godskin Noble's Moveset

The Godskin Noble uses a long, thin rapier for the majority of its attacks, and likes to hit in you straight lines. You can expect the following moves when fighting a Godskin Noble:

  • The Noble will use its rapier to thrust at you. Pretty basic attacks, though they're quick and they have a long range. Expect multiple strikes, especially as the battle progresses.
  • The Noble will perform one long thrust from a great distance. You still need to roll, but your expectations on range need to be much greater. The Noble will pause for a brief second before thrusting so you have a moment to roll out of the way.
  • The Noble will slam the ground with the butt of its rapier. It will always do this attack twice. Get out of the way and wait for the second slam.
  • The Noble will use its tail to swat at you. This attack only comes out if you've been attacking the Noble from behind for too long.
  • The Noble will try to belly bump you out of the way. It's a quick attack that's difficult to anticipate, but its range is short and it doesn't do much damage.
  • The Noble will summon black flames into its hand and hurl them at you. Unless you're caught off guard this is a pretty easy attack to avoid.
  • The Noble will summon a patch of black flames around itself. Even though it looks like there's clear space around the Noble this will deal damage as long as you're nearby, so roll well away from the Noble.

Halfway through the Noble's health bar, it will float into the air, triggering an outburst of black flames a few seconds later. This heralds some move changes to the Noble, as well as increased aggression:

  • The Noble's sword combos become much longer and more difficult to avoid. Roll to the sides, or straight at the Noble, to avoid them. Rolling backwards will get you caught by the rapier.
  • The Noble will begin thrusting its rapier rapidly towards you. The Noble will keep doing this for a while, so you're not safe after a single roll. Blocking is not a good idea, either, even if you have a ton of Stamina.
  • The Noble will perform another belly bump, but this one is powered by flame magic. The attack is a bit slower so you should see it coming.
  • The Noble will puff up its coat, then start to roll around the arena at great speeds. All you can do is roll out of the way when this happens. Moving behind pillars or other objects will get the Noble stuck, giving you more of a chance to get away. You can also 'follow' the Noble's path, rolling yourself in a circle, and if you get into the right pattern the two of you will keep circling harmlessly until the Noble stops.
  • The Noble will puff up its coat, fly into the air, and slam down onto the ground. The impact zone of this attack is considerable. Get out of the way as soon as the Noble leaves the ground.

Beating Godskin Nobles

The key to this fight is to spend as little time in front of the Godskin Noble as possible. Its rapier is long, and it can attack very quickly. Let the Noble attack and get to its side or behind, then unleash your own attack. Block or roll to avoid its counterattack, create room, and repeat. This will get you through the first phase of the fight without too much trouble, so long as you avoid its flame attacks.

The second phase is more troublesome, as the Noble's attacks become more frequent and chaotic. Only approach the creature when it's (relatively) still, and using its sword attacks. The Noble's movements become too crazy when it's rolling around the arena. A shield will actually protect you from the rolling attack, assuming you have lots of Stamina, though you'll also be sent flying when it connects. Better to avoid it completely.

Ranged fighters will have trouble with this fight given the Noble's propensity for getting in your face. If you're having trouble keeping away from the thing, summons work well for at least the first half of the fight. The Noble's narrow attack profile will ensure that only one summon is getting attacked most of the time, and the Noble has a tendency to go after melee fighters over ranged. Be ready for it to fling itself straight at you at any time, however.

You'll earn 50,000 Runes, the Godskin Stitcher, and the Noble Presence Incantation for beating the Godskin Noble in Volcano Manor.