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How to Beat Omenkiller in "Elden Ring"

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The master of the ruined Village of the Albinaurics, Omenkiller is a tough, albeit generic, boss. With a limited move pool and a small boss arena, there isn't a ton to this fight - though because he hits so hard, Omenkiller can still take players by surprise. You'll need some savvy and good reflexes to take him down.

This guide will help you defeat Omenkiller in Elden Ring. The setup for fighting him is pretty simple, so you can practice this fight as much as you like. He'll fall eventually.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

Finding Omenkiller

Omenkiller lives in the Village of the Albinaurics, a ruined cliffside burg that's filled with crawling baddies. On the map it appears as though you'll need to travel onto the high ground of Liurnia on the Lake's southern cliffs to get there, but this isn't the case. Head towards the structure on the map and you'll find a damaging bog that's best crossed on horseback. There's a slope down here leading under a stone bridge and up to the Village.

This area is small, but it can be dangerous if you're not careful. Up the slope and past several crawling Albinaurics you'll find the Site of Grace that shares the village's name. Head up to the bridge and cross and you'll see a fire down a slope to your right. He's hard to see, but Omenkiller is waiting by the fire. Approach to trigger the boss battle.


Omenkiller is largely a melee opponent, and he'll try to shmuck you with two massive, wooden cleavers. He's pretty relentless about it, too, though you'll run across faster melee opponents in Elden Ring. The real danger here, aside from the regular damage, is the Bleed effect that will build up whenever the cleavers connect. Try to roll rather than blocking to avoid the Bleed or you'll eventually take some massive damage.

Omenkiller will use the following attacks against you:

  • Omenkiller will swing at you with his big, wooden cleavers. These attacks aren't particularly fast, so you'll have plenty of time to roll out of the way, though they do sting quite a bit if they land. These can come one at a time or, more often, as part of a two- or three-part combo.
  • Omenkiller will leap at you and try to smash you with both cleavers. The first leap is pretty easy to avoid, but Omenkiller can - and usually will - do this up to three times in succession before he stops. Rolling from side to side will carry you through these attacks with no damage, switching directions each time Omenkiller finishes a leap and starts a new one. You should have time for a hit or two after he's done.
  • Omenkiller will begin to breathe fire at you, usually just after a melee strike. This attack has a wide area of effect and can really put a damper on your day, especially since Omenkiller will actively move while he's using it. Roll out of the initial blast and run away from Omenkiller until he's done. The fire has a relatively short range so you don't need to flee very far.

In addition to Omenkiller's attacks, he also has a small contingent of emaciated dogs that will back him up in combat. They're hanging out by the house to the right of the fire that Omenkiller's lingering beside, and you can easily sneak past him, kill the hounds, and then properly start the fight. This is highly recommended, as Omenkiller's dogs really put a damper on any attempts to pay attention to the boss.


Beating Omenkiller

As far as melee bosses go, Omenkiller is pretty standard, and if you've been playing Souls games for a while, you should know what to do. Let Omenkiller lash out at you, wait until he's done his attacks - roll or block as appropriate - then let him have it. So long as you disposed of his dogs beforehand you can concentrate fully on the fight with the big guy.

Omenkiller isn't slow, per se, but he's not especially fast either. For this reason it's not too difficult as a ranged fighter to lead him around and sling spells or arrows at him. If he's not busy doing anything Omenkiller will usually dodge these, but if you get him when he's, saying, breathing fire, you can chew through his health pretty quickly. The Village of the Albinaurics battle also gives you a handy hill to climb, and if he's giving you trouble you can leap off the hill, force him to follow, get in a few shots while he lands, then run back up the hill. Repeat the process until he's dead.

Thanks to Omenkiller's somewhat slow and predictable melee attacks he's open to parrying. The dark of the arena can sometimes make it difficult to see exactly what he's doing, however, and if you miss the parry you're going to take a lot of damage. Wait until you know Omenkiller's going to try a simple horizontal slice before you try to parry.

You have three options for summoning in this fight. First, you can call in a PC. You'll likely find summoning signs just before the bridge or on the slope leading down to Omenkiller's small arena. Second, you can call in Nepheli Loux as you enter the Village, and she'll help you all the way up to the boss. And, third, you can use Ashen Spirits. Omenkiller's flame attack can burn down large groups of NPCs quickly, so consider a single, stronger spirit.

One last note: Like most field bosses, Omenkiller will only follow you so far. Usually his range is limited to the stone bridge. Run back to it and across and Omenkiller should quickly give up the chase.

You'll earn 4,900 Runes and the Crucible Knot Talisman for defeating Omenkiller.