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How to Beat Magma Wyrm Makar in "Elden Ring"

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An optional boss secreted away in the far northeast corner of the world map, Magma Wyrm Makar is no joke. A massive, scaly, lava-barfing fiend found at the end of the Ruin-Strewn Precipice, Makar is an intimidating force of nature that will burn you alive if you're not careful.

This guide will show you how to both find and defeat Magma Wyrm Makar. The boss on its own is nasty, but getting to it is almost harder.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

Finding Magma Wyrm Makar

You won't come across Makar until you've defeated Godrick the Grafted at a minimum. Follow the path of the main game until it takes you to the Bellum Church Site of Grace, to the north of the Liurnia of the Lakes region. Bellum Church is to the left of the road, and you'll want to go through the forest to avoid the nasty, mounted, black-clad knights that patrol the area.

Go down to the waters from here and follow the shore to the northeast. Soon you'll come to a massive framework structure that's snugged up against the mountains. Climb ladders to gain entrance to the mines, and fight your way through until you reach the Rain-Strewn Precipice Site of Grace. This first section of the mines is full of poison, miners, and Vulgar Militia, but so long as you go slowly it's not too bad.

Once you're back outside things get worse, as the next section is full of Giant Bats that can prove a massive nuisance when they take to the air. Try to shoot them down from their perches with magic or arrows before moving in for the kill. Things get worse when you start hearing singing, as you're about to run into Harpy-like creatures that can insta-kill you if they manage to grapple you. The first one is largely unavoidable since she'll hit you if you try to climb the ladder near here, but you can sprint right past the second pair can be sprinted right past. There's an elevator behind them.

The Rain-Strewn Precipice Overlook Site of Grace is at the top of the elevator. Makar's boss fog is right next door.

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Makar's Moveset

A massive foe, Makar uses its size, reach, and fiery drool to kill you. You can expect the following attacks in Makar's first phase:

  • Makar will swipe at you with its enormous sword. These attacks are slow, so you have time to get away, but they have a massive range and can hurt quite a bit. Run towards and around Makar if you see this happening rather than trying to back up. Depending on Makar's target it may spin as it swipes, so you're not necessarily safe behind it. Be ready to roll.
  • Makar will pause for a moment, raise its sword, then spin and damage everything around him. This attack is very difficult to see coming if you're not in the right spot, though if you see Makar stop moving there's a good chance it's about to happen. Roll.
  • Makar will rear up and slam its body down, generating a shockwave. Back away when you see its chest leave the ground.
  • Makar will open its mouth and run at you. If it connects you'll be badly burned by the flames roiling in its mouth. This only happens if you're in front of Makar, so again, try to stay on its side or behind it. Makar will leave lava in its wake. So long as you don't get too close Makar's mad dashes are a good time to smack it, especially if it gets caught on the geography of the boss arena.
  • Makar will launch a fireball at you. The lava this leaves behind is worse than the attack itself.
  • Makar will burp up lava, spreading it around the area. This is the element that makes the fight difficult, as you can easily blunder into patches of lava and burn to death while trying to track Makar. If you're beside Makar it will often crane its neck around to vomit right on top of you, so roll under its body and keep attacking before the lava spreads too much.
  • If Makar starts to rush forward the very momentum of its body can be enough to do damage. Try to keep at a bit of a distance to avoid being knocked away.

In a surprise move Makar will get to its feet once half of its health is gone, and it'll replace its lava attacks with a flaming sword of immense size. You can expect some new attacks when this happens:

  • Makar will use slow melee attacks to try and slam you down. As before, try to get close to - and largely behind - Makar to avoid these.
  • Makar will rise up and try to slam its sword down on you. Same idea, just get behind the beast and use the opportunity to smack its hide while it's busy. Makar can spin around while doing this so don't assume you're safe.
  • Makar will belch flames. Basically the same attack as before, though the lava is less dangerous this time since Makar will stand still while doing it.

As of the release of Elden Ring Makar will occasionally begin the fight in its second phase, and will come out to fight standing up. The second phase is a bit easier than the first to handle so consider this a blessing if it happens.


Beating Makar

Trying to keep Makar at a distance is quite difficult without help, as it will continuously rush you and perform attacks. This gets especially grating when there's lava all over the place. If you're fighting alone you'll likely have to fight up close, and the best way to do that is to keep to Makar's backside as much as you can. Its head is just too deadly - though if you can safely hit Makar's face you can push it towards being staggered a little faster. Back away whenever there's lava and wait for a moment for the superheated sludge to subside. (And if you can't avoid it, well, any gear you have to protect against fire is recommended.)

It is important to note that you should not lock onto Makar during this fight, or at least not for the first phase. If you lock on the camera will go wonky as Makar blunders around you, and you'll risk running into huge patches of lava that you didn't even see. Given that Makar is a massive target you're better off just aiming by eye, even with magic. The chances that your hits will land are high.

You have two options for summoning help into this fight, though your Spirit Ashes may not prove that helpful. They have a tendency to wander into lava fields and get roasted. The better alternative is Great Horned Tragoth, whose summon sign appears right outside the boss fog. This beefy warrior not only has the arms to deal significant damage to Makar, he's got good enough equipment that he won't instantly burn to death in lava, and he's smart enough to back off and use a crossbow when Makar is spreading the stuff around.

You'll earn 18,000 Runes, the Magma Wyrm's Scalesword, and a Dragon Heart for taking down Magma Wyrm Makar. This will also open up an elevator to the Altus Plateau, and the Abandoned Coffin Site of Grace.

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