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How to Beat Royal Knight Loretta in "Elden Ring"

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

As the spectral defender of Caria Manor, Royal Knight Loretta is no joke. Riding a phantom steed and carrying a variety of weapons, Loretta is a jack-of-all-trades that can mess you up if you're not careful. She may look like a lot of the knights you've already fought in Elden Ring, but Loretta is much, much stronger.

This guide will show you how to defeat Royal Knight Loretta in Elden Ring. You don't need to wait too long into the game to give her a try, but don't be surprised if you need to wait and come back to this fight.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

Reaching Loretta

The first major hurdle to the Loretta battle is getting to it in the first place. Loretta resides in Caria Manor, a stately, ghostly location at the north end of Liurnia of the Lakes. You can find it by getting onto the western cliffs of the region - not too difficult to do, if you check the shores just west of the Academy of Raya Lucaria - and riding north. As you get close to the Manor you'll come under assault by magic bolts from the sky, which at least lets you know you're headed in the right direction.

The lower courtyard of Caria Manor is infested with spiderlike finger monsters that will mob you, so dash through this area, heading generally to the left to find a way into the Manor. This will allow you access to the upper walls where phantom soldiers wait. Much easier. Run along the walls to find a path to the higher gardens, past which you'll find Loretta's boss fog. There are a lot of enemies up here, though if you wander through the bushes you can sneak past most of them.

Loretta's battle arena is a pool surrounded by chairs. Loretta herself won't appear until you've set foot in the pool.


Loretta's Moveset

Moving around her spacious arena on horseback, Loretta has a wide variety of attacks that she can use on you. None of them are overwhelmingly fast, but there are enough of them that it can be tough to predict what's coming next. Expect Loretta to use the following attacks in battle:

  • Loretta will perform a basic overhead chop. The halberd gives this significant range, so roll towards Loretta if you can. This move is sometimes performed with the horse jumping up into the air towards you.
  • Loretta will sweep her halberd in a wide arc. A pretty basic attack, but if you've summoned a mob of weak creatures this can wipe them out pretty quickly if she uses it too often.
  • Loretta will grab her halberd with both hands and smash it into the ground, likely into your skull. She'll only use this move if you're right beside her, likely hitting her horse in the side.
  • Loretta will use her magic to summon a cloud magic swords, which, after a few seconds of hovering, will fly at you. The swords aren't too quick, though they often fly in conjunction with Loretta's other attacks. Keep at a distance when there are swords floating around her.
  • Loretta will use the bottom of her halberd to fire a single Glintstone Pebble your way. The speed of this attack is more of a problem than the damage, and if you get hit Loretta can follow up with a melee swipe or chop. Roll out of the way as best you can. Loretta can perform this move multiple times in succession.
  • Loretta's horse will rear up, hang in the air for a moment, and come down on you, hooves first. This is a slow attack that's more meant to get you away from Loretta than to prove menacing.
  • If you're attacking from behind, Loretta's horse will rear up a bit and kick you with its back legs. Just don't stick to its backside for too long and this move shouldn't be a problem.

Once you've depleted enough of Loretta's health she'll add some new moves to her repertoire, making her a fair bit more dangerous:

  • Loretta will conjure a massive bow, aim carefully, and fire it at you. The arrow is fast, does a lot of damage, and is difficult to track if there are other projectiles flying your way. If you see this coming either get close to Loretta and smack her around, messing with her aim, or get far away and use the space to better time your dodge.
  • Loretta will empower her halberd, leaving behind energy streaks as she attacks and adding more range to each swipe. Roll through it as best you can. If you try to back away, mind that Loretta can hit you from further away than before.
  • Loretta will fire multiple magical bolts from the bottom of her halberd. This hurts more than the original spell, but it's no more difficult to avoid.

Beating Loretta

If you're fighting Loretta up close then you'll need to play a bit of a game of tag with her. Wait for Loretta to get close, avoid her melee attacks, smack her around a few times, and back off. Loretta will usually respond with a ranged attack when you're further away, especially in the second phase, so you don't want to be too far away. Her halberd slashes hurt, but her magic hurts more. You should have plenty of opportunities to heal if she hits you, so long as you don't try when Loretta has a cloud of swords hanging around her head.

Ranged warriors will have an easier time with this fight. Loretta's attacks aren't too difficult to outright evade if you're not concerned with getting in close, and though Loretta's magic hurts quite a bit there's so much space in this arena that you'll have plenty of room to evade her spells if you keep well away. This becomes more difficult in Loretta's second phase, so try to whittle as much of her health down as you can early on, before she breaks out her stronger attacks.

Summoning is a godsend in this fight. Loretta can hit a bunch of targets at once, but her attacks aren't quite strong enough to obliterate even mobs of summons. More, Loretta's attacks are very directional, meaning your summons can line up on multiple sides of her and hack away without danger to the whole group. Use the distraction as an opportunity to either hit Loretta from a distance or blindside her. Run for your life once she turns her attention to you.

You'll earn 10,000 Runes, the Loretta's Greatbow Sorcery, and the Loretta's Slash Ash of War for defeating Royal Knight Loretta. You'll also unlock the path to Three Sisters, an important area for a number of reasons.