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How to Beat Wormface in "Elden Ring"

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A gross mass of skinny limbs and writhing tentacles, Wormface instantly lives up to its foul name. It's also a boss you can skip entirely, and you'll miss it if you decide not to go too close to the Minor Erdtree on the Altus Plateau. Given how nasty the fight can be, this isn't too bad an idea, but if you really want to see it killed...

This guide will help you bring down Wormface. Despite not taking too many hits to kill, this boss can be surprisingly tough, especially if you rely on close-quarters combat.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

Finding Wormface

Wormface hangs out at the base of the Altus Plateau's Minor Erdtree, in the midst of a tree-filled, foggy valley. To get this far you'll likely be travelling from the Grand Lift of Dectus, or if you can't get it to move from the side trip through the Ruin-Strewn Precipice.

Regardless of how you climb up to the Altus Plateau, take the main road north towards the valley until you reach a broken bridge with lower and lower segments. The Forest-Spanning Greatbridge Site of Grace is on the uppermost segment. Drop down the bridge, bit by bit, then make the quick trek through the forest to the base of the Erdtree. It's one of the largest landmarks in the region so it's tough to get lost.

Note that there are smaller, less-imposing Wormface monsters along the way. They won't pursue you too far, though you're best off not accidentally dragging any of them into the Wormface battle. One of these creeps is enough.

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Wormface's Moveset

Though Wormface is not the most diverse boss in the world, it does have a few different moves that you need to watch out for during your fight. They include the following:

  • A simple stomp. Wormface only stomps the ground when you're right at its legs, and you won't have much time to react before its foot comes down. Take one or two swipes and then get out of the way before it flattens you.
  • A face smash. Wormface reels back and pounds its face into the ground. Given Wormface's height this attack has some surprising reach, so be ready to roll to the side. Occasionally Wormface will smear its face around, so just rolling once may not be enough. Wormface's smothering takes a while, and it is slow to rise, so this attack is the perfect opportunity to get in a bunch of hits.
  • A powder that inflicts Death Blight. The powder is harmless, but so long as you're sitting inside this subtle cloud you'll build up towards Death Blight. This spells instant death, so immediately get away from the cloud and pull back until the Death Blight buildup wears off.
  • A vomiting attack that covers the ground in front of Wormface with painful Death Blight. Run for your life out of the spew if you happen to get caught.
  • A vomiting attack that spews Death Blight everywhere. Wormface doubles over and holds its chest before using this attack, so you have time to get away from the, er, blast zone. The range on Wormface's spew is considerable, so you'll have an easier time getting away by moving to the sides rather than trying to pull back.

Once you get halfway through the battle Wormface will not change all that much, though it will pull out one more attack: A bear hug. Wormface will step towards you and try to reach down and grab you, and if it's successful it will put you in its gross mouth. This is an instant-death move unless you're really really powerful, and you absolutely don't want to get caught by it. Roll into the hug and through Wormface's legs to avoid it, as backstepping or rolling backwards will just prompt Wormface to try again. (Though it still will if you go through the legs, it just gives up more quickly, and the subsequent hug is easier to avoid.)

In addition to Wormface's repertoire of moves there are a few spear-wielding guardians in the vicinity. They're not a big deal on their own, but they can be a terrible distraction when fighting the larger threat. Kill them when you see an opening. Fortunately, Wormface's attacks will often wipe these nuisances out for you.


Beating Wormface

Your approach to defeating Wormface depends very much on whether your character tends towards melee or ranged attacks. Melee fighters will have a harder time with this thing, as getting close to Wormface can be very dangerous.

  • Melee fighters need to watch Wormface closely and retreat at once if anything attack involving Death Blight comes out to play. Whether the attack does damage or not, you need to move away from the affected area. Once the path is clear, get in close and either hack at Wormface's legs or jump up and swat its body. Don't try for too many hits or you're likely to get creamed by a follow-up. Head out into the forest if your Death Blight meter is nearing full.
  • Ranged fighters have an easier time, as you can target Wormface before the fight even begins. After that, just watch its attacks and keep back. Roll under the monstrosity to avoid any close range attacks like its hug, get some distance, and resume fire. Wormface looks slow but can close the gap between you very quickly, so stay on your toes and don't fire off too many spells or projectiles before moving.

Ashen Spirits are a great choice in this fight if you're having trouble, though you need to pick ones with a decent amount of health. Mobs won't help all that much because they'll be wiped out so fast. Spirits like the Ancestral Follower don't do a ton of damage to Wormface, but it will waste a lot of attacks trying to take them out - and the hug attack just plain doesn't work on Spirits.

You'll get 10,000 Runes, a Crimsonpill Crystal Tear, and a Speckled Hardtear for defeating Wormface.

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