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How to Beat Morgott, the Omen King in "Elden Ring"

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

A familiar face for anyone who struggled during the first ten or so hours of Elden Ring, Morgott, the Omen King is just as nasty as you remember. And then some. Shattering his old, wooden weapon to reveal a nasty blade, Morgott has plans - and you're not part of them. Only one of you will leave this fight alive.

This guide will help you bring down Morgott, the Omen King, bane of all Elden Ring players. This is a tough fight, no two ways about it, and you'll need keen reflexes - or maybe some good distractions - to win the day.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

Finding Morgott

The battle against Morgott takes place in Leyndell, Royal Capital, one of the last areas of Elden Ring and home to the massive Erdtree. The battle itself is in front of the Erdtree, meaning you'll need to trek all the way through the city to get to Morgott:

  • Make your way to the Altus Plateau. From there, go up the stairs to the east, and into the Capital Outskirts.
  • Head north until you reach a gate guarded by a Draconic Tree Sentinel. You'll need to bring him down to enter the city.
  • Once inside Leyndell, search the southern streets for the edge of the massive dragon's wing. You can use it to climb up into the walls.
  • Proceed up the twining roots of the Erdtree to find a battle against Godfrey, the First Elden Lord. The battle against Morgott takes place immediately after you beat Godfrey. (Mind that a very fast, very dangerous NPC will try to kill you before you can activate the Site of Grace just before the Morgott battle.)

Morgott's Moveset

Morgott is a wily, swift enemy, and he uses a wide range of moves to slice you to ribbons. Things will get so quick that it's tough to keep track of what he's doing while you're trying to dodge out of the way. Morgott's moveset is as follows:

  • He'll perform a series of normal sword slices. These are usually slower than his other attacks, which can trip you up if you're trying not to roll too soon.
  • He'll summon light daggers and hurl them at you. Morgott will throw three at a time, making it unlikely that you'll dodge just by moving to one side. Roll twice, as he'll hurl two groups of three.
  • He'll summon a light sword and slash at you. This attack is usually used to interrupt your own attacks, and can come quickly. Roll.
  • He'll summon a massive hammer and swing at your horizontally. Morgott usually includes the swing at the end of a combo, making it imperative that you get well away from him before the combo draws to a close. That hammer hurts.
  • He'll summon the hammer, then leap into the air and try to flatten you. Not that difficult to avoid.
  • He'll cartwheel around behind you then try to attack. Watch him move and wait to roll until he stops cartwheeling.
  • He'll summon a huge spear, perform a very slow windup, and hurl it at you with great speed. If you're close to Morgott you can get in close and confuse his targeting, also giving yourself a chance to smack him around. Otherwise, wait for his hand to move, then roll out of the way of the spear.
  • He'll summon the spear and thrust it at you. The spear has great range, and if Morgott is far enough away he will charge at you as well. Not much to do but dodge to one side.
  • He'll summon the spear, leap into the air, and try to skewer you from above. This move is about the same as his hammer slam, albeit a bit faster and with no shockwave impact.
  • He'll create a massive cluster of light swords over his head, and after a few seconds they'll start to rain down in a large area around him. This attack will last for a while, and though you can pretty easily dance between the swords Morgott will quickly go back on the offensive while it's still active. Get out of the affected area and stay away until the attack ends.

Once you cut Morgott's health down by about half he will grunt and kneel. This is not a normal stagger, and you need to get away from Morgott, as he's about to summon a huge number of geysers that can hurt pretty badly. After this happens Morgott enters his second phase, and his sword becomes a brilliant golden, leading to some new attacks:

  • Any of Morgott's hits that connect with the ground will leave a little geyser of golden energy behind. They won't last for long, fortunately.
  • Morgott will begin to perform longer, deadlier combos that carry him a significant distance. You'll need to roll to avoid virtually every hit, and unless Morgott brings out the hammer last you should never assume that you're out of range.
  • Morgott will perform a red-tinged slashing attack that should look familiar to fans of the Bloody Slash Ash of War. This is a very quick move with a slight delay at the beginning. Roll into the arc as best you can.
  • Morgott will hold for a minute, then stab forward and try to impale you. Wait just a moment before rolling to one side. This will give you an opportunity to strike as Morgott recovers from the thrust.

Beating Morgott

For most players, the key to taking down Morgott is splitting his attention. He's incredibly fast, and when he has all of his attention focused on you, you'll be hard pressed to get in hits. This is especially true of ranged attackers who need a second for their attacks to go off. You have three options:

  • Summon Melina. Her sign is right beside the boss fog. She's not the most helpful character in the game, but she can last a decently long time against Morgott and will regularly draw his attention away from you.
  • Summon Ashen Spirits. Morgott's attacks are swift and often can hit multiple targets, so unless you have fully upgraded your mob of spirits you're best off picking one strong one to help you. A mob of lesser beasts will be killed quickly.
  • Summon help. Morgott's boss fog is a popular place for summon signs. Possibly because people constantly need help with this guy? Possibly. Avoid summoning Melina if you get outside help. She is less useful than the average PC, and will not pull her weight compared to Morgott's extra health.

If you want to beat Morgott solo, you're going to have to learn his attacks in painstaking detail, wait for the ones where he doesn't follow up too quickly, and hit him when he stops moving. Rushing at Morgott will typically get you punished, and leaping won't save you from getting hit, so you'll need patience and careful Stamina control to make it through the fight. Blocking is an option during the first half when Morgott isn't lashing out as often, but you'll almost certainly run out of Stamina if you try to block during Morgott's combos in the second half.

If you have skill and excellent timing it is more than possible to parry Morgott, though how often you can depends on his move choices, as you need to wait for him to swing his sword. During the first phase this will prove easier, as Morgott is less prone to long combos with his light weapons. Practice a lot on the first phase and you can deal significant amounts of damage before Morgott moves onto his second, trickier phase.

You'll earn 90,000 Runes, Morgott's Great Rune, and the Remembrance of the Omen King for taking Morgott down.