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How to Beat the Ancestor Spirit in "Elden Ring"

A hidden boss that you could overlook entirely, the Ancestor Spirit is one of Elden Ring's more graceful enemies. Inhabiting an enormous, eerie cave deep beneath the rest of the land, the Ancestor Spirit is the largest of the ghostly inhabitants of Elden Ring's underbelly... and it's just as tough as it looks. Beating this big beastie down will take some practice.

This guide will help you locate, and defeat, the Ancestor Spirit. Getting to the giant deer is an adventure in and of itself.


Finding the Ancestor Spirit

The Ancestor Spirit is deep within the bowels of the earth, in the hidden underground of the Siofra River. You can get to the Siofra River via the Siofra River Well, located by the Minor Erdtree in the Mistwood. The Mistwood is full of dangerous wildlife, the most dangerous of which are the enormous bears, so tread carefully through this area. (Or get on your horse and bolt through it at full speed, your choice.)

Proceed through the Siofra River until the path splits and you find the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace. Just ahead you'll see a stone monolith with a torch you can light. Beyond this is a huge, ruined temple with eight torches out front, and one will be lit every time you activate one of the monolith torches. You need to light eight monoliths to activate the warp inside the temple.

The rest of the monoliths are found to the north of this temple, most of them guarded by gangs of Ancestral Spirits. If you follow the paths north, along the eastern bank, and then back south, along the walls of the huge castle, you should be able to find all the monoliths without trouble. Lighting them in the midst of so many enemies is the tricky part, so employ either stealth or swift horsemanship to get the lot. (And if you die in the process, well, at least the flames you've lit continue to burn.)

Once all eight are lit the giant deer carcass in the temple will become a warp point to the Ancestor Spirit's lair. From this point on you can jump right back outside the boss den if you die, which is a handy way to practice.

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Ancestor Spirit's Moveset

Unlike most bosses the Ancestor Spirit's moveset does not change or become more aggressive halfway through the battle, so what you experience at the beginning you'll continue to see at the end. You can expect the giant ghost to use the following moves:

  • The Ancestor Spirit will gallop up into the sky, over your head, and attempt to squash you flat by landing on you. Track it up, then roll towards it to avoid getting creamed.
  • The Ancestor Spirit will swipe at you with its antlers if you're roughly in front of it, and it will continue to do so if you evade one or more attacks. Roll towards its back end to avoid the antlers and it will stop attacking once you're out of range.
  • If you're close enough the Ancestor Spirit will rise on its rear legs, then come down hard onto you. Get around its hindquarters to avoid being stomped.
  • If you're behind the Ancestor Spirit and attacking its legs it will rear up on its front legs, then kick out with its back legs. Roll out of the way once the front legs go up.
  • The Ancestor Spirit will spew brilliant blue, liquid flames from its mouth, spreading them in pools around the arena. If you hit any you'll take damage and be knocked over. Get out of the way when the Ancestor Spirit is doing this.
  • Occasionally the Ancestor Spirit will rise into the air and spew its liquid flames at a greater distance. Stay back until the flames are gone.

Many of the Ancestor Spirit's attacks are dependent on where you're positioned relative to its head, so you can often predict what's coming next.


Beating the Ancestor Spirit

Whether you're fighting at a range or close up, the safest place to engage the Ancestor Spirit is beneath its hind legs. Here you can hack at its legs, ribcage, or belly, and so long as you constantly reposition yourself under the beast you shouldn't be in much danger. Only evacuate this general area if the Ancestor Spirit starts to spread its blue flames, as their patterns are not predictable enough to keep you safe. Make haste to get back under the Ancestor Spirit whenever you're out front, as its antlers pose the greatest threat in this fight.

Though you can summon Ashen helpers to aid you in this fight, you probably won't find them all that useful. The Ancestor Spirit's attacks have a substantial range, and the NPCs will quickly get wiped out by the blue flames. You're better off calling on flesh-and-blood people if you need help.

Defeating the Ancestor Spirit will earn you 13,000 Runes and the Ancestral Follower Ashes.

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